The Ber Months are the busiest months for all Filipinos, both shoppers and sellers. Everyone prepares for the holiday seasons, may it be gifts, groceries, giveaways, or simple treats for themselves. As a seller, the Ber Months are the perfect time to start selling more, and strengthening your brand through marketing. You should always know how to prepare for the 11.11 or 12.12 shopping festival. 

The Philippines is not new to the fact that the fourth quarter is always the craziest season for merchants and businesses around the world. Because of the popularity of online platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, and Zalora, the wave of massive deals that was formerly observed offline on Black Friday in December has gone online. These commercials now run consecutively on 9.9, 10.10, 11.11 and 12.12. This might be quite difficult for new sellers. 

What is 11.11 and 12.12?

11.11 and 12.12 are some of the biggest sales in the Philippines. These events happen on November 11 and December 12 respectively. During this time, everyone is shopping for their holiday finds already. What makes these sales even bigger is that Filipinos are not scared to spend because they are bound to receive the so-called 13th month pay––the extra pay for the holidays. As an online business owner, you would want to be in the front of these sales.

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Why Should You Sell on 11.11 and 12.12?

Dropping out of 11.11 or 12.12 can be a costly error, since sales volumes increase by 5-10 times on average on these days, making it difficult to compete. Every year, we’ve seen new sales records set, and we should expect the same outcomes in the future. For the time being, the trend appears to be unstoppable in ASEAN countries, which are benefiting from rising income and internet and cellphone penetration.

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5 Useful Strategies for Ber Months Holiday Season Sales

To help online sellers prepare for the Ber Months Sales, here are 5 strategies that you can make use of as you welcome the entering of ber months opportunities. 

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Double-check the Basics

Consider designating specific packaging sections, marking areas, and labeling management zones in your warehouse to streamline operations. You should train any temporary supporting staff members thoroughly and, if necessary, produce a shelf map. Pre-pack best-selling products in accordance with Shopee or Lazada’s specifications in order to ensure that the products may be shipped out as soon as they arrive in the Philippine market.

Maintain control over and ensure that your internet and printers are operating properly. The only time you’ll need this is if you wish to pack and label your products in accordance with online buying regulations before they reach the Philippines, which is unlikely. Logistics can pick up your items in bulk at the Philippine International Airport, thus it is up to you as a seller to arrange for this service.

Make arrangements with your logistical contacts in your own country well in advance of the shipments that will be arriving. If larger trucks are required, make a request.

Be Ready for Return and Refunds

Returns and refunds are handled in the same manner as before, in accordance with Shopee or Lazada’s return and refund policies. As a result, in the event that an item is returned by a consumer, it will be held at a local cross-border enterprise for up to four weeks before being delivered to another seller. 

These programs are available in the Philippines, so make sure you are familiar with their operation and handling. This will assist you in handling returns and refunds in a more timely and efficient manner.

Make Use of Promotional Tools

Prior to the events, a Promotion Tool will be made available in all Seller Centers for use. Prices must be lower than they were in the previous 30 days. The required minimum discounts will be displayed in the Promotion Tools on a country-by-country basis. You can come up with ber months quotes, ber months promotional slogan, whatever it is that will categorize you as a ber months business in this season. 

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Increased levels of engagement with your campaigns are made possible via the use of promotion and marketing tools. When the levels of interaction increase, more people will be interested in your products. This will also increase the visibility of your store on the homepages of Shopee and Lazada.

Work on Your Customer Service

Today, customers are empowered to make informed selections more than ever. They want to be heard and wish to hear thoughts of other customers on products and services. In addition to the fact that reviews are one of the main buying decision criteria, they are also an excellent source of ideas for improving customer experience.

77% of customers see brands more favorably if they proactively invite and welcome customer feedback. Moreover, 52 percent of consumers worldwide agree that organizations have to take action on customer feedback. No approach to customer service is set in stone. Companies must be proactive in solving consumer problems while improving data-based procedures.

Evaluation of the volume of your team on a channel, follow-up times and trend topics among your consumers are just some of the things you can refine by monitoring and optimizing results. A performance monitoring strategy will serve as the basis for future decisions, the first step to excellent customer service.

Prepare Proper Packaging

Packaging may seem insignificant when compared to the other sales levers, yet it is an important consumer touch point that can help to enhance repurchase rates. In addition to a visually appealing design and high-quality packaging, promotions such as flyers or vouchers can be used to encourage follow-up actions such as cross-selling and up-selling.

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