Making an eBay product listing will help the customer to see your products easier. You need to optimize your product listing but how to optimize eBay listings? Are you curious about it? This article will give you the tips and all information on how to optimize eBay listings and improve SEO. Let’s check these out!

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5 Practical Tips How to Optimize eBay Listings?

Making a product listing is a must for those who want to sell things on an ecommerce platform. By making a product listing, your customer will easily see the products you sell on eBay. You need to make an effective listing which means you need to choose the right listing format, optimize eBay titles, insert a high quality picture, don’t forget to use the eBay keywords in description.

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Don’t forget that many people use their mobile phones to deal on eBay. That’s why you need to make sure that your product listing is also properly presented on the customer’s mobile phone. You can use eBay listing optimization tool to help you with it. But here are the tips how to optimize eBay listings for mobile.

Start with an Attractive Title 

Title plays an important role that’s why you need to make it as attractive as possible. You are allowed to make titles for up to 80 characters in eBay product listings.Your title gives the opportunity to attract customers quickly upon first glance. It almost goes without saying that keywords are integral in a strong title.

You can try to use 2-3 keywords in your title, such as a brand name, the color of the product, product attributes or qualities, and the condition. And also don’t forget to include attributes that best describe the quality and build of your product. Beside that you can use meta tags in your listing. Try to find how to add meta tags to eBay listing to get more information.

Try to Add Subtitles

Some product listings will allow you to add a subtitle for up to 55 characters with an added fee. Using subtitles can help you to increase buyer interest in your products while also giving you extra space to call out important features about the items you are selling. 

You can maximize the potential of subtitles by listing information that won’t fit in the title, additional keywords, and item specifics. Beside that, you can also add other benefits like seasonable promotions, savings against recommended retail prices, free delivery offers, or another promotional activity explained in detail within your product description.

Use a Clear and High Quality Images

You can upload up to 12 photos per listing in eBay for free but you need to remember that you have to use the clear and high quality images so that when someone do the eBay export listings, the picture won’t be blur.

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The product image should be of good quality and measure a minimum of 500 pixels in length on the longest side. Make sure your photos are clear in white background, well-lit, and are void of any clutter. Borders, texts, and artwork are not allowed on the photos in your posting and you must own the copyright to any photo you are using. 

Identify Keywords to Include in Your Title and Your Products Description 

When you begin creating your product listing, try to find 3 to 5 relevant and important keywords for your listings and include those keywords in your product title and description. It will make it easier for buyer to find your product in eBay listing checker.

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Invest in Customer Satisfaction and Get the Reviews 

You might have heard that the customer is the king, that’s why customer’s satisfaction is a must. When you get your customer’s satisfaction, you will help you to get their loyalty and also will help to boost your sales and you will also get their review which means you are the trusted seller. Reviews appear right at the top of your listing alongside your title, making a good impact on your visitors right away.  

5 Tips How to Optimize eBay in SEO

An effective listing in eBay should not only provide the buyer with the correct and detailed item description but also sell it. That’s why you need to optimize your listings to appear higher in the search result. You can try to eBay seo tool free to help you with it. Here are the tips how to optimize eBay SEO.

Know Who Is Your Target 

The first thing you need to determine is your target. Set your target. Who do you want to know and buy your products? You can set and determine whether your product is suitable for teenagers, adults or based on the age range or gender. Don’t forget to make a specific target.

Understand Your Target Market Habits

After you know who your target is now you have to search what are they interested in, what are their habits, What apps do they spend their time on more? Which social media they preferred. To grow your brand awareness, you need to make the effort to know more about your target audience. The more specific you know your target, the more out of each view you will get.

Use the Right Keywords 

Keywords play an important role when advertising. The relevancy of your keyword is a must and important when you appraise keywords. It is important to consider the search intent behind each term because not all keywords will be valuable.

You need to find a good and relevant keyword so that the searchers can find you. A good and relevant keyword will connect your ads to the searches. Using a good keyword means your ads are more likely to show up for your target market.

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Get Creative with Keywords

Not only the relevancy of your keyword, you also need to create creative keywords for your brand ads. This is important when you are doing a brand campaign through PPC.


The way to optimize an eBay listing is similar to a website. By optimizing a listing, sellers increase their exposure on search engines and eBay itself. The goal is to use legitimate methods that help buyers and Google.

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