When it comes to business and online business, there are a lot of things to be discussed. For example, talking about one of the most important yet often overlooked shipment elements: the Lazada waybill.

Some of you might or might not be familiar with what a waybill is and that should be okay because we will keep you informed through this article along with other information like how to print waybill in Lazada using phone, and why it is important to print a Lazada waybill. So, here is what you need to know:

What Is Waybill in Lazada?

A waybill or airway bill is also known as a shipping label is a shipping document that is printed and attached to the package before the delivery. Inside the airway bill consisted of the content of products, the origin, and the destination of the package. This airway bill is one of the most important parts of online business as it is a tool made to ensure the package will be delivered to the correct place.

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Then, who prints the waybill in Lazada? Who is in charge of doing so? Sellers are required to print and attach this airway bill before arranging for Lazada’s packages pick-up or drop-off package to the respective Drop-Off Point.

4 Reasons Why You Need to Print Lazada Waybill?

There are a few reasons why the waybill is important because they are serving the function of:

Being the Proof of Receipt

When a cargo carrier issues a waybill, it acts as legal proof indicating they received the goods mentioned in the bill and this document is subject to legal scrutiny in any case of a dispute.

Contain Shipping Information

Each waybill will contain all the important and detailed contact information of both sellers and customers, allowing the third-party courier to deliver packages to the respective owner easily.

Contract of Carriage

Waybill will contain all detailed agreements including terms and conditions between third-party couriers and sellers. Shall any incidents happen to the package during the shipment, the third-party courier will have to take responsibility.

Tracking Number

The series of numbers written on the waybill can be used to track the order package and get the detailed information regarding the shipment. All you have to do is just key in the tracking number to the corresponding third-party courier website and the shipment status information will be displayed. 

How Do I Print a Shipping Label from Lazada?

Printing the waybill is mandatory because, without it, the courier partner couldn’t process your shipment due to a lack of shipping information. If this is your first time handling and fulfilling a shipment, don’t worry because we will give you information about how to print Lazada waybill Philippines.

There are two ways to print the shipping waybill, they are:

Using Desktop Browser

To print a waybill through the desktop browser, all you need to do is:

  • Login to your seller account and access Lazada Seller Center.
  • Go to Order & Reviews, click Order.
  • Access the Pending or Ready to Ship page from the Order menu.
  • Click the checkbox beside the order numbers to select the orders you want to process.
  • After selecting the orders, click the “Print Shipping Label for Selected Items” from the printing options.
  • Check the setting of the printer, you can change the setting to fit the Lazada waybill size before clicking “Print” to have the waybill printed out.

Using Smartphone

You can also print your waybill through a smartphone, you have to first make sure that the printer supports Wi-Fi printing. Follow these steps to print from your phone:

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  • Access Lazada Seller Center by login to your Lazada seller account via browser (suggested to use Chrome and set to a desktop mode for better display).
  • Go to the Order & Review menu and click the Order option.
  • Choose the Pending or Ready to Shop page from the Order menu.
  • Click the checkbox beside the order number to select the orders you want to process.
  • Then, click the “Print Shipping Label for Selected Items” from the printing options.
  • Click on the three vertical dots on your browser and select “Print”.
  • You will be directed to save the airway bill in pdf format.
  • Rename the folder so you can find it easily, then click ” Save”.
  • Open the printer app that connects your phone to the Wi-Fi printer.
  • Choose the pdf file you saved earlier and print it out.

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Can I Print Waybill in a Regular Printer?

There is no regulation regarding a specific type of printer a seller should use for a Lazada waybill printer. By means, a regular printer will also be sufficient to print out the airway bill. However, Lazada does remind all of its sellers to use only black ink when printing out the waybills.

If the seller is using the sticker label (usually printed through a thermal printer), you will have to print only one copy and stick it over the clear sleeve for pouches or on the largest size of the box. If the seller is using regular paper, print two copies and place them on both sides of the document sleeve.

While Lazada didn’t mention any specific printer a seller should use, they do state that a seller should have to make sure all barcodes in the waybill are visible and printed clearly. Faded or missing barcodes. Folding the barcodes of shipping labels is also strictly prohibited. Here is the accepted Lazada waybill sample for reference:


The reason why some sellers choose to use thermal printers and thermal sticker paper to print their waybill is that this type of paper is more durable, oilproof, waterproof, scratchproof, and also alcohol-proof. It will lessen the chance of a damaged waybill that will cause the package to be rejected.

For customers who want to return the package, they will also have to download and print the return label Lazada after the return has been approved by the seller. The illustrations of return in Lazada more or less are showcased in the picture below:

The return label is important because the drop-off point or courier partner of Lazada won’t accept your package and proceed with your return shipment without the return label. In case you bump into a problem such as a download return label Lazada not working, you will have to update your Lazada App and open the return label with Adobe Reader or contact the Customer Service to ask for solutions.

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