Preparations for your online business in Shopee can be quite hectic if you do not know the proper steps to take. One of the many steps is updating your pick-up address. Many things are taken into consideration in the preparation process such as your Shopee username, product listings, and shop profile. 

If you want to be successful in this endeavor you need to be well-prepared because a person ill-prepared is set for failure. Doing things without a plan is the same as planning to fail and you definitely do not want that especially given that you are only still at the beginning of your long Shopee seller journey. 

As such you’ll already need to know the answers to questions like “How to set pick up address in Shopee”, “What is default address in Shopee”, and “How to change drop off to pick up in Shopee.” Luckily this article has got you and all your questions covered.

Why Should You Change Your Pick-up Address?

One way to make sure that your operations will be smooth is when you change delivery address Shopee PH. This will help you know that the parcels will be collected in the right location and that your shipments will not incur any unnecessary delays or unwanted mishaps. Your pick-up address is important because it is the point in which the logistical transaction begins. Without it, shipment will be made impossible.

This will also improve customer satisfaction and reputation. Overall, it is going to be good for your branding if you change your pick-up address into an accurate one. This only does not help the couriers but also yourself in handling the many orders that swamp you in the day. 

Your pick-up address must be detailed in order to ensure maximum level of security and that no scams, phishing, nor any sort of data breach can hinder your processes. For an example of detailed address in Shopee simply follow the guide Shopee provides in the input area.

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What is a Pick-up Address in Shopee?

The Pickup Address is a unique identifier where your parcels are picked up, which is often your business location.  On shipping stickers, it shows the sender’s address, which is incorrect. This refers to the location specified in the booking as the location where the services will begin. Your pick-up address is a crucial component that allows your products to get where they need to be. 

Specifically, this relates to the locations where your couriers, such as GoGo Express and J&T Express, will pick up the shipments that you have scheduled for specific days on Shopee. If you are coming from a small business, your pick-up address can be your store, a building, or even a house, depending on the circumstances. Make sure that all of the information you will put in your pick-up location is real, and easy to find. 

How to Change Pick-up Address in Shopee?

Keep in mind that while you are entering or modifying your address, you must include the appropriate neighbourhood, province, city, barangay, and zip code. Remember that your pick-up address is being changed to reduce human effort and to be given access to more convenience. If changing your pick-up address will only lead to more complications and other hassles in the operations, then you should not opt to do it. 

You have the option of adding up to ten different addresses. Check to see that the entire name and addresses that have been entered are correct. Keep the name to fewer than 100 characters and the nonlinear address to less than 300 characters in order to avoid confusion. Make sure to follow these guidelines when editing or adding a new address into your account, otherwise Shopee will not be able to process it accurately into their system.

Go to the “Me” Option on the Lower Right Corner of Your Screen.

This will allow you to access the majority of the options more than the pick up address. Since you are preparing for your shop, this button will also lead you to many things like editing your profile, privacy settings, even payment options. All of which are needed and necessary to ensure that you are a seller who is ready.

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Click the “My Addresses” Button.

This will lead you to the page wherein your existing addresses will be displayed. Once you enter this page, you will be met with three different options to edit, delete, or add a new address. 

Choose a Current Address, or Add a New Address.

You can change your existing addresses into a more accurate one if it will help your courier. Or if you happen to have transferred your address or business location, you can add a new address. You may also opt to delete addresses that are no longer yours or are no longer existing for the purpose of your businesses. 

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