Knowing how to find good products in Shopee is essential if you want to start selling on the Shopee Philippines marketplace. You need to find good products, have them ship to you and to your customers in an efficient manner and many more.

This will ensure that you provide excellent service to your customers and that you are always at the top of your game, no matter what. Shopee seller comes with a lot of responsibility, but once you get your operations up and running and have a decent system in place, it pays off tremendously.

What is Shopee and Why Should You Start Selling in Shopee?

Sell on Shopee in order to attract the attention of the large quantity of people (21.26 million monthly) who come to the site, which makes it the leading e-commerce site in the country. In addition, Shopee is the most popular e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia as well as Taiwan. Another compelling incentive to devote time and effort to learning how to sell on Shopee.

As a result, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore are among the countries in which it operates. Furthermore, it employs a methodology that allows buyers and sellers to connect and deal directly with one another. Above all, selling on Shopee opens up a new window of opportunity for cross-border sellers from China and Hong Kong to reach clients in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and other parts of Asia.

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How to Set Up Stores in Shopee?

Sign up for an account on the Shopee website by clicking on the Sign Up button, which is located in the upper right hand corner of the page. Then you’ll be met with this prompt, which you should follow. It’s as simple as entering and verifying your mobile phone number. 

Following your verification, you will be requested to create a password for your account. Simply ensure that your password is between 8 and 16 characters in length and contains at least one lowercase and one uppercase letter in each of the uppercase letters. Following the successful entry of your password, you will be redirected to the homepage.

 Following that, navigate to the Seller Center, which can be found in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. You will be led to this page when you have completed the form by providing your full name, mailing address, and phone number, among other information. As soon as you’re finished completing this, click on the Shop Profile link in the left-hand navigation bar.

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How to Sell Products in Shopee?

To sell products on Shopee, you obviously need to list your products on your newly created online store. Here are some steps to do exactly that:

Locate the Product tab in the Seller Center and select My Products from the drop-down menu. The following is how your page should appear. Select Add New Product from the drop-down menu, enter your Product Name, and then select the Categories and Sub-Categories that your product belongs to.

Then, include a thorough Product Description, as well as high-resolution photos and videos to complete the package. Fill out the form with all of the extra information that is required, which may differ depending on your product.

Enter the weight and parcel size into the shipping settings to get the best shipping rates. Shopee will automatically suggest a few logistics providers for your product based on its specifications. Keep in mind that different shipping companies may charge different delivery prices depending on the size and weight of your package.

When you’re finished, simply click Save and Publish at the bottom of the screen to save your changes. As many things as you want to sell, then market them to attract clients.

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Where Can I Get Products to Sell in Shopee?

It is understandable that if you are a rookie at online selling, you could be tempted to sell things that generate the maximum sales and cash. While it may appear to be a wise move at the moment, competing with large corporations is not always a good idea for small businesses.

If you are launching a new brand to the market for the first time, you will have little advantage over your competitors in terms of market share. With that in mind, we’d suggest that you look at supplementary products to the ones that huge businesses are selling.

Suppose a perceived competitor is selling Apple products. You might consider producing a product accessory that can only be used on Apple devices to counteract this. Because Apple is a well-known brand, you can use its name in your text or marketing while still introducing a product that Apple does not already offer. This will allow you to differentiate your company from the competition (and is something that Apple users will be interested in).

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