How to activate a Shopee account? By storing cash from your top-ups or refunds, you’ll be able to later use them to purchase future Shopee purchases either through the Shopee app or on their website, saving you time and money within the long term.

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ShopeePay may want to get Offline Deals once in a while, however this can not always be the case. Once you pay with ShopeePay, you’ll be able to also profit from discounts and promotions.

ShopeePay is Shopee Philippines‘s mobile wallet, which is regulated by the Bank of the Philippines (BSP). There are more useful features for both customers and sellers during this rebranded version of Shopee’s initial try and enter the mobile wallet market, as critical the initial.

How Do I Create a Shopee account?

How to register Shopeepay? It started as a C2C firm and grew into one amongst Southeast Asia’s most well-liked mobile e-commerce platforms. This year it expanded to seven countries including Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines et al.. Shopee has everything from phones to beauty, clothes, and sports stuff.

Shopee’s accessibility will help new users become better vendors and consumers. Shopee solves issues including theft, transactional concerns, and trouble reaching someone personally. The Shopee Guarantee billing method assures customers that their product will arrive safely.

What is Shopeepay? Shopee is widely available to all or any. See how you’ll download and access Shopee on different devices and other ways. Accessing is that the start into reaching Shopee PH sign on.

To visit the Shopee website, you only have to head to your browser (Google chrome, Safari, Opera) and type “” on your search bar and enter. The Shopee website will now appear on your screen.

How to Activate ShopeePay?

ShopeePay is an in-app e-wallet from Shopee that has been approved by the Philippines’ financial organisation, the Bangko Sentral.

Customers may now update, spend, and refund their accounts in an exceedingly quick and straightforward manner by utilising ShopeePay, which is out there in multiple languages. you’ll be able to now make purchases along with your ShopeePay account even once you aren’t online.

In addition to allowing you to save lots of money on your reimbursements and supplements, ShopeePay are often accustomed purchase your future transactions on the web and, in some cases, offline. As a new bonus, after you shop with ShopeePay, you may enjoy an easy payment procedure also as a variety of promotions.

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Shopee wallet disabled? To activate ShopeePay, simply follow these steps:

  • The first step is to form an inspiration. On the homepage, select “ShopeePay” from the Wallet Bar.
  • Remember to test your Shopee App’s update status by uninstalling and reinstalling the app if you’re unable to determine the ShopeePay option after you try and shop.
  • Enter your personal information, like your name and ID number, and generate a private PIN (which are used for payment authorisation). You’re all set!
  • It is highly recommended that you simply follow the fundamental troubleshooting guidelines if you’ve experienced unexpected errors or issues. Please see the subsequent section for further information.

How to Top Up My ShopeePay with Seller Balance?

How to top up Shopeepay Philippines? Follow these steps to Top Up your ShopeePay:

  • Tap “Top Up” and choose denomination.
  • Pay your Top-Up via Remittance/Payment Centre, Over-the-counter, or Online Payment.
  • You will then be directed to a page with payment instructions. After processing your payment, your proceeds will enter your ShopeePay and you’re able to shop!

Withdrawing My ShopeePay Balance

How to set up Shopee pay? You can withdraw funds from your Deposit and Refund sub-wallet on the ShopeePay page if you have already added a checking account to your ShopeePay account. The Deposit sub-wallet stores your top-up funds and any transfers from your contacts, while the Refunds sub-wallet stores refunds from orders paid via PayNow.

How to Withdraw From ShopeePay? 

Make sure that you just have a verified ShopeePay account and a verified checking account to be able to withdraw from ShopeePay. Follow these steps to withdraw from ShopeePay:

  • Tap “Withdraw”.
  • Select a checking account, then enter the withdrawal amount. you’ll then be prompted to enter your ShopeePay PIN.

As soon as you’ve validated your account, you’ll be able to send money to other users of ShopeePay. Here’s how you move it.

  • Transfer could also be accessed through the ShopeePay dashboard.
  • You can use either the recipient’s registered telephone number or their Shopee username to send the gift.
  • Enter the recipient’s sign or username, also because the amount to be transferred.
  • Verification of the transfer will need you to enter your ShopeePay PIN.
  • Take a glance at your new balance.

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Verifying Accounts

How to activate a Shopee wallet? Follow these steps to verify your account:

  • Tap ”Settings” on the ShopeePay page, then select ID verification.
  • Enter all the required information, including an image of your ID and an image of yourself holding your ID. The account verification process will take 2-3 business days. Once your account is verified, you may receive a notification on your Shopee app.

Wallet Preferences- Navigate to the ShopeePay Wallet > settings icon > and make the required changes. Change your ShopeePay PIN by tapping thereon and completing the verification process. Fill in and make sure your new PIN number.

The change should go immediately, and you’ll be able to begin using your new ShopeePay identification number for your next transaction as soon as you create the change. Forgotten your PIN?

Select If you forget your PIN during the PIN input process, you’ll reset your PIN. After the account has been disabled, it’s necessary to reset it.

Change Shopee username? If your account has been temporarily deactivated as a results of inputting an erroneous PIN five times or more up to the seventh attempt, please follow these instructions to reset your PIN: Choose Forgot PIN from the computer menu and enter the verification code. Select Confirm> from the menu. Enter your current identification number > Verify the new PIN number.

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