How to create a shipping policy on Shopify? It is undeniable that one of the best ways to boost a store order volume is to gain trust from online shoppers when they visit your online store. In this case, having a detailed Shipping policy can really help you achieve that goal, which is also considered to be one of the crucial eCommerce business strategies.

What is shipping policy? It is like a concise document or webpage, which contains important information around shipping for customers to know when they are about to make an order, example for online store, such as Shopee, Lazada, and even Shopify.

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Do I Need a Shipping Policy?

Shipping policy example for online store? For those wondering what the fuss is all about shipping policies, here are the top reasons why you need to have one for your online shop:

It Provides Customers with Details about Your Shipping Process

Online shoppers usually search for free shipping policy generator Shopify whenever they want to know more about your shipping information. From such a document, they can know more about shipping costs, the available shipping options, processing time, payment methods and delivery timelines before making an order. 

This helps in answering the most frequently asked questions about shipping as well as preventing unnecessary complaints in advance.

It Makes Your Online Store Legit and Trustable

Having a detailed free shipping policy generator that’s easy to understand openly communicates that your eCommerce store is legit, reliable and transparent, the most basic requirement to establish trust. It helps in creating a mind map for your potential buyers just before they decide to make a purchase. 

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Being transparent about your delivery processes and shipping timelines in your shipping policy can potentially help you convert up to 47% of online customers into repeat buyers.

It Highlights Other Important Store Policies and Protects Your Business

Apart from providing your customers with all the necessary shipping information, shipping policy pages also highlight vital store policies concerning returns, damages, foreign exchanges, international dealings. 

Recent retail marketing data reveals that about 60% of online shoppers check for a return policy before making an order, creating an assurance of more profits for stores that include reverse logistics in their shipping policy document.

It Improves Customer Loyalty

It’s now evident that having a detailed shipping policy statement on your eCommerce website encourages new buyers to hit the order button. 

What you might not be aware of is that updating your Shopify shipping policy page and consistently working to improve your shipping process increases customer loyalty. It’s a factor that determines if your new customer will become a repeat buyer.

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How Do I Create a Shipping Rule in Shopify?

How to add shipping policy on Shopify? Here the steps how to add a shipping rule in your Shopify:

Log In

Open your Shopify store from any browser of your choice and log in to your online store using your registered email and password.

Open Legal

Once you’re logged in, open settings (at the bottom left) then click on Legal (at the bottom right of the settings page).

Create Your Legal Policies

The Legal option opens to a page where you can directly type your store policies or choose to create from a template (if you already have one). Remember to customize and personalize the template copy accordingly for it to reflect the ideals of your online shop. 

Moreover, the content editing tool on this page comes with additional formatting tools for you to style your policies however you may like.

Review and Save Your Policies

After creating your policies, it’s advisable that you keenly go through them once more to ensure that they are flawless and consistent. Reviewing your shipping policy helps to identify and fix any possible flaws that might otherwise cause misunderstandings later on. 

Only click the save button once everything checks out to add and automatically the policies to your store checkouts.

What’s Included in a Shopify Shipping Policy?

Free shipping policy template Shopify? Overall, you should make your shipping policy in the most concise way possible. At the same time, it should be thorough in highlighting essential shipping information that you want your customers to notice such as every detail about the expected delivery times, shipping costs, shipping methods, payment information and many more.

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So here are some of example of shipping policy template for Shopify that you should add in your Shopify shipping policy:

Prices and Methods

Your customers deserve to know the prices of their shipping service so that they can have a chance to review and calculate their total costs before deciding to buy. Also, you should care about displaying the shipping costs as it means a lot for international customers who are qualified for some advantages like free shipping..

Together with the prices, the method is what you need to inform your customers. You will be able to provide one or several shipping methods, so make sure that you have listed them out and remember to include the expected delivery times for each.

Delivery Times

Delivery times is also an essential thing that a buyer should be informed to calculate the day to buy and receive your products. In order to inform this, you can build a simple table format, which has one column that showcases your different shipping methods, the other that presents the expected time frames.

Shipping Conditions

If your package arrives on time, lucky you. However, it can under some circumstances like getting lost or becoming a delivery exception, which is mostly out of your control. In these cases, letting your customers know about their conditions is always a wise thing to do. 

As when there are some troubles with your shipping, your customers will be able to take control and actively get the contact information and directions to report missing or lost packages.

Insurance Optional

When you sell one important product that costs a big amount of money, then insure its deliveries to cover the cost of damage, theft, or misplacements if it is necessary. For some products that are relatively low in value, some people might hesitate to charge a premium for insurance. 

So, it’s best for you to provide the optional Parcel insurance at checkout for customers to see so that you will not have to worry during your costly deliveries.

Returns and Refund

Returning is inevitable, and refunding is often concerned by customers before they decide to make an order. So, as online store owners, you should start showing out your return and exchange policy on the same page as the shipping policy so that your buyers will see some details that they care about. 

Shipping policy example Shopify, how long it takes to process a return. Ideally, consider presenting your return periods in the form of a standard table chart to inform your customers as clearly as possible about your policy.

How to Add a Shipping Policy to Your Shopify Store

In your Shopify admin click Settings > Legal. Copy and paste your amended shipping policy Shopify and click Save.

If you’d like to change the formatting or add images and links, use the rich text editor. Find out more from Shopify’s help center on how to use the rich text editor.

By default, the shipping policy link will be located at the bottom of the product and shopping cart pages.

Shopify Shipping Policy FAQ

Here you can find some answers to the top questions on Shopify shipping policies:

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  • What do you write in a shipping policy?
  • How do I create a shipping policy on Shopify?


On the whole, it is crucial to have your Shopify shipping policy generator written and ready to publish before launching any online store on Shopify as a clear Shipping policy is a best practice for all eCommerce businesses. A well built and easy-to-understand shipping policy can really help in informing customers and helping merchants build their brand loyalty.

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