For the sake of convenience, many people are turning to frozen food. Because of the pandemic, frozen food is more popular than ever. Some people prefer to avoid frequent grocery runs, while others prefer something simple. Here are frozen food business ideas and how to manage successfully, so keep reading to find out more.

14 Frozen Food Business Ideas

These are 14 frozen food business ideas you can start easily.

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Yogurts are a nutritious snack. Nutritionists typically recommend them as a healthy addition to daily diets. You can start a frozen yogurt business by purchasing a franchise of an existing yogurt business or by producing and selling your own yogurt. You can either open a walk-in yogurt restaurant where people can eat their yogurt while socializing, or you can supply your yogurts to local retail stores and supermarkets.

Chicken Products

People most commonly purchase frozen poultry products. This company sells pre-packaged chicken, turkey, chicken wings, filets, breasts, and other poultry products.


The next frozen food business in Philippines you try is selling seafood. Restaurants and hotels primarily use sea foods to prepare continental cuisines. Many people eat sea food at home as well. 

Chopped Potatoes 

In the frozen food industry, pre-chopped potatoes are also popular. This is a very simple business to start. All you need are industrial potato choppers, fresh potatoes, packaging materials, and preservatives.


Salads are also very nutritious. They are high in vitamins and minerals. Salads are consumed on a daily basis by a large number of people.

Fruit and Vegetables

Another frozen foods business idea is to make and sell mixed vegetables such as carrots, green peas, sweet corn, broccoli, spinach, and so on. Pre-mixed vegetables are very simple to prepare; no chopping or washing is required; simply open and use.


In most places, the ratio of vegans to non-vegans is higher. Many people eat various types of meat, and you can make a lot of money selling pork, beef, goat, gizzard, and even sausages.

Soups and Stews

You could also prepare and sell tasty stews, soups, and sauces that people can quickly heat and eat.

Frozen Food

You could also make money by selling pre-packaged frozen meals. Your target customers for this type of frozen business include bachelors and busy parents.

Sliced Onions

Many people dislike slicing onions because it causes tears in their eyes. These people cook their meals with pre-sliced onions. You can try sliced onions for small scale frozen food business.

Materials for Packaging

You can help other frozen food business owners in your area by selling and supplying frozen food manufacturing companies with frozen goods or other packaging materials, and starting a frozen goods business.

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Frozen Food Mobile Store

Another option is to start a mobile frozen food store to provide people with access to a variety of frozen foods without having to go to the grocery store.

Frozen Food Equipment

If none of the above businesses interest you, you could consider becoming a distributor or retailer of equipment for frozen food business, such as freezers, cold rooms, cutters, choppers, and all other necessary tools.

Provider of Fresh Farm Produce

Fresh foods are required to process frozen foods. You can start a business supplying fresh farm produce to frozen food manufacturers for use in the freezing process.

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How to Manage Frozen Food Business in the Philippines

Before determining your frozen food business names, it is better to know how to start frozen food business from home and manage it, first. 

Conduct Market Research

Unfortunately, “passion” and “gut feeling” are not sufficient reasons to start a frozen food business in Philippines. While it can be profitable, there are numerous factors at play that will influence the business’s suitability for your situation.

Knowing how to conduct market research will help you gain a better understanding of the venture’s suitability. Knowing your market will clear the fog of confusion about what businesses are profitable in the area and keep you from pursuing an entrepreneurial venture blindly. Try to find frozen food marketing ideas on the internet.

Evaluate Your Capital

The following step in determining how to start a frozen food business in the Philippines is to assess your capital when making business plan. Depending on the findings of your market research, you may need to stretch your budget or spend as little as possible while still earning competitively, as in many frozen food business plan samples.

A ₱5000 – ₱10,000 budget is sufficient to sell frozen food items to friends and coworkers if you prefer to test the waters and start small. You can keep your stock in your personal refrigerator and deliver frozen food orders to your workplace. You can also sell your items through a social media marketplace.

If your market research shows that opening a physical store is more feasible when starting a frozen food business, you will need a larger starting budget, typically a minimum of ₱100,000 depending on how much inventory you want to start with.

Look for Suppliers

If you do not intend to manufacture your own products, the next step in starting a frozen food business in the Philippines is to locate suppliers. Because frozen food is a large industry, finding suppliers is not as difficult. There are some exclusive perks you can get depending on the products and company you want to retail from.

Make Your Own Products

If you want to share an old family recipe with the rest of the world, you can always make your own products, such as homemade longganisa, ready-to-cook lumpia, and so on.

One advantage of creating your own product is that you can control the selling price as well as the cost of preparing each item. Another advantage is that you can supply to various retailers who want to sell your product.

Choose the Best Location

The challenges of frozen food business are choosing the best location to sell. Selling ready-to-cook frozen food is a common business in cities. Unlike in the provinces and villages, where raw and fresh food products are readily available, cities are filled with busy people looking for quick-cooked meals. 

However, this is not always the case; the point is, whether you sell frozen foods in rural or urban areas in the Philippines, a good location can make or break your business.


Frozen food is a profitable industry in the Philippines. And, in the right circumstances and with good empirical research to the business, it can be the key to your financial independence!

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