Do you have many old clothes but still in good condition? You can sell it in Shopee. Why should you choose Shopee and not the other marketplace? And of course you need to know how to sell clothes in Shopee. Read the whole explanation below.

How Much Does It Cost To Sell On Shopee?

Starting 1 July 2021, Shopee Philippines including Shopee Indonesia will be implementing new commission fees on marketplace and Shopee Mall transactions. For local marketplace sellers, 1% commission fee will be charged on all transactions for marketplace sellers. 

For Shopee Mall Brands, existing 2% mall commission fees will be adjusted in accordance to the category. These commission fees are aligned with industry standards and will enable Shopee to operate in a sustainable manner. 

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What Are The Requirements To Be A Shopee Seller?

How to start selling in Shopee? You need to know the requirements to be a Shopee seller. Before listing your product, here are some steps you need to take: 

Identify Your Niche 

Favorable niches change over time, depending on many factors. It’s very dangerous to build a shop that just keeps up with the trends. Therefore, it is advisable to find a niche where you can find something sustainable. 

This could be in the form of mass-produced items such as clothing, electronics, and cosmetics sales. Alternatively, you can choose a small niche. The idea is to build an inventory that you know can be sold even if the profit is not very high.

Product Research

The next step is to conduct product research in the niche of your choice. Suppose you want to sell a technical product in the market. Look for keywords related to your product. You can then sort the products as relevance, latest, and top sales. 

Just by looking at the top sales, you can determine which of the following products are popular in the tech market. You can also look at the prices to get an idea of ​​the price range you can set for your product. 

Evaluate The Level Of Competition 

People may buy products based on the number they can see. Therefore, it is best to assess the level of competition. If you can’t compete with top sales, look for alternatives or similar products in the same niche. 

Evaluate the weaknesses of top sellers. If users in the review section continue to complain about the poor quality of high-tech products, they will be noticeable by addressing the needs of their buyers. In the item description, emphasize what makes you stand out. 

If in doubt, use a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) to find out where you are likely to be in the market of your choice and what you need to do to improve your position.

Why Should You Sell In Shopee?

You can enable cash on delivery options and free Shopee shipping at the shop if you have more than 10 items to sell and your address is working. 

This means that you are more likely to get the attention of your customers. Customers are more likely to make a purchase if cash on delivery and free shipping are available. It’s unclear how Shopee makes this possible and will remain free in the future.

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How To Set Up Shopee Store?

Since you need to know how to sell on Shopee, here are the steps to set up your Shopee store. 

For Existing Sellers 

  1. Create or Shopee login first. Find out how to make Shopee account to create a new one. Make sure to add and verify your phone number and email.
  1. Tap My Shop in the Me tab, then tap Seller Assistant and select Shop Profile to complete your shop profile. There are 3 main components to your shop’s profile:
  • Shop Name: Choose a distinctive and memorable shop name that reflects your shop and products, while keeping with Shopee’s Shop Naming Guidelines.
  • Images and Videos: Upload up to 5 images and videos to give your shop a strong brand identity. 
  • Shop Description: Create a short and succinct description to attract shoppers to your shop. You may include information such as your shop’s history, type of products or chat reply hours. Do not include personal information such as email or phone numbers, or ask shoppers to conduct transactions outside of Shopee.

For New Sellers 

  1. Login to Shopee Seller Center via desktop and select Shop Settings to complete your shop profile. You can also access the Shop Setting in-App once you have completely added your first listings. 
  1. Tap Start Selling in the Me tab.
  1. Create a product listing.

How To Sell Clothes In Shopee?

How to sell in Shopee? Getting started on Shopee is quick and easy. You can sell just about anything legal in Shopee. Just make sure to indicate the exact condition of your item. Including filling the selling my preloved clothes caption, how old your item is, the brand, any tears and scratches, and how frequent and long you’ve been using it.

Simply follow the steps on how to be a Shopee seller Philippines below to begin your clothes selling journey.

  1. Set up your shop
  2. Add your pickup address
  3. Create a product listing
  4. Ship out your order
  5. Deliver a great shopping experience

You will get the Shopee seller payout after the buyer tapped the Order Received. Besides how to sell in Shopee Philippines, you need to know several product listing tips below. 

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Product Listing Tips

Product Name and Description 

When a customer searches for a product using the search bar, the product name and description are the most important aspect of search result visibility. Use the Keyword Search Tool to make sure you’re crawling the keywords that work best for your product. The usage of keywords determines how easy it is to find a product. 

Categories and Prices 

Add the appropriate categories to your product. This allows users to find you when browsing Shopee’s product categories. Then enter the price of the product. If you’re planning price cuts or discounts, Shopee gives you the opportunity. You also must know how to boost product on Shopee.

Stocks and Variation 

Enter the correct quantity for your warehouse number in the product list. It also adds variations to the product. If your product has different colors, sizes and textures, please add everything to your offer to minimize customer inquiries.


Shipping depends on the type, weight and size of the courier. 


Highlights the conditions that need to be set in the shop, such as return policy, discounts (if any), or free shipping. By making the conditions transparent, it will be better to manage any customer concerns anytime.

Product Photos 

Be sure to add high resolution product photos and videos that reflect the actual product. You don’t want to trick your customers into posting photos that are too far from your actual product.

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To sell your clothes in Shopee is very easy. Choose the right keywords, put the exact condition of your item, and use the high resolution photos can be some tips to your product listings. With the product listings tips that are already mentioned, absolutely can boost your sales. 

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