You might feel difficulties when running an online shop like store management, product analysis, or product listing. Multi channel management and many more. To solve your problem, you can use a Shopee analysis tool. Do you know what a Shopee analysis tool is and its function for your business? Shopee analysis tool is really helpful for your business. These tools help sellers to select and analyze the business products.

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You can use Shopee data analytics to help you understand your own product. By understanding your own product, it can help you to set the strategy to drive more sales to your shop. Here are the tools to help you know your insight store.

1. Tools To Support Shopee Product Analysis

When you are running a shop in Shopee, you have to serve many kinds of customers, manage many product classification and other things to help your business which is challenging. You can use a Shopee data scraper to help you identify and manage your inventory, selling price, refunded items and also your  sales volume.

There is software you can use to support you to do the Shopee competitor analysis. When you use these tools, you will get a lot of advantages like you no need to do the calculation of your inventory, manage your product listing and many more. Here are the software such as:

  • SELLinALL software or also known as a multi-channel software was founded in 2014. This software helps you to boost up your sales, manage your order, check your inventory and also reports for sellers. SELLinALL software is a trusted and effective Shopee software to boost up your sales and for your information it has 5 years experience.
  • Omisell Software is the new system which can help you to manage your multi warehouse inventory and multichannel in the sams platform. This software helps you to know your stock too.

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2. Follow Enhancement Tool

Just like other social media, followers will play an important role in attracting other customers. When you have many followers, it means you are trusted. Your followers will help your sales too. You can use google analytics to get more follower but there is also other softwares you can use too such as:

  • Shopee Assistant Auto Follow Tool – helps to increase your follower amount and filters the inactive follower at the same time.
  • Autoshoppe – the platform which can help you to increase your followers, views, likes without having to hang up. You just need to add the primary accounts and remaining sub for the system to take care of.

3. Shopee Boost Product -Posting Product Assistance Tools

When you have many products in your online shop, the customer usually uses the Shopee product research tool to help them find the product they are looking for. But how about the seller that needs to post a bunch of products, are there any tools that can be used to help the seller? And yes, there are tools which can be used to help Shopee sellers post their products.

Posting products not only takes a lot of time but sometimes you might get distracted too, especially if you are selling it on many platforms. To solve this problem, you can use below supporting tools such as:

  • Omisell is the place to gather all information and your product description. You can use these tools to post in multiple with one click needed.
  • PowerSell will help to enable the seller to post the existing products into a new store without any errors. Beside that, it also helps you frame the product image to increase the aesthetics and attract your customer’s attention.

4. Bulk Sending Message Tools

Not only Shopee keyword tool that are important for your business. There is also a bulk sending message tool which helps you to respond to your customer. Bulk messages not only applicable at Facebook or Instagram but also Shopee. Since there might be many queries from the customer, bulk message tools are also important to increase your customer’s satisfaction. Here are tools you can use for it

  • Chat Chat Tool: is the official Shopee tool which can be used to communicate with the customer. These tools also help to provide good services and bring positive feedback from customers. 
  • Powersell is one of Shopee boost product tools that helps the Shopee merchants or shops to respond to all their customer’s messages in one cooperated platform. Beside that, it also helps to integrate all customer’s platforms from other social media in one single site.
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5.Multi-Channel Management

For business growth, many people expand their business on several platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, Facebook, Instagram, etc at the same time. This means they need to use multi-channel management to help them monitor and manage each platform. You can use Shopee scraper free to help you too. Here are the other software for better management on various platforms. 

  • Shop Key – a software that helps the enterprises a 360-degree view of their entire shop in just one platform. Besides that, it also helps to streamline and enhance the process to reach your business goals.
  • Omisell – a software that helps you to manage orders on a platform. All you need to do is log in to the system to see the data. Not only that, it also helps to synchronize your order automatically every 10 minutes to support the fastest shipping to buyers.
  • PowerSell – a software which offers three features including store management, analytics and chat tools in one. You can use this software to manage the inventory, process orders, analyze performance and also prevent overselling with real-time stock synchronization, settle return just with a click and simultaneous store update with one excel file upload needed. 

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For a better business, you need to use Shopee boost product tools. Shopee boost product tools give you many benefits on multi-channel management, monitoring, enhancing customer experience with responsiveness and also maximizing conversion rate with just a single platform. For your additional information, these tools are not a Shopee’s partner so that you can search and choose the suitable one for your business.

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