In an increasingly competitive online marketplace, e-commerce entrepreneurs around the Philippines and all around the world are all trying to look for tools to help them stand out from their competition. In order to both motivate and help out their merchants, e-commerce platforms like Shopee Philippines provide them with different bonuses and incentives to help them better develop their shops.

One way Shopee does this is through rewarding it’s best and most effective stores with badges that will help them increase their sales. Since you are reading this article, it’s likely that you’re interested in knowing more about how this works and luckily you opened the right article for you.

What is Shopee Badge in the Philippines?

Shopee badges are some of the incentives that the platform provides to its selected sellers to help them become better sellers on the platform. There are different badges like Preferred Seller, and overseas. These badges help shoppers discern which shops have the best products and service so having them can really step up your business. Badges also help you to become one of the Shopee Mall brands. 

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What is Shopee Mall Philippines?

Shopee Mall is an exclusive retail space wherein brand owners and authorized distributors can sell their merchandise. For Sellers who are part of the Shopee Mall program their merchandise comes with a “Shopee Mall” or “Mall”  label, either on the seller’s profile page or on every product listing. In the seller center, you can find the Shopee Mall location. 

You might now be asking questions like “Is Shopee Mall legit?”, “What the Shopee Mall benefits are?”, or “Is Shopee Mall safe?” and don’t worry, this article will go through that too. These tools are totally safe and are Shopee-verified tools that will surely help improve your business. In terms of what it can do for you, there are three primary benefits:

Shopee-endorsed Legitimacy to Draw in Customers

With the Shopee Mall seller status you are provided with an important advantage because your items and service quality are given more legitimacy by the label. This boosted reputation will easily lead to a boost in your revenue, attracting more customers towards your store and away from your competition. One of the many Shopee mall benefits. 

Your Products Will Take the Top Spot in Searches

You and other Shopee mall sellers will have your products be on top of the search results page when customers search for relevant keywords that match your ads. Not only will this raise your business’ exposure, but it can also help you enhance sales rapidly and effortlessly. Definitely worth the Shopee Mall application. 

Take Advantage of the Shopee Mall Seller Search Filters

We’ve already talked about how buyers are significantly more likely to buy from stores with the Shopee Mall tag because the tag serves as assurance from the platform for the buyers. As such, the platform also allows buyers to use search filters so that for the products they are looking for, they’ll only see products sold by Shopee Mall sellers.

So with this tag, shoppers are even more likely to buy solely from your store and you’ll really only have to compete with other Mall sellers selling the same products. Only in the top Shopee mall. 

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Shopee Mall Listing Requirements? 

Now we’ve gone over the benefits, we can now look at what you need for your Shopee Mall application. In order to actually qualify to be listed as one of the exclusive Shopee Mall brands, you’ll need to meet a certain number of requirements. These requirements include having at least 10-20 minimum stock keeping units (SKUs), having less than 20% of listings on pre-order mode, and being in compliance with Shopee’s mall listing requirements.

On the last requirement regarding Shopee’s mall listing requirements, there are generally six (6) different things you’ll need to pay attention to for these requirements. In particular, you’ll need to pay attention to the images on your store, your product’s names and description, your available categories and attributes, and the variations on your store.

Shopee Mall Commission Fee

While being a seller part of the Shopee Mall program has multiple benefits, it also has a small cost. For merchants part of the program, they must pay a commission fee which the platform will receive in order to continue letting the merchants be part of the program. The amount to be paid for this commission fee depends on the category of your products as shown in the table below:

Product categoryRespective Commission Fee

Cameras & Drones
Mobile Phones and Gadgets
Home Appliances
Gaming & Consoles
Computers & Computer Accessories
Baby & Kids Fashion

Fashion Accessories
Men’s Bags
Men’s Clothes
Men’s Shoes
Muslim Fashion
Travel & Luggage
Women’s Bags
Women’s Clothes
Women’s Shoes 

Food & Beverages
Mom & Baby

Books & Magazines
Hobbies & Collections
Sports & Outdoor
Home & Living- Home Fragrance & Aromatherapy
Home & Living- 
Home & Living- 5%
Tickets, Vouchers, & Services0%

What Items Can’t You sell?

As a seller on the platform, you need to make sure that your products and your product listings are compliant with the restrictions placed by the platforms. These restrictions can differ depending on your store’s status but as a Shopee Mall seller you especially need to take note of some specific restrictions.

Generally speaking, the product categories affected by these restrictions include: 

  • Adult Items
  • Weapons/Firearms
  • Government Regulated and Issued Items
  • Pet care, Animals, and Wildlife
  • Currency, Credits, and Artifacts
  • Highly Offensive Materials
  • Tobacco and Alcoholic Beverages
  • Medical Devices, Medicines and Supplements
  • Drugs & Associated Paraphernalia
  • Pre-loved Items
  • Prohibited Food Related Items
  • Publications, Films, Books, Videos, Games and Digital Goods
  • Counterfeit Products
  • FDA Warned Items

It is also important to note that all products related to these categories are completely prohibited  on the platform. For these products you’ll simply need to follow Shopee’s guidelines on selling the products and then you’ll be fine. Failure to comply with these could lead to the loss of your Shopee Mall status or even the banning of your Shopee account. 

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