Shopee clothing? Does one have many aged clothes but still in good condition? You’ll be able to sell it in Shopee. Why must you choose Shopee and not the opposite marketplace? In fact you wish to understand the way to sell clothes in Shopee. Read the full explanation below!

Is Selling in Shopee Free?

Starting 1 July 2021, Shopee Philippines including Shopee Indonesia are going to be implementing new commission fees on marketplace and Shopee Mall transactions. For local marketplace sellers, 1% commission fee is going to be charged on all transactions for marketplace sellers.

For Shopee Mall Brands, existing 2% mall commission fees are going to be adjusted in accordance to the category. These commission fees are aligned with industry standards and can enable Shopee to control during a sustainable manner.

First of all, Shopee has no commission fee. Meaning, your sales are all yours. And if you have got a minimum of 10 items to sell and your address is serviceable, you’re eligible to activate the cash on delivery option and free shipping in your shop.

This means more chances of getting customers’ attention. Customers are more likely to shop for when the cash on delivery and free shipping are available. So, you don’t need to be afraid anymore to sell  Korean dress Shopee products or  fitted dresses Shopee.

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How to Register a Shopee Seller Account?

How to make a Shopee account? How to start selling in Shopee? You would like to grasp the wants to be a Shopee seller who sells casual dress Shopee. Before listing your long dress Shopee product, here are some steps you would like to take.

Identify Your Niche 

Favourable niches change over time as well as Shopee women’s clothing and local clothing brands in Shopee, reckoning on many factors. It’s very dangerous to make a store that just keeps up with the trends. Therefore, it’s advisable to seek out a distinct segment where you’ll be able to find something sustainable.

This could be within the variety of mass-produced items like  maxi dress Shopee clothing, electronics, and cosmetics sales. Alternatively, you’ll choose a little niche. The thought is to create a listing that you just know are often sold whether or not the profit isn’t very high.

Product Research

The next step is to conduct marketing research within the niche of your choice. Suppose you wish to sell a technical product within the market. Seek for keywords associated with your product. you’ll be able to then sort the products as relevance, latest, and top sales.

Just by gazing at the highest sales, you’ll determine which of the subsequent products are popular within the tech market. You’ll also observe the costs to induce a plan of ​​the price range you’ll set for your product.

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Evaluate The Level Of Competition 

People may buy products that support the quantity they will see. Therefore, it’s best to assess the amount of competition. If you can’t compete with top sales, search for alternatives or similar products within the same niche.

Evaluate the weaknesses of top sellers. If users within the review section still complain about the poor quality of high-tech products, they’ll be noticeable by addressing the wants of their buyers. within the item description, emphasise what causes you to stand out.

If doubtful, use a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) to seek out where you’re likely to be within the market of your choice and what you wish to try and do to boost your position.

How to Sell Branded and Thrifted Clothes in Shopee

How to sell in Shopee COD? How to sell in Shopee? Getting started on Shopee is quick and straightforward. you’ll be able to sell almost anything legal in Shopee. Just confirm the precise condition of your item. Including filling the selling my preloved clothes caption, how old your item is, the brand, any tears and scratches, and the way frequent and long you’ve been using it.

Simply follow the steps on the way to be a Shopee seller Philippines below to start your clothes selling journey.

  • Set up your shop
  • Add your pickup address
  • Create a product listing
  • Ship out your order
  • Deliver a good shopping experience
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Tips to Sell on Shopee Philippines

What to sell in Shopee Philippines? You will get the Shopee seller payout after the customer tapped the Order Received. Besides the way to sell in Shopee Philippines, you wish to understand several product listing tips below.

Product Name and Description 

When a customer searches for a product using the search bar, the merchandise name and outline are the foremost important aspect of search result visibility. Use the Keyword Search Tool to make sure you’re crawling the keywords that are the best for your product. The usage of keywords determines how easy it’s to seek out a product.

Categories and Prices 

Add the acceptable categories to your product. this permits users to search out you when browsing Shopee’s product categories. Then enter the worth of the merchandise. If you’re planning price cuts or discounts, Shopee gives you the chance. you furthermore might know the way to spice up your product on Shopee.

Stocks and Variation 

Where to get products to sell on Shopee? Enter the proper quantity for your warehouse number within the product list. It also adds variations to the merchandise. If your product has different colours, sizes and textures, please add everything to your offer to minimise customer inquiries.


When you sell online at Shopee Philippines, it is closely related to shipping products. Shipping depends on the kind, weight and size of the courier. So, choose a delivery service that is supported by the Shopee system


Highlights the conditions that require to be set within the shop, like return policy, discounts (if any), or free shipping. By making the conditions transparent, it’ll be better to manage any customer concerns anytime.

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Product Photos 

Be sure to feature high resolution product photos and videos that reflect the particular product. You don’t want to trick your customers into posting photos that are too far away from your actual product.


To sell your clothes in Shopee is extremely easy. Choose the proper keywords, put the precise condition of your item, and use the high resolution photos are often some tips to your product listings. With the merchandise listings tips that are already mentioned, absolutely can boost your sales.

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