How to install Shopee in laptop? If you have got several amazing items in your gadget collection that you’re brooding about selling online so others can experience them similarly. Well, try to sell Shopee laptop accessories now and get all the profits from selling on Shopee Philippines!

Then you’d be glad to understand that there’s now a trustworthy mobile application where you’ll be able to just do that and it’s even available for both Android and iOS. It permits you to showcase your products quickly, easily and effectively.

What Are the Accessories of a Laptop That I Can Sell on Shopee?

Shopee accessories? The E-commerce industry steadily grows each year globally. By 2023, 22 you are going to carry with it retail sales through ecommerce around the world. In geographical area itself, the market share value is projected to exceed $150 billion by 2025 which is currently valued at $38 billion. One of the fastest growing e-commerce platforms across Asia is Shopee.

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Founded by Forrest Li in 2015 under the Ocean Group (formerly called Garena) in Singapore, Shopee originally began as a social-first, mobile-centric C2C marketplace.

Over time, the app-based platform launched features to rival that of rising e-commerce sites like Lazada and AliExpress, becoming the Shoppe we all know today: a hybrid B2C marketplace that may serve customers across the region.

Shopee pc parts? Shopee is preferred within the Southeast Asian region, with the platform being present in Singapore (.sg), Malaysia (, Thailand (, Indonesia (, Vietnam (.vn), Taiwan (.tw), and also the Philippines (.ph). It’s also present in 2 countries outside the ASEAN area, namely: Asian nation (.kr) and Brazil (

As of June 2020, Shopee has recorded a mean of two million orders per day. Compared to its 2019 statistics of 19 million visits per month, they recorded about 36 million visits per month for the primary half 2020. This surge is thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions where people intercommunicate online shopping as some way to shop for their everyday needs.

Not to mention, sellers also can take pleasure in no commission or listing fees; in other words, signing up as a seller is completely free, and anyone may be a seller!

Cross-border sellers are welcome, and may like English, Chinese, Thai and Indonesian language support the platform provides. except for this, transaction fees also are generally low, starting from 1.5-2% counting on your country.

Tips to Sell Shopee Laptop Accessories and Gadgets on Shopee

Laptop seller in Shopee? While Shopee could even be one among your best choices to sell your products digitally within the Philippines, it’s also best to manage your expectations in terms of sales. Simply listing a spread of products won’t guarantee a staggering amount of sales or perhaps any sales to begin with.

The rise of e-commerce popularity during the pandemic has seen merchants flocking to online sales. This implies that along with an infinite reach comes tough competition within the platform.

A good product isn’t enough to drive sales into your Shopee store. The entire platform is saturated with sellers who might be selling the identical product as you.

These are your competitors. It’s also just flooded with information that customers won’t even notice. The only method to help your store surface on your customer’s screens is by optimising your listing.

Your product name and merchandise description are the foremost crucial aspects in terms of visibility within the search results when a customer searches a product through the search bar.

Shopee home entertainment? Make sure you utilise a keyword research tool to look through the foremost effective keywords to use for your product. Your keyword usage will determine whether your products are easily searchable or not.

Add the right category for your product. this could ensure users will find you after they pursue Shopee’s product categories. Then, input the worth for your product. If you’re planning on having price drops or discounts, Shopee will provide you with an option to do so.

Make sure to input the right amount of stock number in your product list. Moreover, add the variation in your products. If your products have different colours, sizes and textures, ensure to feature everything on the listings to minimise customer inquiries.

Shopee cellphone accessories? Here some tips for you ways to sell Shopee laptop accessories and gadget on Shopee:

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Prepare Your Item

Make sure it’s still working and in good shape. Clean it to make it look presentable and attractive to potential buyers. If it’s a preloved mobile device, sort of a smartphone or tablet, back-up and delete all of your personal content including contacts, messages, photos and videos, among others.

Do a factory data reset and confirm that each one of your user settings and footprint are exhausted completely. Be more thorough when restoring a laptop or PC to factory settings. Also, check if you continue to have the initial packaging and every one accessories included within the box; that ought to increase the worth of the merchandise.

Download the Official Shopee Application 

If you haven’t done it yet, download the official Shopee application on your current smartphone and join up using your Facebook account or email. you may automatically have a store upon completion.

Log in to Your Shopee Account

Log-in to your Shopee account and navigate the interface to be more conversant in the various sections and categories.

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Post a Photo

Shopee requires that you just post a minimum of one photo of the item that you’re selling. There are 3 ways for you to try to do that. First, you’ll snap a photograph using the app itself. Second, you’ll upload images that are already in your smartphone’s image gallery.

And finally, you’ll be able to link your Shopee account to your Instagram profile and extract photos that you’ve uploaded on social networking sites.

Fill up All of the Required Fields

Set the value, tell Shopee users the condition of the item, put it within the right category, and disclose if you’ll be charging a shipping fee or if it’s already included within the price of your item.

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Best PC store in Shopee? Aside from strictly complying with Shopee’s Policies and Guidelines, your store must sell genuine quality products, have competitive prices and great seller ratings and customer satisfaction to become Preferred Seller.

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