Ordering to your heart’s content is something that’ll always be fun and pretty fulfilling. Receiving a long-awaited package from the delivery person will always be a great experience, reminiscent of waiting for gifts as children. But sometimes it doesn’t always go as expected. Packages can arrive damaged or maybe you receive the wrong package from your seller. It’s situations like that that make Shopee’s return systems important.

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How to Order in Shopee?

Shopee Philippines allows you to make purchases as soon as you create an account. Here are the procedures you need to do in order to make purchases on Shopee. Look for the items you desire. The search bar and category/sub-category browsing options are available on Shopee. You can also look for “Flash Deal” or similar-branded Shopee items that are shown prominently on the front page.

To learn more about a product, simply hover your cursor over it. You have the option to “Chat Now,” “Add to Cart,” or “Buy Now” on the product details page. Here are the explanations for each one of those questions. If you want to discuss something with the seller, click “Chat Now.” If you want to add something to your shopping cart, click “Add to Cart.” If you want to buy something right now, click “Buy Now.”

“Buy Now” can be found on the product’s detail page. If you have the option of choosing a variation, please do so and let us know how many of each you’d like. You’ll be taken to your Shopping Cart as soon as your purchase has been confirmed. Click the “Check out” button in the Shopping Cart after you’ve selected the items you desire.

Select your preferred “Delivery Address” on the “Checkout” page. Your order will be sent to the address you choose under “Delivery Address.” Changing your delivery address in Account Settings will help if your order is being delivered to the incorrect location.

As long as you’re on the Shopee checkout page, you can pick a shipping service. To get free shipping from Shopee, you have to order something. Choose a shipping courier from among those that are offered that is eligible for free shipping. Using the shipping service you select here, your order will be delivered to its final destination.

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How to Return Order in Shopee?

Make sure the product(s) you want to return/refund are packaged safely in their original packaging (such as a cardboard box or poly mailer with bubble wrap) to avoid damage during shipping back to the seller or Shope Warehouse. The following recommendations can be used if the original package is damaged:

  • If the returned goods include accessories or paperwork, make sure they’re all in working order and ready to be returned.
  • Wrap the items with bubble wrap or newspaper and secure them with tape. Make certain that the packaging is snugly fitted to the product’s form.
  • Use a corrugated box of the necessary size once the product has been properly wrapped. Use a box that is the correct size, not one that is too large or too little.
  • Seal the box with packing tape after wrapping the item(s) in at least 1-2 rolls of bubble wrap or newspaper to prevent damage during shipping. If you’re using pouch packing, be sure you’re using the right size pouch. 
  • Fold and tuck the pouch to fit the package’s dimensions, leaving just enough/no space for the product to fit. Allow for the air waybill to be pasted. Do not overfill the courier pouch with the package so that it hangs over the edge.
  • To make tracking and identifying your return package easier, include the Request ID in the packaging.

As an extra precaution for the courier, place a sticker on your fragile things that says “This side up,” “Fragile,” or “Handle with care.” Make sure the product(s) are returned complete with all of the original inclusions, in the same condition as when you received them. To give you an idea, here are some examples:

  • Packaging for the original company
  • No strings attached freebies
  • WarrantiessTagssManuals
  • Everything that came with the package, including the accessories

If you’d like us to handle your return more quickly, please include the following information in your package:

  • Username on Shopee
  • ID for the Order
  • Reason for return described in detail (e.g. how is the product damaged, malfunctioning, or different from what you ordered)

Your return parcel may be damaged if it is packaged improperly, and Shopee will not be held liable. Please keep in mind that your product may be handled several times during delivery (e.g., loading, unloading, sorting), and that it must be adequately wrapped to withstand the whole delivery cycle. This is important to remember.

Only at the branch can J&T give free pouches and tape for packaging. During pick-up, GoGo Xpress can only give away free pouches. In the case of high-value, delicate, or boxed goods, the original box packaging must be brought over. You risk having your package rejected if you don’t wrap it properly.

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How to Return Your Order via GoGo Xpress or J&T?

