Ads on Shopee will help your products and shop to be seen by so many people. Ads help in showcasing the best of your products as well as the offers you have uniquely in your shop. This is an important tool that will help people know more about your Shopee shop and what you are selling. It will raise necessary awareness about your business for sure. 

When you start selling online, it is vital to know how to boost your sales in Shopee. You will find out that ads are an effective way to increase your sales as well as elevate the engagement and interactions you are going to have, may it be through impressions, clicks, or queries. Read more below about how to boost ads in Shopee Philippines. 

What is Shopee My Ads Philippines?

My Ads is a Shopee tool that allows merchants to boost exposure for their product listings by posting adverts on Shopee’s web platforms and mobile application. If you are a seller of products online in Thailand and are seeking a way to increase the visibility of your products in the marketplace, Shopee now provides Shopee Ads.

Shopee My Ads in the Philippines helps your shop to be at the forefront of Shopee’s homepage and the search results as well. It is important that you dive into the world of ads so that you can keep up with your competitors. Your customers will come depending on the effort you put into your advertising so make sure you work on it. There are many Shopee free ads or sometimes they are paid. 

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What are Paid Ads? 

It is when marketers buy a spot on a network or platform by bidding on real-time auctions, where advertisers can broadcast their adverts. You’ll see both shopping advertisements and text ads on this patio furniture search, for example. There are 2 types of paid ads: Keyword Ads, Targeting Ads, and Shop Ads. Search results page shoppers are more likely to see your products when they search for terms you’ve placed bids on. 

That provides more attention to your goods. Adverts expose your goods in numerous areas of the Shopee platform to potential customers who are interested in comparable or identical products. To place your shop in the top positions on the search results page, use display advertisements. You are able to determine which keywords your advertisements appear for by bidding on them. You can explore this with Shopee Ads credit. 

How to Set a Budget and Ad Duration?


Budget and Ad Duration are essential in order for Shopee to determine what kind of ads you need. These 2 elements identify the budget allocated for your advertisements as well as how long your ads are going to run.  Before you publish your Product Search Ads, you can specify a budget and a time frame for the ads to run. Here are the things to remember: 

  • The default budget and time limit settings are “No Limit” and “No Time Limit,” respectively.
  • For each advertisement, you have the option to “Set Budget” and “Set Start/End Date.” If you select “Set Budget,” your advertisement will cease to run once your budget has been depleted. 
  • The bare minimum daily budget necessary is twenty pesos. 
  • 200 is the very minimum total budget that must be allocated.
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Things To Remember

It is critical to choose the appropriate products to advertise in accordance with your business objectives. This will help the quality of your ads as well as the accuracy of the advertisements you release. 

  • Increase your sales. Place a strong emphasis on your best-selling products with strong monthly sales performance, as well as products with strong sales potential, such as promotional products.
  • Profits should be increased. Concentrate on products that are in high demand, particularly those with a high organic profit margin.
  • Increase the amount of time that new products are exposed. Select new items in order to increase their exposure and determine their market potential.

Keep in mind that Ads on Shopee are your friends because they help your shop when you use them correctly. Make sure to explore Shopee My Ads for better visibility for your business. If used wisely, it is even possible that Shopee boost product free of charge. In 

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