Do you have commemorative coins and look for eBay Philippines old coins price list? The coins price list will depend on how rare the coins are, what are the coins made from and also the coins circulation. Let’s read this article to get more information about it.

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Is It Allowed to Sell Old Coins on eBay?

There are old coins trends Philippines. If you have many old coins at your home, you might be curious where to sell your old coins and get the money. As we know, there are several markets where you can choose to sell your things and one of them is eBay.

Do you know what eBay is? eBay is one of the biggest and largest marketplace that helps to connect sellers and buyers all around the world. For your information, eBay is free for buyers but if you intend to be eBay sellers, you need to know that there is a listing fee in eBay. 

eBay allows you to sell your things worldwide because eBay supports international shipping. Besides that, you can sell many things on eBay. The question is how to sell old coins on eBay Philippines? Actually you can sell your old coins like usual on how to list and sell things on eBay.

Are there any old Philippine coins that worth millions? Old coins or also known as commemorative coins might have different sizes and prices. There is a Philippine coin auction that helps to decide the coin value list Philippines. Each coin has its own size and the ordinary circulation. The rarer the coins, the more expensive the coins will be. For your additional information, most commemorative coins are made from precious metals like silver and gold.

How Do You Sell or Buy Old Coins on eBay?

Are there eBay coin buyers? Of course yes, there will always be buyers who are looking for antique things like commemorative coins. Before you input the price for the coins, you need to check the Philippine old coins price list 2021 first. Are you curious on how to sell your coins on eBay? Here are the tips for you, such as:

Sign Up for eBay Account

First of all before you can sell your coins on eBay, you need to sign up and create your own eBay account. If you want to be an eBay seller, you need to do eBay seller registration by going to eBay’s website.

Search for Products to Sell

Before you upload the products you want to sell, you have to search what products to sell like the supplier, quality and so on. Once you have determined your business products, you can create your own brand and manufacture your own products too.

And if you want to sell your antique coins, you need to check the philippine coins price list 2022 first to compare the price with other antique coins. Since eBay is an international e-commerce site, you can also sell not only Philippines commemorative coins but also other countries’ commemorative coins if you have any.

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Create Your Product Listings, Including Pictures and Descriptions

After you have decided what products you want to sell, now it is the time to make your product listing. You need to prepare your product’s pictures as well as its description. It is recommended to use a plain background for your product’s picture and use a high quality image.

Besides that, you need to write a clear and complete product description like your product’s size,colors, materials and so on. For commemorative coins products, you can write the coins origins, materials, made from precious metal and also its price. This description will help your buyers to know the products you sell clearly. Since you will write the product description one by one, you need to double check it first before uploading  it


When you have uploaded your product, you can attract the buyers attention by doing a promotion. No one can refuse promotion. You can promote your shop and products by offering a discount, cashback or free shipping.

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eBay Philippines Old Coins Price List

Are you looking for eBay Philippines old coins price list? Before we discuss it, you need to know the reasons why you need to sell your products on eBay. Here are the reasons you need to know,such as:

  • There is  a big online presence.
  • Have a lot of customer that based all over the world.
  • There are good interactive and community features like question and answer, also discussion boards that help in exchange of information and inspiration between users.
  • Easy to set up  and use the marketplace.
  • There are buyer protection features that really help if there are any cases of fraudulent or delayed transactions. 
  • There are more selling options that are offered by eBay which are ‘Buy It Now’ and auctioneering opportunities.

How much is the old coins price list? Actually it depends on how rare the coins are. Here are several coin price lists for your reference.

  • 1945 Double Die US – Phil old silver coin : Php 7,000.
  • 1947 50 Centavos MacArthur coin : Php 1,500.
  • 1975 Pilipinas 50 Piso Silver Coin Ferdinand Marcos : Php 2,850.

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eBay is one of the biggest and largest marketplace that helps to connect sellers and buyers all around the world. You can sell many things on eBay like coins. Before you sell your antique coins, you need to check the price list first. 

There is a Philippine coin auction that will help you to decide the coin value. Each coin has its own size and the ordinary circulation. To sell your coins, you can take the below steps, such as:

  • Go to and register your account by inputting all the information and data needed.
  • Once you receive an email, you need to verify your email. 
  • After that, you can start uploading your product listing by adding the picture, title and also its description.
  • Then you just need to wait for the buyer to order.

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