Your order may now be tracked in-app, and you can return it for free. J&T Express Drop Off is an option for returning orders. Returned items must be returned in their original packaging.

Only at the branch can J&T give free pouches and tape for packaging. Items that are valuable, fragile, or sent in a box must be brought along with the box packaging in which they were delivered.

Remember that J&T workers will need to inspect the things first, so don’t pack or seal them fully. J&T has the right to refuse your package if the contents and packing are found to be unacceptable. You can use the Self-Arrange option if you want to use another preferred courier service to return your item.

The following address is where items should be dropped off:

  • When requesting a return or refund for a Shopee Mall transaction, select Shipping Option > Dispose of > Confirm.
  • Wait for Shopee’s email and in-app notification once the return request is accepted for Non-Mall orders, tap Shipping Option > Drop Off. 

Step 1: To see your J&T Express Drop Off Return Label, tap View Instructions. You may also download or send this to yourself via email. The virtual return label will have your tracking number (below the 72-character barcode), order ID (upper left), and return address (consignee section). These are also available on the Refund/Return Details page.

When Shopee or the seller confirms your return request, please return the item within 5 calendar days. To avoid having your refund request immediately cancelled and your money held in escrow, follow these steps.

Step 2: Prepare your package and head to the J&T Express location nearest you. To avoid any problems, call J&T Express beforehand to find out if your chosen branch accepts Shopee returns before going ahead.

3: At the branch, show your J&T Express Return Label and the returned item to the customer service representative. The item to be returned will be inspected by J&T Express employees. Your J&T Express Drop Off Return Label will be printed and attached to your package by the facility employees. There’s no cost to you to have your design printed.

Only at the branch can J&T give free pouches and tape for packaging. Items that are valuable, fragile, or sent in a box must be brought along with the box packaging in which they were delivered. Otherwise, J&T may reject your delivery if it is not properly wrapped.

Step 4: Congratulations, you’re all set! The Shopee app lets you keep track of the status of returned parcel shipments. Please give Shopee or your seller permission to validate the return package. Thank you. If your returned parcel is validated, Shopee will complete your refund in 11 days or less.

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How to Return via Self-Arrange?

This option lets the buyer pick their own courier to ship back the item. The buyer will initially be responsible for the RSF. Once the return/refund process is complete, the prepaid RSF will be manually refunded. Please wait for an email from Shopee informing you of your RSF refund in 5-7 business days. Please contact Shopee Customer Service if you have not received your RSF refund.

Because this is a Self-arranged transaction, Shopee is unable to trace your package. Please keep in regular contact with your chosen logistics company.

  • Click here to learn more about MLhuillier’s Return Policy and Serviceable Areas.
  • Send the item off as soon as possible, but no later than five days after receiving it.
  • Remember to save and attach the return label you received through email.
  • Upload a copy of your shipping receipt as evidence.
  • Top of the airway bill should have a photo of Request ID.
  • The return label photo, as well as evidence of shipment and a marker with the Request ID should be included.
  • If your Request ID is not included, your packages may be lost, and your refund request may be canceled.

The Return/Refund Details page has your Request ID listed. When requesting a return or refund for a Shopee Mall order, select Shipping Option > Self Arrange > Confirm. For non-mall orders, wait for Shopee to send you an email and then, on the app, tap Shipping Option > Self Arrange > Confirm once the return request has been accepted.

Shopee or the seller will have three days to react to your return and refund request once your item has been successfully returned. Whether or not your request is authorized will be communicated to you through push notification.

Some reminders to keep in mind:

  • All refunds will be credited to your ShopeePay account, with the exception of Credit Card payments. To learn more, visit this page.
  • Check your app and look for any changes from our Dispute agent for disputed situations where returns will be processed via Self Arrange.
  • It is possible that we will attempt to contact you via SMS or phone call to identify your return parcel in order to assist you in resolving your return request if your return package does not include obvious identifiers (Return Label or Request ID). If you don’t give accurate information, your request for a return may be canceled.

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