Are you looking for business canvas model sample? You go to the right sites. In this article, we will discuss about business model canvas and its example.

What’s The Business Model Canvas?

Are you curious on how to create business model canvas in word? Before that, you need to understand what a Business Model canvas is? So, software business model canvas is a management tool that is used to create a strategic business idea or concept. The business model canvas usually appears as one page documents.

Business model canvas is an important thing you need to do when setting up a business because it helps you to find your business idea. The right side of the business plan template focuses on the external thing which you can’t handle. While the left side focuses on the internal side of your business. 

By making the business model canvas sample, you can find out your business value proposition. What is the business canvas example? Starbucks business model is also one of the business model canvas examples you can see.

As mentioned above, business model canvas is an important and fundamental thing in business. You need to use this business canvas model to set up your business because it will give you many benefits such as:

  • Business model canvas can be used as a roadmap.
  • Business model roadmaps allow you to pivot as needed.
  • It is easy to use. You can use this canvas in just a few hours. 
  • A business model canvas is more agile.
  • Help to provide a quick overview of the business model.
  • Help to avoid the unnecessary details compared to the traditional business plan.
  • Easy to use and understand.
  • Easy to edit and it can be shared with employees and stakeholders easily.
  • Can be used by large corporations as well as startups with just a few employees.
  • Help to clarify the different aspects of the business that are related to each other. 
  • Business model canvas template can be used as guidance to brainstorming sessions on defining your business model effectively.
  • Help you to find out your business canvas idea.
  • Help the process of making connections between what your business canvas model idea is and how to make it into a business.

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How Do I Get Started?

How to get started? To make your own business canvas, you need to fill up the nine parts of business canvas. The nine parts consist of customer segments, customer value propositions, channels, revenue streams,customer relationships, key partners, key resources, key activities, and also cost structure.

To fill out the nine segments of the business canvas, of course business owners need to analyze and do market search on each of the elements you have filled.Then the data you have found can be used as a road map that helps you to be a successful business owner.

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Components Of Business Model Canvas

Here are the components of business model canvas you need to know such as:

Customer Segments

The first component of a business model canvas is the customer segment. Customer segment is the group of your business target which can be personal or company. You can segment your customers based on the similarities such as gender, age, interest, behaviors, geographical area and many more. When you do the customer segment, you will easily analyze your customers needs and find out your selling ideas.

Customer Relationships

In the customer relationship, you need to consider what relationship you want to create and have with your customer and how you will interact with them.


Another part of the business model canvas is channels. Channels are used to describe how your business reaches your target customers and communicates with them. By using channel, you can connect with your customers.l

Revenue Streams

Revenue streams are an important part in business. Revenue streams a business source from a company that generates money by selling their product or service to the customers. In this revenue segment, you need to describe how you will earn revenue from your business value propositions.

Key Activities

There are also key activities that you need to focus on. Key activities will be used to fulfill the value proposition, reaching customer segments, maintaining customer relationships, and of course generating revenue.

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Key Resources


Beside key activities, there are also key resources. Key resources are used to create your business value proposition. You need to list down which key resources or the main inputs you need to carry out your key activities.

Key Partners

Key partners are the external companies  that will help you to carry out your business key activities. These partnerships are needed in order to reduce any business risks and acquire more resources.

Cost Structure

In this cost structure segment, you need to identify all the costs needed when operating your business. There are two types of cost structure such as cost-driven which focuses on minimizing costs whenever possible and value-driven which focuses on providing maximum value to the customer.

Value Propositions

The last segment is the value proposition. Value proposition is a business model canvas heart that can help you to represent the solution to your business product and service problems. Your business value proposition has to be unique or must be different from all your business competitors.

Business Model Canvas Samples

Are you looking for business model canvas example company? Here are 2 business model canvas samples for you.

Automobile Company Example

The first example of business model canvas is an automobile company. The automobile company that focus on safety, style, reliability and mass appeal are Honda and Toyota.

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Amazon Example

The second example of these business model canvas is an e-commerce company. This business model canvas example you can find is Amazon which is one of the famous e-commerce companies in the world.


Business model canvas is a tool that business owners use to plan their marketing business strategy. This business model can be used by any business types. Once you have set up your business, don’t forget to advertise your business to attract customers and increase your sales.

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