The Philippine Single Day is similar to Single’s Day and is honored annually on November 11th by persons who are unmarried. The single day has been officially recognized as a national holiday throughout Southeast Asia, in which many countries have named it National Single Day 2021. In the history of the Philippines’ e-commerce business, this is a noteworthy day. Make sure you are ready for the 11.11 biggest sale in the Philippines

For those who haven’t yet found their soulmate, purchasing items for themselves online is a good way to celebrate the moment. Many e-commerce businesses are currently giving deals to attract clients, and that includes today. A person can also describe the online sale of 11.11 as this day’s commerce. Take this opportunity of this big BER Month sale, and know how to boost your sales and develop better branding. 

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How Should You Plan During 11.11? 

Foreign companies have many potential to make a mark on the global stage, and today there are already a number of brands that are fully prepared to enter the competition. Previously, a number of foreign luxury brands had ignored the opportunity that the Philippines represents and only dedicated events for the local audience. 

Now, these companies are investing in national-level marketing. In addition to companies like Burberry and Versace, other brands, such as Dolce & Gabbana, have designed limited editions for the show. Even firms that are normally less active online, such as Chanel, are making an exception for 11.11 by creating a one-time marketing Shopee campaign or other 11.11 campaign ideas. 

By combining a diverse selection of marketing tools, such as 11.11, the Philippines has a special chance to increase one’s brand recognition. Shopee is one example. They recruited Jose Mari Chan, the most recognizable figure in the Philippines during the Christmas season, to help them spread the word about their platform. 

They also introduced Shopee PH’s own version of “Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo”, which has the same rhyme as “Sa Shopee-pee-pee-pee” but was changed to have a Christmas flair and a festive tone.

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5 Ways to Prepare Your Business for 11.11

If you want to be good at your game and ready to take on 11.11, make sure you follow these 5 ways of preparing for the biggest sale of the year. 

Know Your Unique Selling Point

Select your outstanding product and provide it at a reasonable price. Submit it for consideration for the flash deal to increase attention for your shop. Prepare in advance your cheapest prices to be released on the d-day as soon as possible. Think strategically about what can be a must-buy deal that you can present to your clients on the eve of the event. 

The greater the value of the agreement, the greater the volume of business you will generate. This will also assist you in building a foundation of regular clients who will remember you as a seller and who will return throughout the year to browse your online shop and make more purchases.

Manage Your Stocks Well

Stocking up and maintaining SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) selection are the second most critical aspects of running a successful business. The SKU is used to keep track of the inventory that your company possesses. They are extremely beneficial in the operation of a prosperous retail business. Once you’ve decided on the deals you’ll be submitting for the 11.11 mega campaign, make sure to stock up on enough supplies. 

Seeing your SKUs go out of stock in the middle of the day and losing a “doppelganger sales opportunity” is the absolute last thing you want to happen. Stock up on 10-20 times the typical day’s volume to avoid running out of supplies (Out of Supply). Prepare a well-thought-out assortment (10-30 SKUs) for the shop.

‍Utilize Social Media

Finally, but certainly not least, traffic planning. Plan everything around how customers will come to your location to see your discounts. Your company will be eligible to be listed on the main campaign pages if you offer extremely competitive deals. Additionally (and maybe most crucially), use your web marketing networks to generate your own traffic (Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc). Paid marketing campaigns should be implemented.

These are tactics employed as Shopee Philippines marketing strategy. If you will notice Shopee campaigns are always in line with Shopee objectives, this is something that you can learn from as a business planning to take part in 11.11 sales. 

Drop New Products and Exclusive Deals

It may seem minor to do this element correctly, yet it’s the essential component for a successful sales effort. If the product that offers conflicts with offline bargains and/or pricing is weak, no matter how much it spends on promotion, substantial turnover is improbable. To increase revenues, exclusive discounts are especially vital when the prices of leading competitors – both official and gray market vendors – fall.

While premium market brands cannot utilize discounting for a sustainable strategy (conflict on the channel) and should aim to add value through bundling and exclusive GWP, mass market brands are free to give discounts (Gift With Purchase). These approaches perform successfully without the brand being tarnished in the long term.

Marketing is Your Best Friend

Get your business ready for sale on the Single Day by engaging your fans on social media to inform them about future sales and to create hype. You can display the numerous things on sale and let your audience know when the deal will take place. 

A few suggestions for what you can build to make your business more exposed:

  • Information on your items with fascinating facts
  • Puns or humorous gifs for single or bachelor’s education
  • Images that show your next Single Day goods
  • Videos with narrative humor about being single vs.
  • Behind the scenes or personal, real content (images, blog posts, or vlogs)

Finally, but certainly not least, begin marketing as soon as possible. Given that timing is everything in marketing, it is sense to start early and prepare your business for Singles’ Day as soon as possible. 

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