If you already have a phone selling business and want to go online, or if you want to start an online mobile business, you’ve come to the right place! These are the summaries of various ideas you can take to start your phone business. Let’s get started!

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8 Mobile (Remote) Business You Can Try

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Is mobile business profitable? Yes, you can try this list of mobile businesses that are profitable.

Pet Grooming

If you have prior experience grooming pets, all you really need to start a mobile pet grooming business is your equipment and the ability to travel to your customers’ homes, bringing the grooming salon to them. This is a particularly useful service for pet owners who are short on time or have pets who spook easily. Check your state’s licensing requirements to see if a pet grooming license is required.

Niche Food Truck

You’ve probably seen food trucks for almost every type of food, but the most successful trucks cater to a specific food niche. It could be a food type (sandwiches, pretzels, or breakfast) or the ethnicity of the food (Mexican, Italian, or Chinese). Depending on your location, specialty foods (vegetarian, desserts, or organic) may be appealing.

Party Transportation

Party transportation is one of mobile business ideas 2022. A party bus is a vehicle that transports partygoers from one location to another. Clients could include wedding guests who require transportation to the reception or birthday party guests who need to get to a special game or concert. Bachelor and bachelorette parties could be held on your bus.


If you have experience in a particular subject and enjoy teaching others, a mobile business as a private tutor could be right for you. This is also an excellent part-time opportunity because you have complete control over how much you work and when you are available. After-school and evening hours are more popular for tutoring children, making it ideal for extra income.

Auto Detailing

With a mobile auto detailing business, you can bring the equipment to your customers’ cars and wash and clean their vehicles while they are at work, watching a football game, or doing something else that requires their attention. This saves time for busy people, making it an easy sell.

Personal Trainer

How to start a mobile business as an in-home personal training business brings the fitness equipment and workout plan to the clients’ location. Because there are so many different methods and techniques in personal fitness, you may need to specialize.


Many people are unable or unwilling to repair broken items in their homes. Some of the reasons for hiring someone to fix something are time, disabilities, or simply not knowing how.

Mobile entrepreneur examples you can try are handyman. In general, these handymen are best suited for home repairs such as sliding doors, new appliance installation, small plumbing fixes (unclogging pipes or replacing a pipe under a sink), patching a hole in a wall, hanging shelves, and other minor tasks.

Handymen do not do major home repairs like plumbing or electrical work. This is usually due to state licensing requirements for people who do major home repairs.

Cleaning Services

Another easily mobilized business is a cleaning service. Cleaning services do more than just clean houses. Cleaning homes is a popular service, but you can also clean offices or retail spaces. You can even specialize in a specific cleaning service, such as green cleaning or construction cleanup. Event cleanup services could even include cleaning up after a concert or other public event.

8 Profitable Business from Phone (Mobile)

Looking for online business ideas you can work on from your phone? See this list.

Make T-shirts

Make t-shirts with an evocative message and sell them on social media. Create and order t-shirts using a t-shirt design app like Snaptee to make mobile phones business, then use your social media networks to launch a brand. Is digital online business legit, the answer is yes. You can start your online t-shirt business.

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Launch a Niche Brand on Instagram

The second mobile phone business ideas launch a niche brand on Instagram and seek sponsorship. Vlog while hiking, meeting 10,000 new people, or performing trick shots. With a large enough following and phone marketing, you can approach businesses in your niche who will pay you to be in front of your target audience.

Connect Your Phone to Car or House

When you connect your phone to your car or house, the business opportunities multiply. Airbnb, VRBO, Uber, InstaCart, and Turo — hosts and drivers can earn thousands of dollars per month. To create an account, take photos, and manage the business, all you need is a phone. Don’t forget to do mobile web marketing.

Create a YouTube How-to Channel

Do you have any special talents? Cooking, painting, car repair, contracting, gaming — whatever your expertise is, make videos with your phone, upload them, build an audience, and then enable YouTube’s five ways to monetize when you meet the eligibility requirements. This also can be a way to smartphone marketing your business.

Manage the Social Media Accounts

Offer mobile marketing and manage the social media accounts for a company. Social media marketing is a time-consuming but valuable tool for businesses that cannot be automated (well) or faked. 

Consider approaching a company and offering to manage their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and other social media channels, and achieve interactive mobile marketing as a contractor. Begin with a free trial period. Outline the goals you want to achieve. Negotiate the amount of compensation you expect to receive when you reach your goals.

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Test Websites and Apps 

Websites and apps are tested for developers and designers. UserTesting will pay you $10 via PayPal for each 20-minute test that you complete. If you complete three tests in an hour, you will be paid $30 per hour.

Video Editing for Businesses

There are simple yet powerful video editing apps (such as Adobe Rush) that allow users to create professional-looking videos directly from their phones. Knowing that businesses are always looking for high-quality content to post on their social media channels, you can download a video editing app and offer to take footage and edit it in a way that is beneficial to the company.

Provide Personal Business Development Services

Personal business development services are available. Offer to network (both online and offline) and generate leads on a company’s behalf. You can use your phone to send emails, direct messages, and follow-ups. You can also attend events and spread good word about the company.


Being available for customers online has become a requirement nowadays. With the growth of the online market, the requirements for starting a business are becoming more accessible with mobile phones.

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