Shopee clothing shops? Every time the year comes about, there’s one thing you’re looking most forward to: Chinese twelve months. Yep, that’s right, it’s all for the food that you simply will eat and therefore the angbaos you’ll receive, not really about the new clothes.

But anyhow, a number of us would be fretting because you would like to shop for new clothes, right? Here’s where this text comes useful for those that don’t want to brave the group offline and shop online. So here are some good Shopee sellers to shop from.

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Vendors should list their products on Shopee online so as to draw in the eye of the big number of holiday makers (21.26 million monthly) who come to the location, which ranks it first among e-commerce sites within the Philippines.

Aside from that, Shopee is the hottest marketplace in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. Having an intensive understanding of Shopee sales is yet one more compelling reason to try to do so.

As a byproduct, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore are among the countries within which it functions as an outcome. Other than that, it’s some similarities to the eBay business model, which allows market participants to contact and accommodate each other directly.

Marketing on Shopee, beyond all else, reveals a replacement moment of your time for bridge vendors from China and cities to connect with customers in geographical regions and Taiwan.

In addition to selling goods on its global market, Shopee derives money from fee income, service charges on its website, performance level, and fee-based payment systems. Investments like finance, delivery, and merchandise search are made possible through the implementation of essential interactions.

10 Best Shopee Clothing Shops

Clothing shops in Shopee Philippines? Have you done buying your CNY clothes? With the Movement Control Order (MCO) imposed, visiting relatives had become a no-no this year. However, this doesn’t stop you from enjoying the CNY vibe with new clothes.

The growth of Shopee during the pandemic gives out a glimpse of how eCommerce is prospering. Around 47.33 million month visitor count is recorded back in 2020.

Though this massive e-commerce venture contains a world footprint, the nation-state reported having the easiest visitor’s count. The unique aspect of the shop is its diverse inventory.

From women’s fashion to kids’ wear, electronics to home appliances, you’ll be ready to browse whatever you’d like. So, if you’re planning to create a store on Shopee here are top selling products and categories in 2021.

1. Xiaozhai Nv

Best shops in Shopee PH for clothes? If you’re a private fan of Xiaozhai V and have bought many clothings from them. Just take a look at their store overview and you’ll see an outstanding rating of 4.7 out of 5. They reply to queries within minutes despite being a comparatively new player (6 months) in Shopee.

If your family still believes within the CNY-must-wear-AngAng (red red) tradition, then consider this dress? If not, you’ll be able to select your classic monochrome.

It costs only $10.42 at the time of writing with free shipping! Xiaozhainv also gives out discount vouchers up to 25% off regularly so catch them on Shopee for other purchases.

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2. RayPro

Best shops in Shopee PH? Raypro may be a Shopee seller that sells both men and feminine products and that they have a large rating of 4.5 out of 5. a number of their products aren’t 5-star so choose those with reviews. What about this white shirt for under $25 with free shipping? They need sizes up to 4XL and if you’re not an addict of white, get one in blue.

3. Meow Meow Shop

Affordable clothing shops in Shopee Philippines? Meow Meow Shop includes a cheongsam collection for the women, perfect for CNY! There’s the more traditional ones like this for under $17 to $20 (from size S to 6XL). It’s only $30.52 with free shipping at the time of writing.

4. Joylife

Joylife is sort of a store and more because they sell stuff for ladies, men, kids and even for babies! a reasonably high rating of 4.8 out of 5. Just have a look at this sweet pink Victorian-styled dress for a female offspring at only $7.70.


Affordable shops in Shopee? Gentlemen, don’t get a shock once you visit OGYA because they sell mainly female products like make-up, beauty tools, hair / trending items and even watches. But you found a rare gem: a men’s denim jacket at only $10.50 with free shipping.

6. Hodroad

Apart from women, babies / toddlers’ fashion and sweetness tools, Hot Rod even sells home decor! Hey, our homes need some CNY blessings too, ain’t it? $2.42 (without shipping fee) 3D rose sticker decors for your plain-looking wall.

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7. Geeker

Best clothing shops in Shopee? Guys can rejoice because Geeker sells mainly clothes for men! you’d recommend this for the insane price of $7 (with free shipping).

8. Men Fashion / Xiaoliuliu_11

This is also another of the non-public favourite Shopee sellers. New Fashion/Xiaoliuliu_11 sells many Korean inspired pieces tops, dresses, shorts, and skirts. Play match-ups at their store. Maybe you wish to contemplate this 2-piece set at only $10.90 (free normal mail).

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9. Kimi Dress

Shopee stores? Kimidress is another Shopee seller that incorporates a lot under its name home stuffs, beauty, women’s fashion and kids’ too. If you can’t decide between blue or pink for your baby princess, here’s an option at only about $7 after shipping.

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10. Buy a Lot

Aesthetic shops in Shopee? And to finish off this text, you’ve got plenty. What an apt name. And to measure up thereto name, they are doing provide a spread for you to shop for plenty of make-up, beauty tools, lingerie and even skin care. Just tell a way to get a denim dress at $7.44 (with free shipping).


There is a sample room to choose out the niche you’d wish to travel for when it involves establishing your store on Shopee. you’ll get on the shop to work out for the trending categories and find insights through the feedback section.

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