You need to have a good keyword to boost up your website rank. You can use the keyword tool facebook to help you to find the best keyword. Is there any platform to search for the keyword? Absolutely yes. Are you curious about it? Here are 17 best keyword research tools 2021 for you.

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What Is The Term Of Keyword Research?

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Keyword research is a crucial element of modern SEO. A good quality keyword is one of the most efficient ways to attract consistent traffic quality to your sites. You can do research keyword or use google planner to find the best SEO keyword. 

The best SEO keyword research tools will simplify and streamline your SEO workflow. This keyword research  will make it easier to find the right keywords to target and give you the data you need which can also boost up your rank. However, when your keyword research is done poorly, it can affect your ad rank .

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Which Is The Best Keyword Research Tool?

There are several keyword checker you can use to search the best keyword for you. To find the best keyword that works for your business, you can start by analyzing your budget first then consider the other focus like your brand’s SEO strategy.

Is there any affordable keyword research tool? You don’t need to worry about the price of web keyword research because nowadays there are many keyword searches you can choose based on your budget. Beside that there is also free keyword research tool 2020 which you can still use now such as facebook keyword research tool and Google’s free keyword tools. This keyword research tool fall into two buckets:

  • PPC focused tools which focus on search ads including metric like cost per click and competitive ad analysis
  • Keyword tracking tools which can help you monitor the keywords your site already rank for.

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Are you curious about the best free keyword research tool for youtube already. Here are the best research tool you can use for your sites:


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SEMrush is not only a keyword tool. It is also the knife of SEO. By using SEMrush, you can get 5 to 10 very specific keywords suggestions that your competitors have used instead of producing a bucket list of keywords.

You can get a 7 days free trial of the service when using SEMrush.  To join this trial , you need to enter your credit card details and there is no charge if you cancel your subscription within the 7 days trial. SEMrush has four different pricing plans such as Pro, Guru, Business and also Enterprise.

KW Finder

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KW Finder is a tool designed to help you find keywords with low SEO difficulty along with a whole host of other useful features. You can find keywords with any language target anywhere by using KW Finder. If you want to use this research tool, try to select an annual plan to save up 40% on any subscriptions such as basic, premium and agency.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

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Ahrefs is one of the best keyword research tools for content creators. This platform provides a broad keyword report to the user. Ahrefs has four pricing plans. This platform also has a 7 days trial offering their Lite and standard subscription plans.

Google Keyword Planner

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Google Keyword Planner is a simple keyword tool option serving up a few basic features. This can be the best choice for business websites and it is available for free.


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GrowthBar is a research tool for marketers and bloggers who want the ranking difficulty or keyword suggestions to appear along with their search results. This platform allows you to explore your competitor’s profile. You get a 5 day free trial when using GrowthBar and  will be charged based on the plan you choose after the trial is done.

Long Tail Pro

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There is a new standard of SEO which is long tail keywords. Long Tail Pro will generate long tail keywords for niche sites. This Long Tail Pro is a premium tool which offers a 7 days free trial. Long Tail Pro currently offers three types of keyword research such as starter, pro and agency.


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Majestic is an ideal tool for new blogs and small businesses which will keep a track to your site’s health. You can find all SEO features in this keyword research. Majestic allows you to sign up and run 3 free searchers to help you get a feel for the service.

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Keyword Tool

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Keyword Tool is one of the top keyword research tools on the market and offers analysis for multiple search engines such as Google, YouTube and others. This Keyword Tool is similar to Google Keyword Planner. 


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Sepstat is an excellent option for searching a full SEO suite. This platform can help you to find the keyword difficulty and keyword trends and it is the most budget friendly option for keyword researchers.

Moz Keyword Explorer

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Moz Keyword Explorer will give you unusual keywords which are different from others.  Moz Keyword Explorer uses organic CTR score and priority score for smart targeting and gives one month trial period for the users.


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If you want to search your competitors’ SEO strategies, you can try to use SpyFu. SpyFu will help you to discover ranking difficulty and historical rank changes. SpyFu has no real time feedback which is different from other keyword researchers. 


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Wincher is the best option if you want to optimize SEO for your entire website. Wincher works by identifying keyword opportunities and tracking your ranking progress. 

Rank IQ

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RankIQ is built for content creators who are not SEO pros. This platform uses Al to analyze keyword data and serve up simplified, bottom line recommendations for creating the blog rank.


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GetKeywords is a keyword research tool built to help with local SEO keywords. The free version includes unlimited keyword searches, filtering down the related keywords.


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QuestionDB is a platform which is different from others. When you use this QuestionDB, you need to type the keyword or broader topic into the tool and it brings up a list of related questions that people asked.


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When you use Jaaxy, you have to insert in the keyword, topic or even URL in the tool and the tool will give you a list of related and suggested keywords along with the basic stats.

Keyword Surfer

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This Keyword Surfer is also known as chrome. You don’t need to pay if you use the chrome extension and limited content editor in it.

How Do I Find Good Niche Keywords As Well?

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Here are the strategies to help you to find the good niche keywords

  • Step 1 : Make a list of important and relevant topics based on your business
  • Step 2 : Fill in the topics with bucket of keyword that you have found
  • Step 3 : Understand how intent affects keyword research and analyze 
  • Step 4 : Do a research which related to the search item 
  • Step 5 : Use keyword research tools to help you 

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