When your Shopee purchase is ready for shipping, the package will be sent to the courier, logistics, or postal services. Each order will also be assigned a unique tracking number and to know where the package is, and when it will arrive is something that you can easily track. 

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How to Order in Shopee?

Before you can begin shopping on Shopee, you must first create an account with them. If you are purchasing from a different country, please see this page for instructions on how to change the country.

To locate your favorite products, browse through our categories and subcategories or use the search box on the top of the page. You have two options when viewing the product details page:

“Chat Now” allows you to communicate with the seller and negotiate or make an offer; “Add to Cart” allows you to add the selected item to your shopping cart; and “Buy Now” allows you to place an order directly with the vendor.

The Chat Now function allows you to send a personal message to the seller who will respond to you immediately. If you require additional assistance with product specifications, product variety, or product reviews, you can chat with a seller to receive a prompt response to your question.

“Make Offer” is one of the most useful features available through the chat feature. This is for buyers who would like to provide a different price for the item.

To purchase the item, go to the product detail page and click “Buy Now” If more than one variation is available, select one and mention the amount you like. Once your confirmation has been received, you will be sent to the Shopping Cart. Choose the things you want and then click the “Check out” button in the Shopping Cart to complete the purchase process.

Make sure to complete the following steps on the “Checkout” page: Select your chosen “Delivery Address”. Check out the delivery options that are available. Select the payment method that you like. You’re finished when you click “Place Order”

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Are Packages from China Safe from COVID-19?

It was announced on Twitter by the online retail giant Shopee that it was sanitizing its transit warehouse in China every day and monitoring the health of its personnel. According to the statement, airlines cleaned all shipments arriving from China and only released them once they had passed through customs and quarantine.

Yes, it is correct. It appears that coronaviruses do not survive long on objects such as packages and letters, based on what we have learned so far about them. As a result, shipping shipments from China does not offer a risk of the recipient catching a virus from the delivery.

How to Track Shopee Orders?

You should check your Shopee App frequently to keep track of the status of your order, and we strongly advise you to do so. ​ Please allow 24 – 48 hours for the couriers to update your order status. If the shipping information status does not update immediately, please wait another 24 – 48 hours. Orders will be delivered in accordance with the Seller’s Days to Ship and Courier Delivery Lead Time estimates. 

For additional information on when you can anticipate your order to arrive, please visit this page. Shopee will issue advisories in the event of delays caused by federally designated holidays or extreme weather conditions. Please keep track of your orders on a regular basis.

To find out how to track your order within the App, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to My Purchases and select “To Ship, To Receive, Completed, or Cancelled” from the drop-down menu. It may be found under the “Me” tab on the navigation bar. More information on how to check the status of your order may be found by clicking here. To monitor an item, go to My Purchases and tap on the item you wish to track.

Step 3: On the Shipping Information page, you will be able to see the current status of your order. In other cases, you could say:

If an order has not arrived within the expected delivery period or if an item has not arrived in the expected/appropriate condition, tap on the “Extend Shopee Guarantee” or “Request Return/Refund” buttons to request an extension of the Shopee guarantee or a refund. For Non-COD orders, you may choose to request a return/refund if the order has not arrived after extending the Shopee Guarantee and receiving no response from the seller.

What is Shopee Supported Logistics?

In this case, third-party logistics companies have connected their systems with Shopee’s system to provide support for the retailer.

Here are our Shopee Supported Logistics partners:

  • Shopee Xpress also known as Standard Delivery
  • Gogo Xpress
  • Ninja Van
  • J&T Express
  • XDE
  • Entrego (For Overseas Orders)
  • 2GO (For Overseas Orders)

With this integration, you will be able to follow shipments made by our logistics partners directly from the Shopee App, which is convenient.

In the Shopee App, go to To Ship or To Receive under My Purchases > To Ship or To Receive to see the latest shipment updates for your items. Select the shipment status of your order from the drop-down menu. See the most recent shipping updates here:

When the Tracking Number becomes available, it will be automatically shared with you.

All shipping details, from preparing your item to having it picked up by a courier to having it ready for delivery, will be updated on a regular basis.

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How to Find a Shopee Tracking Number?

What is the best way to locate my Shopee tracking number?

  • Visit the “Order Details” page, then click on “Ship” and then “SHIP” again.
  • Select the logistics provider by selecting “Set Carrier” from the drop-down menu.
  • Tracking number should be entered here.
  • Select “SHIP” from the drop-down menu.
  • The tracking number has been updated in the “Shipping Information” section.

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