How much is the shipping fee in Lazada philippines? The shipping fee rates vary. It depends on the product’s dimensions as well as the destination.

What Is Shipping Fee?

In this digital era, many people keep using their gadgets all the time and can’t live without their electronic devices and also internet connection. This happens because all things are going online like news, payment as well as shopping.

Is it safe to do online shopping? Will the orders come to our home safely? I think most of these questions will only be asked by olders. And one of the most popular and trustworthy marketplace is Lazada. Lazada has operated in six countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, The Philippines, Thailand and also Vietnam.

How much is the Lazada new shipping rate? Will the best selling items have a cheaper shipping fee? Before we discuss it, it is better to understand what the Lazada shipping fee is. Shipping fee is the amount of fee you need to pay to deliver your order to your front door. Lazada shipping fee rate will be calculated based on the package dimensions, the delivery origin and the destination.

The shipping fee paid by the customer is different from the Lazada seller shipping fee. The shipping fee that is paid by the customer will be automatically credited to the seller’s account once the item gets delivered. 

Why Lazada shipping fee expensive? The shipping fee will depend on your order package dimension in length, width and height divided by 6000 in cm and kg. Not only that it also depends on the product origin and destination. So the bigger your package, the more expensive the shipping fee.

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What Shipping Fee Charges Will Sellers See?

There are 2 new Lazada shipping fee 2022 charges that seller might see such as:

Wrong Weight Adjustment

Sellers might get these charges when the package dimensions that seller input in their product listings are different from the actual size. The charge amount will be based on the difference between logistic shipping fee and customer shipping fee. Sellers will be able to see the wrong weight adjustment at the end of the billing cycle.

Seller Shipping Fee Voucher

Seller Lazada shipping fee voucher get charged to reflect the cost of the seller’s free shipping voucher that they offer to their customer. The charge amount will be based on the subsidized shipping fee by the seller.

  • If the promo is no cap, then the amount charge is the total of shipping cost.
  • If the promo is cap, then the amount charge will be based on the standard delivery Lazada.

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Shipping Free Voucher By Seller

Who doesn’t love cashback, vouchers and free shipping. Most people love all of them so much and no one can refuse it. So for sellers who want to attract more buyers, you can try to offer the free shipping voucher to increase more sales

Buyer can enjoy the free shipping voucher when participating shops in Lazada. Buyer can look at the voucher at the daily free shipping banner on items then collect the Free Shipping voucher. 

How to order in Lazada with one shipping fee? For your information, buyers can only apply for 1 free shipping voucher in a checkout. So that you need to plan your purchase properly so that you can enjoy the free shipping and don’t forget to check the terms and condition of each voucher.

Lazada delivery time philippines will depend on how the destination is and also what shipment you choose. If you choose the express shipment, your package will arrive sooner. If you want to check whether there is an available shipping fee or not. You can check it in two ways such as from the product page and checkout process.

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Product Page

The first way to see the shipping vouchers is by going to the product page that you want to buy. Then go to the product image and choose the delivery section to see the shipping vouchers.

Checkout Process

The other way to know whether there is a shipping voucher or not is by checking it in the checkout process. You can see your total bills as well as the delivery fee there. Then you can check whether there is a free shipping voucher or not in the checkout process.

But some of the shipping vouchers might not be used for some of the products you want to buy because some vouchers have their own terms and conditions like minimum purchase, only available for selected items and so on. 

Once you have fulfilled the terms and condition and reach the minimum spend, the shipping discount will be automatically deducted from the shipping Fee. But if you do not reach the minimum purchase terms and conditions, the shipping fee vouchers that apply to your voucher will depend on the product’s weight and the destination. So before you can use the shipping vouchers, you need to meet all the requirements first.

What Shipping Fee Charges Will I No Longer See?

There are 4 shipping fee charges that seller will no longer see such as:

  • Shipping Fee paid by customer.
  • Shipping Fee voucher by Lazada.
  • Shipping Fee subsidy by Lazada.
  • Shipping Fee paid by seller.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions.

How To Change Delivery Option In Lazada?

Take these steps to change your delivery option such as:

  • Log in to your Lazada seller center.
  • Choose profile and click shopping provider.
  • Click request change.
  • Follow the instruction written there and make sure your address are correct.
  • Type the reason why you want to change the delivery option.
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How To Avoid The Wrong Weight Adjustment Charges?

To avoid the wrong weight adjustment charges, you need to input the correct product dimension including height, width, length in cm.


Shipping fee is the amount of fee you need to pay to deliver your order to your house. Lazada shipping fee rate will be calculated based on the package dimensions, the delivery origin and the destination. 

There is also a shipping fee voucher that you can use to deduct the shipping fee or get free shipping but some vouchers have the requirements so that you need to meet all the requirements before you can use the free shipping vouchers. If your order are canceled, you can ask for the Lazada refund process but the free shipping vouchers will not return after it is used.

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