If you have had your Shopee seller center setup for a while, and you already have a Shopee shop then it is about time that you start selling on Shopee. But first, there are some things that you would want to keep in check. For instance, your store name, your pickup address, and your store description. Each of these elements are important in making sure that your store is at its best always. 

How to be a Shopee Seller in the Philippines?

You want to finally start selling and be a Shopee seller PH? Well, there are a few ways that you will need to follow on how to be a Shopee Seller in the Philippines. First, you’d need an account. You can either log in via Google, Facebook, Apple, or Phone Number. Once your account is all set and running you’ll need to start listing your products. Listing your products need photos, videos, and product descriptions about what items you are selling.

After this, you’ll need to handle logistical concerns such as the parcels. Shopee will make you select the weight, size, quantity, and preferred courier for your parcels. You need to make sure that your packaging on all of the products is good quality otherwise, Shopee Guarantee will not be able to give you your payment if the customer is highly dissatisfied. 

How to Choose a Good Shopee Seller Name?

Of course, in order to fully setup your Shopee shop you need a good shop name. To succeed in business, a memorable store brand is critical to standing out from the crowd and luring customers to your front.

So, your store title should represent the things you provide and the specialty of your service. Customers will find it easy to determine what your shop sells as soon as they see the name of your store. So if your store name is too basic, you should reconsider to change your Shopee username. 

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Have Your Own Wordbank

It can be intimidating to build from zero and develop anything new when learning how to change Shopee username. If you’re just getting started, you can make a list of things that are related to your market and find your way through it from there. In this way, you can guarantee that your shop’s name has a relationship with your Shopee shop and merchandise, making it much easier to recall later on.

You need to make sure that your shop name is related to what you are selling. For example, if you are selling lipsticks, you would not name your store “sneakerhead” because it would be misleading to those who are looking for shoes or sneakers, it is a bad Shopee username example. 

Strive to be Remembered

It’s easier to remember your shop name if, like a 6-year old in a tiara, it’s short and uncomplicated. It should also be pronounceable. The more memorable your store name is, the better. This helps your customers recognize your shop, and in turn, increases your chances of making repeat transactions and even having customers refer your store to their friends.

To have a fun, memorable name for your shop, incorporate rhyming terms. The trademark “Serenitea Milk Tea” is an effortless moniker due to its rhyming. Furthermore, alliteration like “Krispy Kreme” makes it more pleasing to say as well. This will open you to more interactions in Shopee seller chat too. 

Consumers should be able to easily find your business and products, thus it’s best if your shop name is straightforward to spell. A wrong spelling could lead to negative search engine results and cause shoppers to abandon products altogether, with a corresponding loss of sales.

Appeal to Emotions

Consider utilizing words that will elicit emotional responses from shoppers when they see it, which will help it to stand out more in their minds. If you want to explain the attractive aspects of your products, you can incorporate descriptive words in the name of your shop.

For instance, rather than naming your store “Leather Shoes by Weiss,” you may try to name it “Elegant Steps by Weiss” to express that your store provides shoes that are both elegant and resilient. You need to appeal to their trust in order to verify ShopeePay account for a swiffer transaction with you. 

Don’t be Afraid to be Different

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, attempt to think outside the box for a while. Come up something new for your shop or company using terms that you come up with. Many well-known major brands, such as Nike and Nintendo, are derived from invented terms. 

Combining two or more words to create a new word that reflects your company or products is encouraged. Look for suitable words in other languages to supplement your vocabulary.

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Shopee Shop Description: Power in Simplicity

There might be inevitable circumstances when you can’t change Shopee username. Be sure to write a catchy description for your shop that is concise and engaging. You can mention things like your store’s backstory, the merchandise you sell, or the hours you respond to chat messages. Shopee does not need customers to reveal confidential material, such as email or phone numbers, or to use other platforms to make purchases.

Setting Pick-up Address

You should set your pick-up address as a seller in order for the couriers to figure out where they need to go to collect the items for delivery. Here are the steps in setting your pick-up address. The steps to change your Shopee pick-up address are easy.

Make sure that you double-check the Shopee policy to ensure that you are not one of the stores with a pick-up address not supported by shopee, this would be a missed opportunity because Shopee pick-up is very convenient. 

Navigating the Settings

Go to the “My Addresses” button in settings on the left side of your screen. There might be instances when you need to scroll down to locate it. 

Changing the Address

Click the “+ Add A New Address” button and add as many addresses depending on how many pick-up locations your shops have. Fill out the necessary information such as your full address, phone number, and full name. 

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