Sample password in Shopee? In order to use Shopee, you need to first sign on to your account, which is often related to a number so as to facilitate communication with Shopee staff.

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Furthermore, while checking in with other accounts, if you forget your Shopee account password, it’s much faster to urge it back by providing your telephone number instead of your email address. you’ll be able to regain your Shopee account password by following the steps outlined within the section below this page.

How Do You Put a Password on Shopee?

How to make a password in Shopee? You can change your account password easily via the Shopee App. attend the Me tab > Select setting icon > My Profile > Change Password > Enter your current password as verification > Continue > Enter new password > Confirm.

Shopee password ideas? Once the password has been reset, you must log in again. Passwords are required to have:

  • Minimum of 8 characters, maximum of 16 characters
  • At least one uppercase and one lowercase character
  • You are encouraged to incorporate numbers and symbols (e.g. !@#$%^&*) to form a stronger password that’s harder to guess.
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What is an Example of a Strong Password?

No one shows you this unconventional way of making an almost unbreakable password. It’s the key to having a secure password to shut hackers. So, what’s an example of a robust password?

An example of a powerful password is “Cartoon-Duck-14-Coffee-Glvs”. It is long, contains uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. It’s a singular password created by a random password generator and it’s easy to recollect. Strong passwords shouldn’t contain personal information.

Cartoon-Duck-14-Coffee-Glvs is my example. Don’t use it now that I’ve published it here. Let’s generate a simple example for you within the next section. Below may be a password generator tool and a few clever methods to spice up your password strength.

The above tool will generate strong password examples that are easy to recollect and unique. anytime you visit this page or click the “New Example” button above, it generates a brand new random passphrase.

Enhance your password by adding your own flare. Swap the order or change a word or two so you’ll be able to form an image or story with the passphrase.

Our brains are designed to recollect visuals and ordered events. Leverage this mental wiring to assist you memorise the words in your strong password. This can be one in every of the secrets utilised by the highest competitors within the World Memory Championships.

Test the password strength on HowSecureIsMyPassword, a service provided by the password manager Dashlane. you’ll also check if your new secure password may be already hacked at HaveIBeenPwned which is a site from security researcher Troy Hunt. The project collects and helps users identify passwords that were included in any data breach.

Like most websites and social media platforms, Shopee encourages the utilisation of a robust password and wallet PIN on our platform to safeguard your account.

Choosing a robust password isn’t easy, and therefore the best passwords and wallet PINs are ones that are memorable but hard to guess. to make a password and wallet PIN that keeps your account secure, recommend the subsequent tips:

Meet password requirements:

  • Minimum 8 Characters the more characters, the better
  • A mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters having a mixture of various styles of characters will make your password harder to crack

Strengthen your Password and Wallet PIN:

  • Set a novel password or wallet PIN use a unique password and wallet PIN for important accounts, like your email and platforms involving payments
  • Do not use personal information like phone numbers, birthdays, anniversaries.
  • Do not use repeated numbers or sequences like “abcd”, “0000” or keyboard sequences like “qwerty”, “147852”

What to Do When You Forget Your Password

Shopee forgot password? Make sure that you have simply verified your email address and mobile number before resetting the password to be ready to receive a verification code via SMS or Email.

If you’re not logged in and have forgotten your account password, select Forgot? on the Login page > Enter sign linked to your account* > Next > Enter CAPTCHA Code > Enter Verification Code sent via SMS > Set new password > OK.

If you’re not logged in and have forgotten your account password, select Forgot? via the Login page on Shopee App > Enter signalling linked to your account > Next > Enter CAPTCHA Code > Enter Verification Code sent via SMS > Set new Password > OK.

If you entered your email address rather than number, a verification link are going to be sent thereto email address. you’ll be able to proceed to line a brand new password via the verification link.

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How to Change Your Password

Shopee password requirement? You can change or reset your ShopeePay PIN in 3 ways:  

Wallet Settings

Go to the ShopeePay Wallet > settings icon ⚙ >Tap Change ShopeePay PIN > complete verification > fill in and make sure new number.

The change should get immediately and you’ll use your new ShopeePay number for your next transaction.

Forgot PIN

Select Forgot PIN during PIN input to reset your PIN.

Reset After the Account is Disabled

If your account is temporarily disabled after inputting an incorrect PIN 5 times up to the 7th attempt, please follow these steps to reset your PIN: select Forgot PIN > enter verification code > Tap Confirm> Input your current PIN > Confirm new PIN.

Do not share your ShopeePay PIN to guard your account. Incorrect PIN input of quite 8x will result in a frozen ShopeePay account. To reactivate a frozen ShopeePay account, kindly reach dead set our Customer Service.

You’ll not be able to change your ShopeePay personal identification number if you have got taken any of those actions within the last 24 hours Entering the incorrect ShopeePay PIN quite 5 times, employing a new device to log in to your Shopee account and Adding a brand new telephone number or credit card.

In addition, if you observe suspicious activity together with your account, you’ll even be unable to vary your ShopeePay PIN for security purposes.

How to reset your ShopeePay PIN

How to change password in Shopee? You are required to make a 6-digit PIN for your Seller Balance, which helps provide an extra layer of security. you may need this PIN so as to request a withdrawal. Also, this PIN is different from your Shopee account password. Follow these steps to vary your Seller Wallet PIN:

  • Tap My Shop under Me tab.
  • Tap Seller Balance.
  • Tap “Settings Icon”.
  • Tap “Change Wallet PIN”.
  • Enter the verification code and tap “Continue”.
  • Create a replacement Wallet PIN and make sure Wallet PIN, then tap “Done”.

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How to Reset Seller Balance PIN

Follow these steps to change your Seller Wallet PIN:

  • Tap My Shop under Me tab.
  • Tap Seller Balance.
  • Tap “Settings Icon”.
  • Tap “Change Wallet PIN”.
  • Enter the verification code and tap “Continue”.
  • Create a replacement Wallet PIN and make sure Wallet PIN, then tap “Done”.


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