Shopee preferred seller denied? The Shopee seller badges help buyers in identifying which sellers are better than the opposite. it’s important for the buyers because they require to be able to trust the shops where they buy their goods from.

There are four different kinds of badges in Shopee Philippines, the Overseas, Marketplace, Preferred, and Mall. Wondering thanks to|a way to} be an influence seller on Shopee? Getting and maintaining the badge is the way to go.

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Each of the badges identify different levels of shopee sellers. These badges help within the perception of the consumers in your store and overall branding.

Having the badges provide you with different perks and benefits that other marketplace sellers don’t have. Which is why you wish to aim to urge these badges so as to be an officer trusted Shopee seller within the Philippines. Wondering what Shopee preferred seller program? Read more below.

How Do I Become a Preferred Seller?

List of Shopee preferred seller Philippines? In order to really become a preferred seller on Shopee your store must meet a particular list of requirements. Your store must have strong sales numbers, great customer service and high shop and products ratings. Additionally, your store should also go with Shopee’s seller policies and must maintain a clean penalty record.

Once you’ve got all of this done, you must receive a notification regarding your eligibility to be a preferred seller.

Are Shopee preferred authentic? Upon clicking the notification, you should register your store and supply some additional information to Shopee. Once you’ve submitted all of those, Shopee will review your store’s application and you may be made and oriented as a Preferred Seller on the subsequent Monday.

To make sure you avoid your application to be a shopee preferred seller denied, you’ll have to confirm that you simply pay close attention in ensuring the knowledge you’re providing them with is accurate and clear. In particular, you would like to make sure you recognize what IC is in Shopee (the Identification card) which it’s updated and your photo of it’s clear.

Here are the qualifying requirements:

  • Developing a good diary of sales
  • Providing superior client service
  • Providing prompt and reliable service for all orders
  • Adherence to Shopee’s seller policies and a clean penalty record
  • Obtaining good ratings for your shop and products

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Qualifying for the Preferred Seller Program

Requirements to be a Shopee seller? The Southeast Asian marketplace is firing on all its cylinders and this may be the correct time to invest robustly into the market. With eCommerce gripping its top notch place in geographic area, Shopee is additionally burgeoning on its success.

Shopee awards their seller with a “Preferred Shopee Seller” badge which is given after analysing certain criteria, which are based upon the factors like- performance of the seller, customer feedbacks, reviews and chat time.

Because Shoppe doesn’t yet have any provision for the fake and genuine sellers, the popular Sellers on the Shopee marketplace get great benefits by instilling a way of trust and reliability among the buyers.

Shopee Preferred Seller could also be a credential that’s given to active Shopee sellers that were able to maintain a high shop rating, good customer service with little to no failed or cancelled transactions either by the seller or the customer. To become a Preferred Seller, you’ll need to suit the standards of:

  • Building up a robust sales record
  • Offering excellent customer service
  • Fulfilling all orders quickly and reliably
  • Complying with Shopee’s seller policies and maintaining a clean penalty record
  • Achieving high shop and merchandise ratings

Is It Possible to Lose My Preferred Seller Status?

Who are the customers in Shopee? Your performance goals will persist to be reviewed after you’ve already entered the Shopee Preferred Sellers program so as to preserve the high level of quality of the program. you may lose your Preferred Seller title if your business fails to satisfy any of the performance requirements listed above.

Maintain a watchful eye on your progress on the well-liked Seller page so as to avoid jeopardising your Preferred Seller designation. Additionally, if you acquire a disclaimer notification, you want to take proactive initiatives to strengthen your overall performance.

If, on the opposite hand, you do not take corrective action to fulfil the minimum performance expectations, you may forfeit your Preferred Seller designation. On the well-liked Seller page, you’ll see when the status is removed and when it’ll be removed.

Make sure to stay under control all the time and sit down with this guide in ensuring that your Preferred Seller badge won’t be lost. it’s a crucial status, and a prestigious one at that because Shopee themselves invite you so as a seller, you need to take excellent care of it.

Shopee is strict about upholding standards and skill for his or her customers which makes it even tougher to be lenient about the insufficient lapses of sellers. If you wish the final word best for your shop, you must confirm that when you’ve got the well-liked badge, you’ll still do your best to keep it.

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Why was I Shopee Preferred Seller Denied?

To maintain the high standards of our Preferred Sellers, your performance targets still be monitored even after you have joined the programme. If a shop’s performance falls to 1 of those benchmarks, your Preferred Seller status is removed.


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