Businesses will always have complaints from customers about certain things. In Shopee, it is important that these concerns are addressed right away in order to not incur penalties. Aside from becoming a Shopee preferred seller or addressing the Shopee seller fee, taking care of your Shopee Shop Health is very important. 

It is terrible to get a penalty from Shopee even if your Shopee penalty points reset. It can be the beginning of the end of your Shopee business which is why you certainly do not want to have a penalty. Getting a penalty could mean losing your Preferred Seller badge which you hardly worked for. You want to avoid Shopee penalties at all costs in order to continue succeeding. 

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About Shopee Account Penalties

Penalty points will be assessed to sellers who have low account health. The following punishments may be imposed on those who have flagrantly violated Shopee’s policies: account suspension. Two things can happen to your account:

  • Account Freeze: All of your listings will be concealed from the public view.
  • Account Ban: Your Shopee App and Seller Centre will be unavailable to you during this time.

If you are participating in any of the following behaviors, your account may be suspended: repeated violations on Shopee Feed and/or Shopee Live, empty parcel fraud, brushing fraud, promotional abuse, and scam conduct The severity of the infraction determines whether or not your account will be suspended or frozen. Account suspensions and freezes resulting from fraud or severe, persistent offenses may be in effect indefinitely. 

If a seller’s account has been frozen as a result of the accumulation of 15 seller penalty points, the account will be frozen for 28 days, with the possibility of an extension if the seller accumulates more penalty points. Sellers who intend to participate in the Preferred Seller Program will be disqualified if they have a history of account suspensions on their record.

To avoid having your account suspended, fast response in Shopee is a must, familiarize yourself with Shopee’s policies and guidelines for merchants, which are as follows: listing policies, fulfillment procedures, and offering excellent customer service are all important considerations.

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Point System of Shopee’s Penalty System

Shopee’s Penalty Points System incentivizes sellers to maintain high service standards in order to provide a positive shopping experience for our buyers on the platform. Your performance is evaluated on a weekly basis and is updated at the beginning of each week in order to identify areas for improvement in your work. Failure to meet your performance targets may result in penalty points being deducted from your score.

This covers things like your chat response rate Shopee customers have with your store, Shopee/seller cancel order penalty and Shopee late shipment penalty.  Refer to the table below to answer the question “which of the following are possible reasons for incurring penalty points?” The table also covers Shopee late-shipment rating criteria and shopee buyer cancel order penalty.

PerformanceViolationsPenalty Points
Listing ViolationsProhibited listing or advertisement IP infringement or counterfeit 
Spam listings including misleading pricing practices, keyword spam, and duplicate listings 
NER 2 15%
NER > 15% and non-fulfilled orders 2 50
Up to 2 points Up to 2 points Up to 2 points
FulfillmentLSR 2 15% 
LSR 2 15% and late-shipped orders 
60 False transactions attempts
1 point to 2 points
FraudEmpty parcel first offence 
Empty parcel second offence Empty parcel third offence onwards 
Fake return address
Up to 2 points
Customer ServiceRude or abusive reply for chat or review
Request for buyers to cancel orders
2 points
Social SellingInappropriate content on Shopee Feed and/or Shopee LIVE, deemed as severe violations. 
This includes explicit/sensitive content and harassment of others.
Repeated severe violations for Shopee Feed and/or Shopee LIVE.
Account freeze

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What Happens When You Receive Penalty Points?

For this section, we’ll be finding the answer to “What are the possible punishments from incurring penalty points?” Simply put, the more points you acquire, the fewer benefits you will be able to enjoy.

TierPenalty Points AccumulatedRelevant Punishments (for 28 days)
515•Ban from marketing campaign •Remove free shipping or shipping rebates •Deboost listings (Severe) •Block listing creation and edit •Freeze account
412•Ban from marketing campaign •Remove free shipping or shipping rebates •Deboost listings (Severe) •Block listing creation and edit
39•Ban from marketing campaign •Remove free shipping or shipping rebates •Deboost listings (Severe)
26•Ban from marketing campaign •Remove free shipping or shipping rebates •Deboost listings (Moderate)•Ban from marketing campaign

Things to Remember

Arbitrary tiers that are not revealed as the basis for Tier 5 punishment extension or restoration The punishment for arbitrary tiers will be applied in the same manner as the existing Tier 5 punishment. Sellers who are currently undergoing a Tier 5 sentence may request a punishment extension. Sellers who completed the initial Tier 5 sentence were eligible to have their punishment reinstated. Extending or restoring PN/AR status at Tier 5.

Contact Shopee’s Customer Service team or your Relationship Manager if you have any questions (if applicable). If your appeal is successful, we will remove any penalty points that have been assessed and reinstate your driving rights.

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