How to verify phone numbers in Shopee? within the Philippines, Shopee features a lot to supply its customers. you’ll either create a business or sell stuff. you’ll also be able to shop and buy things. If you haven’t done so already, filling out the Shopee registration form is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

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It’s easier than ever to join up for an account and start your experience with Shopee by attempting to find the Shopee log in seller centre or the same old Shopee log in. This text will facilitate optimising your Shopee experience particularly by helping you integrate your sign with Shopee.

Why Do I Need to Verify My Mobile Number?

How to verify a Shopee account without a phone number? It is important to verify your mobile number to make sure of the safety of your account information inside our Shopee platform.

To verify your mobile number, enter a verification code which will be sent to your mobile number on the Shopee app.

How to Register Using My Mobile Number?

Shopee verify phone number problem? Follow these steps on how to register using your mobile number:

  • Go to Me Tab, then tap join up.
  • Enter your portable Number, and tap Continue.
  • Enter your transportable Number, and tap Continue.
  • To complete the registration along with your password, then tap Continue.
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How Do I Add My Mobile Number?

How to recover a Shopee account without phone number and email? It is necessary to produce your signalling when signing up for a Shopee account to receive the OTP for login and also as a way of communication while receiving or delivering products.

So as to feature your signal, there are two methods. you’ll jazz after you first sign-up for a Shopee account and you’ll be able to eff even after you’ve already made your Shopee account. Here’s what you would like to try to to for each:

Adding a Phone Number While Creating a Shopee Account

First, visit the “Sign Up” option on the house page.Then, enter your movable Number, and tap Next. From there enter the Verification Code sent to your phone, then tap “Verify.” at the moment, set your Shopee password by putting your preferred password and confirming it. Once all that’s done all you would like to try and do is edit your Shopee Username.

Adding a Phone Number to an Existing Shopee Account

Shopee phone number? First, you’ll have to click on your username on the homepage. From there select “My Account” via the dropdown list that comes out. Then, select “Add” beside “Phone Number” then enter your Password for verification.

Finally, enter your signalling then select “Send Verification Code.” Once you receive it on your phone, simply enter the Verification Code on the input box then click “Confirm.” Once all that’s done you’ll be good to travel.

How Do I Verify My Mobile Number?

Shopee invalid phone number? In order to verify your mobile number on Shopee, you’ll receive a verification code on ur number sent to you from Shopee after you submit your number. This happens after you select either of the 2 options of adding your number mentioned above.

You can add/verify your sign via Shopee App or Shopee Website.

  • Go to the Me tab > Select ⚙ icon > My Profile > Set Now > Add > Enter signalling > Continue > Enter Verification Code sent via SMS > Verify.
  • Select your username > Select My Account via the dropdown list > Select Add next to telephone number > Enter signalling > Send Verification Code > Enter verification code received > Confirm.

You will have to add your signalling if you signed up with a third-party account like Facebook, Google, or Apple. Verification of signal is vital because it shows that your Shopee account is valid, active, and belongs to a true user. Buyers need a verified number to form a sale through Shopee.

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How Do I Change/Update My Phone Number?

Shopee verification code? You can change or update the signalling linked to your Shopee account easily via the Shopee App. To do so, move to the Me tab via Shopee App > Select ⚙ icon > My Profile > Phone > EDIT > Enter new telephone number > Continue > Enter Verification Code sent via SMS > Verify.

If you’re unable to update your sign, it’s going to result in your signal already being linked to an existing Shopee account. A signal can only be registered under one Shopee account (same for email addresses).

There are 2 possible reasons why your signalling may already be linked to an existing Shopee account:

  • You might have had another Shopee account before. Do try and recall the password and log in to the opposite account. If you have forgotten your password, find out how to reset your password.
  • As phone numbers are also recycled by service providers, it’s possible that your number previously belonged to some other person.

This doesn’t mean that the previous owner has any access to the Shopee account linked to your sign, it only implies that outdated information still exists in our system. Do contact our Customer Service Team for further assistance with the below information: 

  • Old number
  • New signal
  • Proof of ownership to the new telephone number, screenshot from your Service Provider’s application page OR a transparent photo of your invoice payment (whereby your name and number are visible).
  • If you’re employing a prepaid number, you’ll provide a photograph of your e-statement (whereby your name and sign are visible) accessible through your prepaid mobile app or go in to request from your mobile provider.

First, log in to your Shopee account and attend the house page. Then, visit the “Me” tab and choose the tools icon. From there, visit “My Profile”, select “Phone” then click “EDIT.”

From there, all you would like to do is enter your new number on the text input then select “continue.” From there, enter the Verification Code sent via SMS then select “Verify.” With all that done you’ll be good to travel together with your new number for your Shopee.

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