How to organize ebay store categories list? But what does store categories mean? Categories are groups of products that you wish to show on the same page in your store (for example: Women’s Fashion, Men’s Clothing and Bestsellers). 

They help customers to faster navigate through the store and find the products they need. The same product can belong to multiple categories at the same time. 

On the first page of eBay’s Sell an Item form, you need to select the main eBay API category id list for your item. Many eBay sellers will tell you that selecting the exact category isn’t crucial to achieving the highest price for your item and they’re right.

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How Many Categories Does an eBay Store Have?

eBay store categories not showing up? You can list your item in two subcategories within Adult Only. Business & Industrial: You cannot list the following in more than one category: Heavy Equipment (includes all subcategories).

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How does eBay manage my store? You can create as many as 300 Store categories and subcategories with up to three levels of categories. For example, a category named Sporting Goods, can have two additional subcategories: Sporting Goods > Golf > Balls.

Your category names can be up to 30 characters long. You can move listings frame eBay  from one category to another.

How many categories does eBay have or how to manage eBay store? Another great use of store categories is to have a sale and/or wholesale section depending on the type of buyers you attract. If you’re using eBay MarkDownManager to discount a set of products and they’re currently only in one store category then add them all to a sale category and drive traffic to that section of your store.

How to manage an eBay store? It’s well worth visiting major high street stores and seeing how they organize their stock and how they display their goods in different sections. 

Retail chains are experts in marketing their goods to customers that walk through their doors and you can pick up a lot of valuable information which can be translated into how you organize your own store categories on eBay.

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How Do I List Categories on eBay?

The products from one category are listed on a separate page in the storefront. This page can have a description and a featured image. When adding an image, make sure that it represents the content of the eBay category code finder well.

Start using store category finder as soon as you open your store and classify your existing listings into the categories that you create. You can do this in bulk in the store tools in the “Manage my store” section of eBay. If you show your buyers more items similar to the first they looked at there is a good chance they will make multiple purchases!

Use the description to tell your customers what they will find in this category and what are the best things about the products there. Try not to make the description too long.

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Here the steps to how list categories on eBay PH:

  • From your Ecwid admin, go to Catalog then click Categories.
  • Click Add Root Category.
  • Enter the Name of your category.
  • Click Choose file to upload an image for your category. You can upload an image that represents your category or an image of a product from the category.
  • Enter the description. You can describe what kind of products are in that category, or just leave it blank.
  • Click Save.

Can I List in Multiple Categories on eBay?

As part of the Spring 2021 Seller Update, eBay PH announced there would be “category changes to help buyers find your items.” We continue to make category changes to create more intuitive buying, selling and search experiences.

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To add a second category, select Add a second category in the Product details section of the listing form. You’ll pay an insertion fee for including a second category (this fee still applies even when using a free listing).

Similar to a physical store, your eBay Store categories are the “aisles” or “shelves” that enable you to organize and display your listings to buyers.

Here the steps how to list in multiple categories on eBay:

  • go to Catalog then click Categories.
  • Select the category into which you want to add a subcategory from the category tree on the left.
  • Click Add Subcategory.
  • Enter the Name of the new subcategory.
  • Click Choose file to upload an image for your category. You can upload an image that represents your whole category or an image of a product from the category.
  • Enter the description. You can describe what products are in that category, or just leave it blank.
  • Click Save.

How Do I Organize Categories in My eBay Store?

How to add items to eBay store categories? The great thing about having an eBay store is that you can choose and experiment with how you arrange your items to get the best results. You can’t do this with the ‘View Sellers Other Items’ link as eBay set the defaults for this. 

How to upload products on eBay Philippines? By opening a store you can not only use your own categories to help buyers find the product they want, but also present similar products to the customer that will entice them to make multiple purchases. 

‘View Sellers Other Items’ is the standard eBay look and feel, whereas when searching your store they are constantly having your unique brand embossed and embedded in their minds which will help them remember you later, at Christmas for instance.

Store Categories make it easier to direct customers to your products that  give categories meaningful names and use them to drive customers to the product they’re interested in.

You can organize your listings within custom store categories, select items to feature, and more.

  • Select the Store tab in Seller Hub.
  • Select Store Categories on the left hand side.
  • Select Add Categories to add up to 5 categories that best fit the items you’re selling.
  • Select Save.


Make sure that you give your store categories relevant names as this will assist in getting your products ranked more highly on Internet search engines such as Google. 

If you have a pair of “iPod compatible headphones” listed in the subcategory “iPod Accessories” in the category “iPods” in a store called “MP3 Accessories” will be ranked as more significant than if in the default show category “Other”.

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