Shopee selling process pick up? Knowing a way to process orders in Shopee may be a key ingredient so as to begin selling in Shopee Philippines. From shipment to waybills, to the particular sending out of orders, you would like to be well-informed about the way to accomplish each of them before the Shopee drops off.

This will make sure that you’ll give good services to your customers which you may get on top of your game. Being a Shopee seller comes with lots of responsibilities but it pays off once you get your operations going and you have already got a decent system in place. Here’s more information about how to ship in Shopee via J&T.

How to Set Shipping Option

Shopee process flow? Shopee Process Orders within the Seller Centre contains a bunch of things to require into consideration especially since it’s a component of Shopee fulfilment Philippines. ensure to fulfil all of the wants that include processing orders in order that you’ll be able to ship out the nice quality service and products to your customers.

Check the Shopee Order ID 

The seller should check for the Shopee Order ID on the Shopee App. this can be the primary step in preparing the orders for packing. you’ll be able to visit My Sales > To Ship to test. confer with the photo attached to grasp what the Order ID feels like.

Packing the Orders

You need to pack the things or orders well before you ship them. confirm to secure the things with necessary tools so as to forestall any damages from occurring during the ship out process. you’ll also pack multiple items in one order if they are available from the identical buyer.

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Set the Order for Shipment

The next thing to try is to select a schedule for the pickup date on the chosen courier or delivery services of the biyer. it’s easy to organise it within the Seller Centre settings. you may also access here a way to reschedule develop Shopee J&T and other courier services.

First, you would like to travel to the vendor Centre and access “My Shipment” on the highest left corner of your screen. This can offer you access to shipment options and configurations.

Second, you would like to travel to the “To ship” tab as seen within the photo below. this may display all orders that are yet to be shipped. you’ll just select the things and products and toggle on the courier options in addition because the acquire date is betting on the DTS or days to ship that you just posted for the actual shipment.

How to Set Weight and Dimension

Seller is preparing your order Shopee? To expedite and standardise the order fulfilment process, Shopee will now mandate that each one seller print their own air waybills (AWBs) or shipping labels. Third-party logistics will undertake a cessation of AWB printing across three phases.

The Shopee Seller Centre lets sellers produce their own air waybills with order details. Sellers can print their orders in A6 size employing a special download tool that has them with their full air waybill history.

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How to Arrange the Order for Shipment?

Shopee pick up? There are two ways to arrange an order for shipment: Pickup for rider picks up your parcel and Drop Off for seller drops off the parcel at the courier’s branch. Follow these steps to rearrange shipment for Pickup:

  • Tap on To Ship in My Sales, then tap on Arrange Shipment.
  • You can proceed to pick out the Pickup Date by tapping Change, then choose the available pickup date, then tap Confirm.
  • Check the small print (Pickup Address and Pickup Date), then tap Confirm.

You can reschedule your pickup within the Shopee app before the booking cut-off or your scheduled pick-up date. you’ll not be allowed to reschedule your pick-up on the Shopee app on the particular day of the pickup or thereafter.

If the vendor isn’t present during the scheduled pickup, this can be considered a failed pickup. await Shopee to update the pick-up status the subsequent working day, and proceed to reschedule pickup within the app.

If the courier missed to choose your shipment, there’ll be another obtain attempt the subsequent day. No rebooking is required. Two failed pickups for the identical order will lead to order cancellation.

  • Tap on To Ship in My Sales, then tap on Arrange Shipment.
  • Standard Delivery (via Shopee Xpress) and J&T Express have drop-off options available.
  • You’ll see the Tracking number under Drop Off Details and you’ll be able to move to the closest branch to drop off your parcel.
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How to Fulfil Your Order?

You should read these packaging tips before wrapping your merchandise. It’s important to grasp these principles so selling will be a breeze and hassle-free. Shopee uses the identical set of packaging rules for all of its partner couriers, so you shouldn’t give some thought to finding different packaging materials for every.

How to same day delivery Shopee? Here are the items you would like to understand and follow before you print your own AWB:

  • When sellers organise a pick-up, the shipment is automatically generated, and also the air waybill may be printed. Read below for more extensive instructions.
  • To avoid problems with scanners, sticker paper of top quality should be accustomed to print air waybills.
  • To prevent ink smudges, Shopee suggests printing air waybills on thermal printers.
  • Prior to shipment, every parcel must be securely fastened with an air waybill. When utilising a pouch, confirm the air waybill is placed over the flap to avoid parcel tampering.
  • The format of Seller Centre must be used while creating air waybills. Should this format be updated in any way, our couriers may refuse to hold shipments.

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