Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Google, Facebook, and other organizations are some hybrid business examples that have changed their business models, adopting new hybrid work models.

While the hybrid model has many advantages, you must be careful not to treat in-office and remote employees differently. Below are the explanation about hybrid business definition and examples of it.

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What Is Hybrid Business Model?

What is hybrid business? The term “hybrid business” is difficult to define. In general, there are three types of hybrid business organizations. These are some examples:

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Companies That Combine Non-Profit and Profit-Making Business Models

This definition of hybrid business model combines the benefits of traditional nonprofit and for-profit models.

Unlike a dedicated social enterprise, they typically have a social mission motivating their operations, but the social good aspect is only a part of their company goals.

This type of hybrid business is started by social entrepreneurs who want to make a profit while also making a positive social impact. Along with their daily profit-making operations, they usually have several social ventures running.

Companies with Shareholders as well as Guarantee Members

This is a profit entity that is owned by both shareholders and guarantee members. In this model, guarantee members agree to take on the organization’s debts.

Businesses with a Hybrid Workforce

This type of hybrid organization, unlike the previous types of business, has nothing to do with social responsibility or shareholder value. It consists of both in-house employees who work from the office and remote team members who work from home or anywhere else.

Hybrid Business Examples

Do you need an example of hybrid business for your company? Here are some examples of hybrid businesses around the world.

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Microsoft is one of many companies that have chosen the hybrid working model, and they are now aware of all of its benefits. This company, for example, allows its employees to work from home at least half of the time. Employees may also work from home more frequently if their managers approve.

Microsoft is now prioritizing people outside of its headquarters, according to the company. Getting rid of this outdated way of thinking has resulted in more productive and happier employees.


The next hybrid office example is Target. Target has announced that it will leave a large part of the office space it has occupied for the past four years. Although they expect some employees to continue working remotely, they are also “sprinkling” them throughout Minneapolis, where their headquarters are located.

This way, they can reduce commuting issues, which have proven to be one of the most significant concerns of employees during the pandemic.


Amazon has stated on numerous occasions that they prefer working in a “office-centric model.” Given the current state of the world, the company has decided to allow employees to work from home two days per week.

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However, it is up to each team leader to determine what works best for their particular unit. This company believes that a person’s creativity can be better utilized while at work. Furthermore, outside of their hybrid model, they allow employees to work from home or any other location for up to four weeks per year.


Citigroup is a great hybrid business example because of its exceptional balance. Since the beginning of the spring, the company has used this working model, and they have achieved an equal split between remote, hybrid, and in-office work.

However, keep in mind that not everyone qualifies for the hybrid model. Certain positions, such as data center roles or bank branches, require full-time attendance at the office. Other employees, on the other hand, are permitted to work remotely for a full week. Another excellent rule is to prohibit virtual meetings on Fridays, which is a company-wide policy.

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is the last but not least. Prior to the pandemic, only 3% of their workforce worked remotely because leaders were unsure how to manage people who were not present at the office.

Nonetheless, the company now anticipates that approximately 45 percent of its workforce will be hybrid. Furthermore, they are preparing their managers for this new working model in the post-pandemic world. The training consists of 20 hours of intensive instruction.

If leadership management was a problem in your organization, perhaps prioritizing it as Lockheed does would be beneficial.

Tips to Do Hybrid Business that Will Work

Example of merchandising business that you run wants to be a hybrid business and grow your business fast, here are some tips for effectively managing your hybrid team.

Focus on Communication

Clear communication is essential as an entrepreneur or manager when relaying important information to your team, particularly when it comes to project milestones, company goals, and so on.

Regular check-ins or daily meetings can aid in the smooth operation of projects. They will also ensure that employees who work from home do not feel isolated or out of the loop.

Establish Methodical Operating Procedures

Managers should establish detailed and ordered processes to streamline workflow. Employee handbooks can be used to document company procedures. This way, whether they work from home or in the office, all employees have access to the same information, tools, and resources.

The project manager and team leaders should provide clear direction to employees regarding working hours, attendance policies, and so on.

You can also create a work from home policy so that your team is aware of the standards that must be met when working remotely.

Encourage Social Interaction and Cultural Development

Social interaction will be difficult if your team has a hybrid system of both in-house and remote workers.

Conversations with a social purpose are essential for team morale and trust. Teams that trust one another perform better in terms of collaboration. And this has a positive effect on productivity.

Without a physical office, you can foster these candid interactions by organizing casual meetings, virtual catch-ups, and so on.


You can implement those hybrid business examples in the Philippines. The beauty of hybrid work is that it can be tailored to your organization’s needs. You can try out different models and, most importantly, talk to your employees to find out what they want from a flexible work arrangement. When allowing employees to work remotely, it is critical that you commit to the right tools.

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