Do you know how to check orders in Shopee? You just need to enter the tracking number of the order into the tracking form above and click on the “Track Parcel” button to find out the latest information about your parcel from Shopee.

When your Shopee purchase is ready for shipping, the package is sent to the courier/postal service, and assigned a unique tracking number. To track Shopee packages, you need to find the tracking number assigned to your order on the Shopee order page.

E-commerce platform Shopee posted on Twitter that it’s disinfecting its transit warehouse in China daily and monitoring the health of its employees. It also said that all parcels from China are uniformly disinfected by the airlines and only released after customs inspection and quarantine.

How do I Track My Shopee Order?

Shopee, an oversized Southeast Asian online marketplace, faces serious problems. Counterfeits emerge in large numbers on Shopee, such a lot in order that it’s been named a notorious market by the USTR. Brands have to bear in mind this problem and the way to fight it.

Here are the things on how to check Shopee purchase history that you need to to view your past orders/purchases, select View Purchase History via the Me tab on Shopee App > View Completed, Cancelled or Return Refund orders. 

For digital products purchased, select Digital Purchases via the Me tab on Shopee App > View Completed, Cancelled or Refund orders. 

Shopee tracking order that you’ll be able to track a Shopee parcel using shopee tracking order standard international, a service that’s integrated into the Shopee phone app and might even be accessed via the web site.

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Shopee Standard Express Tracking

Shopee Standard Express could be a generic term for delivery by Shopee’s local logistics partners like Black Arrow Express, 2GO Express, Entrego.

It may take 2 to 4 days for tracking status to be updated by Shopee’s logistics partner. For more information, you’ll be able to contact the vendor directly.

The way to Shopee express tracking number just need to track the status of your parcel with Express, enter the tracking number that you got from Express in the box below. Enter the Tracking Number.

Standard Delivery Shopee Tracking

Items are also sourced from different places, delivery time may vary from 1-3 business days. you’ll be able to easily keep track of your order directly via Shopee app, website, or on the quality Delivery tracking site. Please note that any update to the status of an order will reflect every 24-48 hours.

Orders will arrive within 1-3 business days from order verification with our supported logistics provider. Shopee will channel advisories for delays thanks to declared holidays and severe climate. Please keep track of orders regularly.

Shopee24 Express Delivery

Shopee24 Express Delivery may be a new feature where buyers are ready to have their orders delivered within 24 hours to the registered address. Thanks to logistical limitations, currently this feature is just available in the national capital, Selangor, Putrajaya (except Pulau Ketam, Pulau Tengah and Pulau Klang).

To keep up with the increasing demand for online shopping and to further differentiate itself from competitors, Shopee has announced a replacement service, called Shopee24 Express Delivery (Shopee24) which guarantees next-day delivery for internet buyers. The web eCommerce platform expects the service to be an “industry game changer” within the country.

Shopee24 guarantees Shopee users get next-day delivery for orders that are made by 2pm the previous day. If Shopee is unable to meet the next-day delivery, their next shipment are going to be free. The service is out there a day of the week apart from Saturday and Sunday, and at the instant, it’s only available for deliveries within the Klang Valley.

The service is offered for over 10,000 items on sale on Shopee from leading brands like Nescafe, Dutch Lady, Drypers, Dove, Dettol, Khind, Philips and more. Products that are eligible to Shopee24 next-day delivery are often identified via the “Shopee24” tag.

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How do I Check the Status of my Order?

You will be able to know the status of your order on the My Shop page. attend the Me tab, then Tap My Shop and tap To Ship, Cancelled, or Return/Refund in My Sales.

To Ship

Orders that you just have to fulfil by arranging the order and scheduling orders for pickup or drop off. Once your orders are scheduled and picked up, they’ll head to the Shipping tab until it gets delivered to the client.


Orders that were cancelled by buyers or sellers before you’ll be able to arrange a pickup.


Orders that buyers request for return or refund. This can be where you’ll see return/refund orders that you just will have to reply to within the provided time by Shopee. Otherwise, the Return/Refund will automatically be approved.

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How can I Track my Orders within the App?

How to order in Shopee? The shipping information status may not reflect immediately, kindly wait within 24-48 hours for the couriers to update your order status. Orders will arrive reckoning on the Seller’s Days to Ship and Courier Delivery time interval.

Shopee will transport advisories for delays because of declared holidays and severe weather. Please keep track of orders regularly.

Tap To Ship, To Receive, Completed, or Cancelled

Tap “To Ship, To Receive, Completed, or Cancelled” under My Purchases. you’ll be able to find it under the Me tab. Click here to be told more on how you’ll be able to check the status of your order.

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In My Purchases, tap the item that you want to track

In My Purchases, tap the item that you simply want to trace. If the order has not arrived after extending the Shopee Guarantee, and there’s no response from the vendor, you will value more highly to request a return/refund for Non-COD orders.

The Status of Your Order Will be Shown on the Shipping Information Page

The status of your order is going to be shown on the Shipping Information page. If an order has not arrived within the expected delivery time or if the item doesn’t arrive in expected/appropriate condition, tap on “Extend Shopee Guarantee” or tap on the “Request Return/Refund” button.

How Long does Shopee Standard Express Shipping Take?

Standard delivery Shopee shipping takes 2-8 business days from the time that your order leaves Shopee’s warehouse. Express shipping takes 1-3 business days from the time that your order leaves Shopee’s warehouse.

How do I Find my Shopee Tracking Number?

Here some steps for you how to find my Shopee tracking international number:

  • Go to the “Order Details” page > “Ship” > “SHIP” page.
  • Tap on “Set Carrier” and choose the logistics provider.
  • Input tracking number.
  • Tap on “SHIP”.
  • Tracking number is updated under “Shipping Information”.

Track Shopee Philippines Order

Shopee Singapore orders are sent by Ninja Van, Singapore Post. When am I able to expect my order to arrive? Delivery of an order may vary looking at the seller’s “Ship Out Date” and Courier Delivery interval.

After confirmation of order, the vendor is notified to rearrange a pickup. Logistics provider will then develop the order as scheduled.

Following the successful order pickup the customer should receive their order within the subsequent time frame: Local / Domestic orders: within 1-3 days, Overseas orders: within 9-24 days.

The way to check Shopee order received is vy tapping the “Order Received” button, the payment will be released to the Seller and you can no longer request for Return/Refund. Once the Shopee Guarantee Period of the order has expired, the “Order Received” button will no longer be available and the payment is released to the seller.

How can I track my Shopee standard delivery tracking in the Philippines:

  • Go to “Order Details” page > “Ship” > “SHIP” page.
  • Tap on “Set Carrier” and select the logistics provider.
  • Input tracking number.
  • Tap on “SHIP”.
  • Tracking number is updated under “Shipping Information”.

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Shopee started off as a customer-to-customer (C2C), mobile and social media focused marketplace. Later, the corporation evolved to incorporate business-to-customer (B2C) sales similarly, and developed a desktop version to relinquish access to those who value more highly to use their computers when shopping.

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