The key to increasing reach and interaction with your Facebook Page is to create engaging content and catchy Facebook posts for businesses. If you’re wondering what you should post on your business Facebook Page to get your audience’s interest, here’s a list of 5 different Facebook post ideas that are guaranteed to boost engagement and increase traffic.

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What Makes a Facebook Post Great?

If you understand the fundamental elements of an effective Facebook post, you’ll get the most out of these Facebook post ideas.

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The most best Facebook posts is must:

  • Unique.
  • Encourage participation.
  • Concentrate on the audience.
  • Use the proper terminology.
  • Post at the appropriate time.
  • Reach a large number of people.

The majority of these fundamentals revolve around content that is beneficial to your audience. In other words, keep your audience in mind as you go through this list. Simply because you like an idea does not mean that your audience will. Also, just because you don’t like an idea doesn’t mean your target audience will.

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What’s the Lifespan of a Facebook Post?

It is critical to comprehend how the Facebook algorithm functions as a whole. You could have North America’s best post. However, if it is not being seen by a sufficient number of people, you are essentially speaking to a brick wall.

In other words, you have a limited range. The number of people who have seen your Facebook post is referred to as reach. It can take up to 2 hours for a Facebook post to reach 75% of its potential reach.

Furthermore, it has been discovered that most pages only reach 6% of their total audience! Here’s how it works in practice. Assume you have 5000 Facebook fans. Only 300 people will see your post after about 2 hours. In the first hour and 50 minutes, 225 people will see your post. The remaining (75 people) will see your post within the next few hours.

The following are the key takeaways from this data:

  • Your engagement is a result of great content, timing, and reach.
  • For the best results, post great content during peak hours of your audience’s online activity.
  • Use Facebook metrics to determine when your target audience is most likely to be online.

You can increase the reach of your Facebook posts by knowing when to post (and creating a schedule accordingly).

Catchy Facebook Posts for Businesses

If you don’t know what stuff to post on Facebook, here are some business Facebook post ideas.

Pose a Problem and Ask for Advice

This type of social media post ideas for business is excellent on several levels. First and foremost, people enjoy answering questions and assisting with problem solving. Above all, if you ask a question that will help them with a problem, they will be grateful!

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Some of the suggestions business captions for Facebook are:

  • So, what would you do if…
  • One of our readers has emailed us with a question. Can you assist me?
  • I need to make a decision and would appreciate your feedback…
  • What advice would you give to someone who is still struggling with…

You can also turn the responses you’ve received into a blog post. This will provide you with new content ideas as well as something new to share with your Facebook audience!


Sharing behind-the-scenes (BTS) photos of your company is another great Facebook content idea. There are numerous approaches to this. Show how your products are manufactured, introduce your employees, or include bloopers from other videos or campaigns.

The examples of good Facebook posts are from Typeform’s BTS approach to National Pet Day by showcasing some of their employees’ furry friends! Consider how your company can engage your Facebook audience on a more personal level by sharing unique content and behind-the-scenes photos or stories.

Trending Topics

Posting about trending topics that people are talking about is a great way to increase reach and engagement. Not only will this increase your chances of appearing in feeds, but it will also increase the likelihood of people commenting on and sharing your posts.This is engaging Facebook posts examples.

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Here’s an example from Dr. Seuss’s Facebook Page, which capitalized on the trending topic of the age, staying at home, and social distancing. The words “STAY HOME” are spelled out with tokens from various Dr. Seuss books, remaining both brand and topic relevant.

Branded Graphics

Another excellent post idea that is appropriate for any online platform is to create branded graphics that incorporate your company’s logo, fonts, and colors. These are ideal because they are so adaptable! Share quotes, memes, motivational sayings, useful tips, and more in branded graphics. Don’t forget to put business captions for Facebook posts.

And they don’t all have to be the same style. Bring different shades of your brand colors into the graphics to make them all look unique, and use shapes and icons or illustrations to help visualize what your text says.

Chewy has created a great example of a basic branded graphic that any marketer can create using a DIY graphic design program.

Tell Stories

It is an effort to connect with your audience on a personal level. Telling stories is an excellent way to connect with your Facebook fans on a more personal level. And your story will differ depending on the size of your company.

These are excellent Facebook post examples of a story told by a solopreneur whose company revolves around her personal brand. While these types of businesses make it easier to get personal with storytelling, there are other options for nearly any brand.

Tell your own stories about how your company came to be, share the ups and downs of being a business owner, and make a business introduction Facebook post. 

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How to Maximize Your Facebook Post Reach

Can you really expect to get a lot of engagement if only 6% of your 800 followers (or 48 people) see your post for Facebook? The reality is, not at all.

To get algorithm-activating engagement on your posts, you need a lot more eyeballs on them. The best way to increase reach is to promote the post that you want the most people to see. Choose a popular Facebook post to boost. The algorithm on Facebook will then show your post to people who are most likely to interact with it.


The best Facebook posts must be unique, encourage participation, concentrate on the audience, use the proper terminology, post at the appropriate time, and reach a large number of people. Are you prepared to put these Facebook post ideas to the test? Begin creating and scheduling your best content for business Facebook page.

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