Lazada Philippines cares about how you can better manage your business while reducing manual work. Which is why you can actually order pick-up in Lazada so that you can ship out your packages well and secure. There are benefits and steps that you need to consider when ordering a pick-up in Lazada. 

This is a way that you can fulfill orders in Lazada once you start your own online business. Make sure to read the article until the end to know more about the ways and other essentially helpful things when ordering a pick-up. 

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How Can I Request a Pick-Up for Items in Lazada Philippines?

Sellers that list their items under Drop-off (pop) will have their bulky packages automatically assigned to LEX and picked up by one of our delivery services. Bulky packages are defined as those that contain the following:

  • Gross weight: more than 3 kg.
  • Dimensions are greater than 50cm (length) x 60cm (width) x 12cm (height).

If you have a large number of parcels, please follow the instructions below:

  • Ensure that the correct package dimensions (in cm) and weights (in kg) are uploaded to Seller Center in order to ensure that packages are properly assigned to pick-up or drop-off.
  • Divide your shipments into groups based on the First Mile 3PL number that appears on your air waybill.

Packages that fall under LEX (Drop-off) should be dropped off at the nearest DOP location. Due to the fact that this initiative is still in its early phases, you may meet bulky parcels that exceed the size limits of DOPs but are nevertheless assigned to LEX (Drop-off) First Mile service. Please send a request for pick-up of these packages using the free SMS service.

Selling under LEX pickup with large or bulky items might request a special pickup through the Partner Support department (chat or call). Extra-bulky items are those that meet the following criteria: weight should be greater than or equal to 50kgs OR length, width, and height: greater than 150cm on the longest side. Please keep in mind that we will only accommodate your request if your location falls within the GMA service region.

How Can I Check My Pick-Up with ADA?

Please keep in mind that we have two sorts of first mile, and that this tool only includes sellers who are eligible for pickup. If you are under the drop-off category, you must place your belongings in one of the approved drop-off locations. For further information about the first mile, you can read this article on the subject.

Make sure to have someone in charge ready to assist with the pick-up when it occurs. Keep in mind Lazada’s packaging rules and give over packages to the pick-up staff in a way consistent with the “First-in, First-out” policy. Following the arrival of the courier, your shop is given 15 minutes to begin delivering your products to customers. This is done in order to avoid delays for other merchants.

In addition, the tool will now display a history of your previous missed pickups, as follows:

  • The date on which Lazada attempted to collect your packages.
  • The reason why Lazada did not pick up your packages is unknown.
  • The cause for the failed pickup attempt is described here.

If you wish to file a disagreement for the failed pickup reason provided, you can do so by clicking on the link to the Dispute Form. Your location will be displayed in the search results if you are part of Lazada’s pickup plan or not. When the courier arrives to pick up your things, please ensure that all packages are handed over in their entirety.

What is the New EPOD for Pick-Ups?

It eliminates the need for manual processes. Pick-up is consistent and accurate, and this is a plus. It contributes to the improvement of the data transfer operations. Ascertain that all of the parcels that have been assigned the Ready to Ship (RTS) status are physically ready to be shipped.

If Successful Scanning

  • A beep sound will be heard, and a message indicating “SCAN SUCCESSFUL” will appear on the computer screen.
  • All of the parcels that are scanned will be added to the LOOSE PARCELS number system.

If Unsuccessful Scanning

  • Inspect the quality of the Air Waybill. 
  • Check the shipping label to see if the relevant logistics partner has been identified.
  • Check to see that the scanner is in good working order before continuing.
  • Contact PSC and provide the tracking numbers that were affected.

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Complete Handover

Ensure that the entire physical count of the parcels handed over corresponds to the total number of Loose Parcels or scanned parcels. If the driver has completed the pickup of all of the parcels, he or she can click on FINISH PICKUP.

Partial Handover

If the seller is unable to hand over all of the parcels, the relevant reason for the partial handover must be precisely captured by the device. Bulky items are one of the most common reasons. Other reasons are: 

  • There is a problem with the packaging.
  • There is a problem with the air waybill.
  • The vehicle is completely full.

Any shipment that is not picked up and cannot be traced back to one of the reasons listed above will be automatically categorized as PACKAGE NOT READY on the tracking system. After verifying the quantity and examining the applicable failed parcel reasons, you will be required to sign the mobile device using your fingerprint. Before signing, double-check the specifics of the pick-up.

If the cause for partial handover is due to PACKAGE NOT READY, there will be implications such as an OVL or deprioritized pick-ups. Before updating the status to Ready to Ship, double-check that all orders have been processed and packed properly.

How Do I Sign in the LEX Application During Pick-up?

Remember to double-check the number of parcels picked up carefully to ensure that all of your products have been collected before signing into the LEX App.

STEP 1: Enter your name or the name of your PIC in the “Sign Here” box and click “Sign Here.”

STEP 2: Sign the ePOD and hit the “Save” button.

STEP 3: Select “Confirm” from the drop-down menu.

STEP 4 Conclude the registration process by clicking the “Ok” button.

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