How to upload products in Shopee? Selling in Shopee Philippines is extremely easy. However, to be fully prepared and prepared there are many things to think about. one in all the items to {think about|to contemplate} and most new sellers think about is a way to upload products in Shopee.

Luckily, there are easy to understand settings within the Seller Centre that are available only for you. take care that you just meet Shopee seller requirements too.

If you wish to start out selling in Shopee, you would like to make sure that each one’s information and preparation are fixed beforehand. you want to have the Shopee seller centre join the Philippines.

Aside from that, you furthermore might have to make certain that you simply understand how to handle backbone operations like uploading a product. These are essentials for all Shopee sellers within the Philippines.

In this article you will learn about Shopee failed to create product and how to sign up Shopee seller! And also there will be Shopee seller FAQ.

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How Do I Set Up My Shop?

Shopee seller hub, one amongst the leading mobile eCommerce platforms in geographic region. once began as a consumer-to-consumer (C2C) platform, but shortly evolved into a B2C marketplace that specialise in serving customers across the region.

Payoneer and Shopee have partnered together to supply easy, affordable payment solutions for sellers who want to grow their business.

Shopee is most well liked within the geographical region, with the platform being present in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, and therefore the Philippines. It’s also present in 2 countries outside the ASEAN area, namely South Korea and Brazil.

How to Upload a Product for Listing on Shopee?

Getting started with Shopee may be a simple and fast process. To start your selling journey, simply follow the steps provided below.

Read our Shopee listing guidelines and Prohibited and Restricted Items Policy before generating your listing to make sure that your goods may be posted available in compliance with Shopee’s Terms and Conditions before starting the listing process. Following that, you’ll begin by following the procedures outlined below.

Locate My Products

You can find this on the left side of your screen within the seller support Shopee Centre Philippines. This can be the start of the listing process.

Add Products

Click the “+ Add a brand new Product” button to start selecting the products that you just want to sell and to gain the official listing page.

Categorize the Product

In this part, you must input the merchandise name, your customers will see and use this to discuss with your products, The mother category, the subcategory, and therefore the specific classification. This can be important for Shopee to grasp where to place your product when it involves searches.

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Add Photos

You need to pick the simplest and most accurate photos for your products. It’s highly encouraged to use professionally taken pictures for better quality. The photos that you simply upload here are going to be those that your customers will see and identify your shop with.


In this part, you wish to top off all the mandatory information. The asterisk or * symbol will represent the desired information. Items that are marked with this symbol have to be filled before you’ll proceed fully with the listing. This can be to assure that you simply give customers enough information about the merchandise that you simply are listing.

Sales Information

Here, you would like to update the costs also because of the stock of the item. The identical principle goeas for Step 6, all fields with an asterisk are required and must be filled out before you’ll proceed to the listing proper.


How to use Shopee checkout as a seller? Shopee’s system can also detect these listings without sellers explicitly stating that their listings are for ‘checkout only’. Asking buyers for payment first before checking out or directing transactions outside Shopee are not allowed.

Shipping is vital. During this part, you would like to update the burden of your parcel so as to guide both the buyers and couriers. You’ll also give additional information like the parcel size. Click the toggle button to activate courier choices for your customers.

There are more features that you just can explore once you get the hang of it rather like Shopee mass upload template, and bulk upload, and more. Once you master these steps, you already understand how to be a Shopee seller within the Philippines, and you’ll not have a tough time deciding a way to sell in Shopee Philippines.

You can also take a look at their education hub for more in-depth Shopee seller training. study other tips like the way to sell in Shopee COD.

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How Do I Verify my Mobile Number?

There is two way to verify mobile number on Shopee.

Via Shopee App

Go to the Me tab > Select ⚙ icon > My Profile > Set Now > ADD > Enter Phone Number > Continue > Enter Verification Code sent via SMS > Verify.

Via Shopee Website

Select your username > Select My Account via the dropdown list > Select Add beside Phone Number > Enter Password for verification > Enter Phone Number > Select Send Verification Code > Enter Verification Code > CONFIRM.

How Do I Create My First Listing?

Before creating your listing, review our Prohibited and Restricted Items Policy to confirm that your products are often listed available in accordance with Shopee’s Terms and Conditions. Once done, you’ll start by following these steps.

  • Go to Seller Centre and choose My Products.
  • Click on + Add a replacement Product and extra service the merchandise name, category, product attributes and outline.
  • Upload high resolution and professionally-taken photos of your product.
  • Select shipping settings like weight and parcel size.
  • Do note that different shipping providers may have different shipping fees or restrictions on parcel size and weight.
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