How to transfer Shopee coins to another account? Shopping Cart Coins (also known as Shopee Coins) are Shopee’s virtual currency that may be used to apply discounts to any orders placed on the site. This can be earned whenever a successful purchase is completed on Shopee with the use of a Cashback coupon code. 

Please keep in mind that in order to earn Shopee coins hack, orders must have a Cashback ticket applied to them at the time of purchase.

How to add friend in Shopee? You may use Shopee Coins to redeem vouchers on the Coins Rewards page, or you can send Shopee Coins to your friends through the Chat feature. Please keep in mind that you may redeem as many vouchers from the website as your coin balance will allow.

A refund for Shopee Coins that have been used to redeem coupons on the Coins Reward page, on the other hand, is not permitted.

How to use coins in Shopee? The Shopee Coins can also be used to receive a discount on all of your purchases on the Shopee website. 1 Shopee Coin is the same as one dollar. Make sure that the toggle at the bottom of the Shopping Cart page is turned on in order to spend your Shopee Coins.

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Can We Transfer Shopee Coins?

How to transfer Shopee coins to gcash? Shopee has provided a coin sending feature that makes it easier for its users.

If you have extra coins, you can send them to friends or relatives as a gift. It’s also very easy to send Shopee coins to other people, so you can try them too.

In one Shopee coin transfer limit, you must send at least 100 coins and the maximum is 10,000 coins.

How to send Shopee coins? You can send these Shopee coins to people who are on your contact list. Then you can send these Shopee coins via the Chat feature in the Shopee application.

How to convert Shopee coins to Peso? You can transfer up to 20 transactions per day. However, you may only send and receive up to 1,000 coins per day and that includes only coins that have at least 1 month validation before expiration. Shopee Coins cannot be exchanged for cash.

How Do I Transfer Shopee Coins to Shopee Pay?

How to transfer Shopee coins to Shopee wallet? Here are the steps how to transfer Shopee Coins to Shopee Pay:

  1. On your Shopee App, go to the Me tab then tap ShopeePay
  2. Click on Top Up
  3. Choose or enter how much you want to top up. Tap on payment to choose your payment method
  4. Choose payment using Shopee Coins
  5. Review your transaction then tap Pay Now

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How to Transfer Shopee Coins to Another Account?

How to share Shopee coins? You can send Shopee coins easily and quickly through the chat feature in the Shopee application. The following are the steps for sending Shopee coin balances to other another account :

  1. Open the Shopee application, then press the Chat button in the upper right corner.
  2. Look for the contact of the account you want to send coins to, if you find it then just tap on your another account.
  3. Press the + button in the lower right corner, then select the Coin button.
  4. Select the number of coins you want to send, if so you can write an additional message in the Your Message column.
  5. Press the Send Your Coin button to send your Shopee coins to another account. Wait a few moments, then your Shopee coins will be sent to your other account.
  6. Your other account will only need to press the Claim button to receive Shopee coins from you.

How to transfer Shopee coins? These are the steps you should take if you want to send Shopee coins to another account.

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Do Shopee Coins Expire?

Shopee Coins are only valid until the end of the 2nd month after it was earned.


  • Coins earned from January 1 to 31 will expire on March 30.
  • Coins earned from February 1 to 28 will expire on April 30.

To check the details of your Shopee Coins, go to “Me” page then select “My Shopee Coins”, tap on your current coins, then select “Coins expiring” to view the breakdown of expiring coins. When using Shopee coins, the oldest coins earned will be spent first.

When using Shopee coins to offset the price of your purchases, the oldest coins will be spent first.

Is Shopee Coins Deducted to Seller?

Shopee Coins are Shopee’s virtual currency which can be used to apply discounts to any orders. This can be earned whenever a successful purchase is made using a Cashback voucher on Shopee.

For Spending Shopee Coins on offsetting purchases :

  • The spending limit for Shopee Coins is 25% of the total checkout amount.
  • The daily limit is 200 coins, with the limit refreshing 24 hours from the buyer’s last purchase
  • The 7-day limit is 600 coins, with the count starting from the first day the buyer used coins to offset a purchase (e.g. if a buyer spent coins to offset on a Tuesday, the buyer’s 7-day limit will refresh on Tuesday midnight)

How to chat someone in Shopee? You can use your Coins to offset up to a max of 3000 Shopee coins or 25% of the cash payable of your next order. Kindly note that there is a max daily spend limit of 3000 Shopee coins and max weekly spend limit of 15,000 Shopee coins. 

There is no minimum amount of Shopee Coins required before you can start spending your Coins. 100 Shopee Coins will entitle you to 1 Peso discount off any order from Shopee Preferred+, Shopee Preferred and Shopee Mall sellers.

Shopee Preferred / Preferred+ sellers can be identified from this Preferred label or Preferred+ label on the product page or on the seller’s profile. While Shopee Mall sellers can be identified from this Mall label or Mall icon on the product page or on the seller’s profile.

How to send message in Shopee? You can simply go to the chat icon to send a message to sellers. Shopee Coins may also be spent on redeeming vouchers in Coins Rewards. Users may redeem as many vouchers on the page as their coins balance will allow


How to find friends on Shopee? Shopee offers numerous ways for you to get a discount whenever you buy. Your friends can also enjoy online shopping through the coins you will share with them. Just be reminded of the few restrictions and limitations for you to maximize using coins in Shopee.

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