Shopee Flash Sales are big in the Philippines. Filipinos love to go on shopping sprees which is why flash deals are a hit. Low deals, discounts, Shopee coins, and cashback are some of the things that Shopee allows us to enjoy during big flash deals. As a seller, you might be wondering, how are flash deals helpful for you? Well the answer is, customers will be more attracted to your product and shop if you participate on flash deals. 

Flash deals can be a good tactic for a seller to effectively lure in customers to buy what you sell. Who would not want to buy products at a low cost, right? Read below to know more about Shopee Flash Sales.

This article will help you understand not only what flash deals meaning is but also how to make them on the Shopee seller center. Furthermore, it’ll also help you figure out what the Shopee flash deal slot and looks like and will answer questions like “what is the maximum number of products you can nominate for a shopee flash deal campaign?” or “how to buy flash deals on Shopee?” 

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What is the Shopee Flash Sale?

It is a promotional event on Shopee where customers may take advantage of tempting discounts that are only accessible for a limited time period. When participating in a Shopee Flash Deal, sellers receive more views and orders, increasing the likelihood that their products will sell out, and more visits to their shop, improving exposure to other products without having to cost your business so much unlike things like bundle deals Shopee.

Shopee Flash Deals are always the most awaited by Shopee shoppers because it offers the best deals and gives out the best perks. This is precisely why you should take advantage of it and make sure that your shop will participate in these mega events. Make sure that everything is set when participating in Flash Deals including delivery services. 

How to Participate in a Shopee Flash Sale?

Flash Deals is a Seller Centre tool that allows you to recommend your products for inclusion in upcoming campaigns. This feature is only available to Seller Centre members. One of Shopee’s most popular features, generating the most views and clicks, is the “Shopping Cart.” Flash Deals will provide your products the most exposure possible because they will be featured in their own prominent section on Shopee’s home page.

Shopee Mall and other Shopee Variants are indeed popular, because of their prominent placement and popularity, the products included in Flash Deals are carefully vetted by Shopee to ensure that the finest quality products are available in the collection. As a result, only chosen sellers are granted access to submit their products for consideration for Flash Deals. 

Shopee Flash Deals Requirements

Of course,before you can fully participate and enjoy the benefits of the Shopee Flash Deals, you first need to fulfill the requirements that Shopee asks from all of their sellers. 

Time for the Beginning and End of the Session

Only a limited number of deals are available at any given time. You should not try to cheat to exceed the limit that Shopee imposes in order to not have any strike on the violations or seller penalties from Shopee. 

Requirements for a Discount

The goal at Flash Deals is to provide the customers with the best possible savings. As a result, the discount price or percentage you specify must fall within the Accepted Discount Range, which is specified in the nomination criteria.

Requirements for Stock

Campaign Stock refers to the quantity of inventory set aside for Flash Deals. Once your product has been nominated for a campaign and has been successful, this stock quantity will be reduced from your total stock. You can employ stock management services 

Requirements for Each Category

The ability to select products that do not fall into the specified category will be denied to you.

Variations on a Product

If you have several different product types, you can specify a different reduced pricing for each of the different product varieties.

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How to Create My Shop Flash Deals?

1. Navigate to the Marketing Center from the Seller Center sidebar menu. Choose one of My Shop’s flash sales.

2. Select Create New Flash Deals from the drop-down menu. Select your favorite day and time slot from the drop-down menu.

3. By selecting Add Products, you can put the products for your flash specials in your shopping cart.

Managing My Shop Flash Deals

Set a limit on campaign stock to ensure that you can manage the rise in orders from your shop’s flash sales. This will help you avoid non-fulfillment of orders. You can also change the amount of discount that is applied to your store’s flash sales. 

When it comes to managing your shop’s flash sales, there are two options:

  • Editing in Bulk
  • In your shop’s flash specials, you can customize each of your products separately.

Bulk Edit allows you to accomplish a variety of things, such as setting your discount amount (in percent) and campaign stock, imposing a limit on the number of products a buyer may purchase, selecting Update All, and selecting Save & Submit. Edit Individually allows you to choose product variations, edit the individual columns, toggle Enable, Select Save & Submit, and toggle Enable, Select Save & Submit to submit your product.

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