When most people think of PPC, they immediately think of the PPC networks operated by Bing and Google. These are not, however, the only PPC platforms available on the internet. Because of the success of pay-per-click advertising, several businesses have set up their own platforms in order to profit from it. 

Because of the lower level of competition, these lesser-known networks are frequently less expensive than the main PPC network. Although they have a greater level of expertise, you may find it easier to fine-tune your campaign when using them. 

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What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

A sort of paid digital marketing, Pay Per Click (or PPC advertising) is a method in which advertisers are charged a fee each time their ad is clicked on. Paid advertisements on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are referred to as pay-per-click (PPC).

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a type of internet advertising in which an advertiser pays a publisher each time a link in an advertisement is “clicked” on by a user. PPC is sometimes referred to as the cost-per-click (CPC) model in some circles.

PPC is a company that lives up to its name. It is a type of online advertising approach in which you only pay when someone clicks on your ad to learn more. It’s frequently said to be the “go to” strategy for online advertising because they don’t want to pay to have their advertisement displayed. They only want to get compensated when individuals take action as a result of their advertisement.

What are the Main Platforms of PPC?

Here are main platforms to help you for your PPC.

Google AdWords

This is the most important factor in PPC marketing. The fact is that Google Adwords is the best PPC network in the world, and there is no disputing it. Using it can be simple with the traffic and keywords available on our site, regardless of your financial situation. Google’s ad network is excellent because it has a large network of millions of third-party websites, which makes it extremely effective.

It’s only minor drawback is how competitive it may become at times. Because it is the network that the majority of advertising firms rely on, the pricing can be quite high when compared to other networks. 

Google, on the other hand, is the most popular search engine in the world, with billions of users visiting the site every day. If you want your campaign to receive the greatest exposure possible, Google Adwords should be at the top of your priority list for consideration.

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There are many low-cost keywords on this less-popular network, which makes it a viable alternative to Google AdWords in many cases. Bidvertisers make money by displaying advertisements on third-party websites that have agreed to participate in a revenue-sharing program. Publishers receive a portion of the cost per click and are compensated for displaying advertisements on their site.

When compared to the large networks, the cost per click is significantly lower. This might be an excellent option for small businesses to display advertisements without having to pay excessive fees. Bidvertiser can assist you in obtaining low-cost short tail keywords that might otherwise cost tens of thousands of dollars on AdWords. 

Despite the fact that it provides significant benefits to advertisers, publishers frequently receive payouts that are less than satisfactory. This is due to the fact that they also receive a smaller share of the lower charge per click.


With the increasing popularity of pay-per-click advertising, numerous networks have emerged with their own distinctive twists to their networks, and RevContent is one of them. This company specializes in a specific niche of pay-per-click advertising, which is content advertising. 

The RevContent system will not display adverts on partner websites; instead, it will only display ads for relevant content. This contributes to a higher click-through rate as well as a better conversion rate. In this strategy, you just bid on keywords, and your material is displayed beneath the content of other websites in the search results.

At the moment, this network processes 250 billion clicks every month, which is a significant amount of traffic. If you are involved in content marketing and want to increase the amount of traffic to your website, RevContent is a good option. Not only are the prices reasonable, but you will also have access to relevant traffic as a result of this.


AdRoll is a retargeting network used by a large number of advertisers in the internet advertising industry. It aids in the conversion of visitors into customers. Retargeting will assist in bringing back people who have previously visited the site by identifying those who have already viewed the site. When users visit other websites, the advertisements appear, which encourages them to return. 

AdRoll may post your advertisements on thousands of websites, which might serve as a reminder to visitors about your website. Retargeting is still possible on Google, but it will only be effective for specific websites. In addition to the fact that Google Adsense is not the only PPC network, there will be thousands of sites where your ad will not be displayed.

Advertisements on Facebook

Advertisers have just recently begun to recognize the significance of the Facebook Ads network. When compared to other networks, Facebook Ads offers a greater number of targeting possibilities that are not available on any other platform. The advertisers can target the likes and interests of the target audience through this network, rather than focusing solely on the keywords.

Probably the most advantageous aspect of Facebook advertisements is that ad blockers are useless against them. In contrast to Google, where a single plugin prevents access to everything. When a user views a sponsored post on Facebook, it is automatically blended into their news feed, making it more difficult to ignore.

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Bing Ads

If you are experiencing difficulties with Google AdWords, you may want to consider using Bing Ads. It is quite similar to Google and is still in use by millions of people on a daily basis, just like Google. The Bing Ads networks are responsible for placing advertisements on the Yahoo and Bing search engines. After Google, it is the second-largest advertising network in the world.


Technically, BuySellAds is not a pay-per-click (PPC) network. It is, however, one of the largest networks for display advertisements. There are thousands of websites from which to choose when it comes to advertising. You simply search the database of the website and select ones that are appropriate to your niche. After that, you can choose from a variety of ad sizes and pricing options.

In addition to having a large number of sites, the BuySellAds network also offers exclusive sites where other networks are not permitted to promote. Despite the fact that they may not have a broad reach or be highly customizable, they are effective when you want to reach a specific demographic.


This is an excellent network to join if you want to improve your sponsored search results while also increasing your revenues. You will find a variety of services, such as social media advertising, video advertising, and contextual advertising. You will be able to receive high-quality traffic without having to spend a lot of money. 

The network has been in operation for many years, during which time they have earned a reputable reputation for themselves. It is a fantastic alternative to some of the larger PPC networks, and it offers some very competitive pricing. It also provides an opportunity to try out new advertising strategies, like video ads, without needing to invest a lot of money.

LinkedIn Ads 

This is a very effective tool for digital marketers. It is an excellent method of getting your message through to targeted groups. It provides you with the opportunity to post advertisements on significant pages of the LinkedIn website. You can also receive different types of advertisements, such as in-mail advertisements, advertisements for featured companies, and advertisements for spotlights.

Advertisements on Twitter

This is a fantastic network for both large and small businesses to take advantage of. With promoted tweets, you have the opportunity to reach millions of customers worldwide. The optimal PPC network for building an audience of high-value followers, this is the one to choose. 

Twitter provides you with a choice of targeting options, as well as the opportunity to watch advertising in real time, according to the company. Blocking tweets with ad blockers is nearly impossible, just as it is for blocking Facebook posts.

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