The number of items you can manufacture and sell to generate money for Christmas is truly limitless. I find it fascinating to observe the diverse types of things that others create since I am a naturally creative person at my core. Even more exciting is the prospect of turning it into a potentially profitable business enterprise. With 11.11 shopping festival and other mega sales coming, you should

It’s vital to have a range of options for bringing in a little additional money throughout the holiday season, especially because the holidays can be a costly time for many people. If you’re naturally artistic, you might be thinking if you might manufacture Christmas crafts to sell and make a profit at the same time.

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10 Hand-Crafted Christmas Gifts to Sell in the Philippines

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This post will introduce you to a variety of adorable Christmas crafts that you may make and sell. Some of these are suitable for year-round sale as well, so it is likely that this will become a permanent source of additional income for you throughout the year.

Christmas Cards or E-Cards

There is a huge demand for holiday-themed cards from their favorite items, and there is no shortage of them available on the internet. As a writer at heart, type down your favorite card greetings or phrases, format them for a card size, and sell them on Shopee, Lazada, or even Instagram. 

Make sure there are no mistakes and that your design flows smoothly. In order to enhance your income potential, create designs with seasonal themes in the more popular genres.

Soaps, Shampoo Bars, or Bath Bombs

Do you enjoy making handmade bath bombs, soaps, and sugar scrubs for yourself and your friends? You should consider producing this and selling it to make some extra money for the holidays if this is something you enjoy doing. You may also make two batches of handmade bath and body products and package them together as gift baskets.

Due to allergies and other concerns, it is important to know what materials your things are made of. Presentation is important. Although your product may be excellent, it will sell more effectively if it is presented in an attractive package.

Printable Arts or Designs

Wall art printouts are really simple to create and sell, as seen by the fact that the print pictured above is from my shop! Despite the fact that I created it about seven years ago, that design is one of my most popular prints. What I like about downloadable artwork is that you just have to create it once, and then every time you sell one, you earn passive money from that sale. 

It is quite beneficial to have a blog in a comparable area to aid in the sale of your printables. When it comes to wall art downloads, the internet is fairly saturated, so be prepared to perform some marketing to get your product seen.

Personalized Jewelry 

An additional concept to consider is to create and sell personalized jewelry that can be sold almost anywhere in the world. If you want to sell them on Facebook live, you can do so. You can also sell them on Shopee, Instagram, or Lazada. If you enjoy making jewelry, the holidays are an excellent opportunity to show off your creations to friends and family. You can make use of Social Commerce for these things. 

Crocheted or Knitted Items

You can make things out of things that you already have. The Make and Do Crew transformed an old sweater into a pair of really attractive mittens using recycled materials. This is simply an idea to get you thinking about what you already have that could be utilized to create and sell new items throughout the Christmas season. It is not intended to be comprehensive.

There are other crochet shops to consider; one excellent example is Loops and Co. by Angel, which can be found on TikTok and Instagram. It will provide you with excellent examples of things that you may perform with crochet on the internet.

Curated Gift Baskets

The creation and sale of gift baskets for every holiday season is another possibility. When it came to Christmas and Valentine’s Day, they were highly popular. To make this work, you must know where to find high-quality basket products at a reasonable price. Everything else is contained within the presentation.

Make themed baskets for your guests. A gift basket filled with books, a little reading lamp, and bookmarks, for example, would be appreciated by a book enthusiast. A relaxing bath gift basket would be ideal for someone who needs a gentle reminder to take it easy every now and then. Alternatively, if you happen to sell essential oils on the side, might you put together an essential oils gift basket like this?

Upcycled Sweaters or Clothes

Believe it is impossible to manufacture and sell upcycled old clothes and truly generate money? Think again. Reconsider your position! A quick search on Instagram would reveal that some old and worn clothes were being sold for nearly Php 1,000! In all seriousness, they are quite old and worn out, but they sell. And who wouldn’t be able to make these? Make them cheap, sell them for a premium price, and enjoy your vacation.

Christmas Decorations

Creating and selling ornaments is another excellent Christmas activity to get into. You’d be shocked at how much money someone is prepared to spend on a personalized ornament if you asked them. There are always these kiosks at the mall throughout the Christmas season selling ornaments with people’s names on them, which is a nice touch. 

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It’s outrageous how much they’re selling them for, but people are still buying them! These are excellent indicators that they may be simple to manufacture and sell, so if you’re creative, give it a shot!

Desserts and Other Treats

For younger Filipinos, this is a very common concept to consider. It is at this point that they decide to sell the graham cake that they have been selling so effectively for the past few years. Many of these dessert in a jar gift ideas are extremely cost-effective, and they not only make excellent Christmas gifts, but they can also be easily sold on the secondary market.

Begin with recipes that you are already familiar with. If you have a fantastic strawberry shortcake recipe, consider selling it in jars to customers. While buying in bulk is a good idea, it’s also a good idea to search sites like Freecycle or Facebook groups in case someone has a large number of jars they’d like to get rid of. 

Package them nicely with a good ribbon and labels, and add a wooden or plastic spoon as a final touch for a professional appearance. Don’t undervalue your product. Take into consideration the cost of goods as well as your time.

Christmas Wreaths

Everything from a simple Christmas wreath to a more elaborate Christmas tree ornament is a profitable Christmas craft that you can make and sell next year. To be honest, some people are naturally gifted at creating things, but some of us are not so much. This is a valuable ability that you should absolutely consider monetizing if your front door is adorned with a lovely handmade wreath every year. 

To save money, buy your wreaths in bulk, or make your own wreaths out of things other than greenery, such as pool noodles or foam, wire hangers, or even letters for personalized monogram wreaths. Consider alternatives to the conventional wisdom. Would you be able to create amusing Christmas wreaths? Alternatively, how about themed wreaths that people may purchase?

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