As you know, shopee is one of the biggest ecommerce platforms which you can find in Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and other countries. Shopee offer many things to buy and also offer a lot of benefits.  If you are moved to other countries, you don’t need to worry about how to change country in shopee because you still can use the shopee apps.

In this article, we will discuss and explain about Pengaturan bahasa shopee, How to create shop in shopee, How to change country in shopee, How to install shopee, How to change country play store  and also How to find seller in shopee. So, are you curious? Check this article to get more information!

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Can I Use Shopee From Other Country?

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Absolutely, you can use Apps shopee from other countries but you have to remember that the product purchase from one country only can be delivered at the local address. Example you are using Shopee php to order products, so the products you order only can be delivered to the philippines local addresses.

You only can make purchases on Shopee platforms of other countries such as Shopee Malaysia, Shopee Philippines, Shopee Indonesia and other countries but these purchases can only be delivered to local addresses of the same country.

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How To Change Country In Shopee?

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You can find Change country google in shopee to help you to change the country at your shopee account. If you want to change the your shopee account country, you can follow these steps:

  • Step 1 Go to the App Store and tap the user icon.
  • Step 2 Tap your personal information.
  • Step 3 Tap Country/Region
  • Step 4 Tap Change Country or Region.
  • Step 5 Select the Philippines as your country to be able to download Shopee Philippines.

For your information, if you are android users, your Google play will automatically determine the country where you are in.

How Do I Set Up International Shipping On Shopee?

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As Shopee seller new account, you can set up international shipping on shopee which is the newly-launched feature that will allow sellers to sell on overseas Shopee platforms and promote your products on an international level. Not all sellers can join this programme, only Sellers with attractive product assortments and competitive pricing will be invited to join overseas shocking sales and campaigns.

So How to order shopee? For those who have never done online shopping in Shopee, you have to download the apps first or you can use shopee website Philippines and make and register your shopee account. In order to make a purchase on Shopee, you must have a local delivery address as Shopee.

To start shopping on Shopee, you have to follow the following steps :

  • Browse the items on the homepage 
  • Then search for the item you are looking for using the search bar.
  • Once you have selected an item, you will be directed to the product page where you can click onBuy Now to place an order directly, Chat Now to message the seller.,Add to Cart to save the product to your shopping cart
  • If you decide to buy the products already, click on Buy Now
  • Select the preferred item variation, if any
  • At the checkout page, you will be able to change your delivery details, delivery options and apply any available Shopee Voucher.
  • Select your preferred payment method and click Place Order.
  • Successful purchases will be reflected under To Ship in the My Purchases page.

So for those who are searching about Shopee, this will not work because shopee only allow the shipment for the local addresses of the same country. If you want the products, you have to make sure whether the seller also sells using shopee indonesia. You can also use other alternatives by sending the products you buy to your friends in the Philippines and send it again to Indonesia through courier.

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How Do I Track An Overseas Shopee?

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How to track overseas order is also the frequently asked question. The way to track the overseas order is the same as how you track your J&T shopee tracking and Tracking standard express. To track standard international tracking shoppe of your overseas order, you can follow these steps:

  • Open your Shopee App
  • Click My Purchase
  • Find the To Ship or To Receive under My Purchase
  • Select shipment status of your overseas order
  • View all shipping updates

You have to note that it may take 24 – 48 hours  for Domestic international courier tracking status to be updated by the logistics partners. You may contact the seller directly via Shopee Chat if you need to track your order urgently.  

Your Shopee overseas shipping fee depends on the shipping option you choose. For your information there are some shipping options which only offer partial tracking such as Standard Economy, Air Mail (China Post),Registered Air Mail (China Post). 

This partial tracking means that your order will only be trackable while it is overseas. Once your order is handed over to your local courier, you will no longer receive shipping updates via Shopee Platform. 


Online shopping is getting more and more convenient. You don’t need to go out of the house and also no need to walk around for a long time trying to find what you’re looking for, and no need to carry all the items you bought because it will be delivered straight to your doorstep. You can also do online shopping from overseas.

You not only can buy products from your region and country but you also can buy products overseas. Some of the shopee sellers are from overseas such as China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. But before buying the overseas products you have to consider several things such as the quality and condition, conveyance and timing.

You have to make sure that the products have a good quality and condition. Quality is a basic segment of any item. Try to find the trusted overseas seller so that you will not get disappointed when receiving the products. Then you have to consider the conveyance because it will be sent to your country. And the last is timing, will you receive the products on time? How long is the shipment from overseas to the buyer?

By following these simple guidelines, your Shopee merchant journey will be easier and more streamlined than it has ever been for an online store owner. Whatever happens, you can count on Ginee to be there for you.

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