Are you searching for the best items to sell online Philippines? Well, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a paradigm shift not only within the Philippines but to the lifestyles of individuals across the world. Take note that this article won’t bring the issue about top selling sites in the Philippines, it is the product that this article is focused on.

According to statistics about online selling, 80 percent of individuals use the web to shop online. Due to this, businesses were forced to innovate and shift to a more digital method of selling.

Delving into different selling platforms like Shopee, Lazada, even social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram all for the sake of their businesses’ continuance. Sit back and enjoy this article to know more about top-selling products online, winning items PH, trending products 2022, most consumed products in the Philippines, in demand items in the Philippines, and popular products in the Philippines.

List of 3 Best Items to Sell Online Philippines

Filipinos will spend $12 billion on ecommerce platforms by 2025, representing a major portion of the Southeast Asian market and a valuable category for you to dip your toes in. But to face go in an increasingly competitive market, you wish for the correct products to sell, timely marketing strategies, and therefore the resolve to stay going.

Of course, there are several moving parts when it involves starting and building an ecommerce business within the Philippines. Shipping is expensive and unreliable, especially once you consider the dimensions of the country.

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Customer satisfaction is paramount. Convincing new users to trust your brand is additionally tricky. However, the most important hurdle to getting started is determining in-demand products to sell.

In this article, online selling ideas Philippines in 2021 that attract robust search interest and remain top of mind for Filipino consumers. That also shares relevant marketing tips personalised for every product that you simply can incorporate into your go-to market strategy.

These suggestions can either be built into a fresh store or added on to an existing site. they’re supported data from Google Trends and search volume data plugged from popular SEO tools. This text is going to be updated frequently as we discover new items so make certain to bookmark it and check back periodically!

This should (hopefully!) facilitate your discovery of new business ideas or even offer you a thought for an excellent product to feature to your existing online store. Since each niche product is supposed for a definite audience. So, here are some best products to sell online 2022 Philippines.


The first top-selling online products in the Philippines is dumbbells. Interest in at-home workouts and fitness equipment has skyrocketed thanks to the pandemic, social distancing, and stay-at-home directives. 

It comes as no surprise that Filipinos are wanting to purchase dumbbells to remain on top of their workout regimen, and that we predict this trend to continue well into the year. There’s high levels of buyer intent in those looking for dumbbells within the Philippines.

Data from Google Trends shows consistent interest throughout the year for the keyword ‘dumbbells’, reaching as high as 100 on one occasion.

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Further data from SEMrush indicates a mean of twenty two thousand searches on Google for ‘dumbbells’. While organic SEO efforts may take ages up-to-date fruit, given the high keyword difficulty rating, it’s likely that paid campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Search, and other social platforms pay dividends.

In the event that you just already manage a health and fitness store within the Philippines, adding dumbbells to your existing SKUs is a superb method to improve traffic, visibility, and sales. 

You’ll be able to do so either by a targeted Google Adwords campaign or perhaps paid social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram targeted at people fascinated by health and fitness.

And once a chance is poked around on your site, it’s easier to upsell with accessories like fitness bands, training shoes, and other workout gear. whether or not they only purchase a pair of dumbbells, you’ll be able to still make use of their email address for added marketing campaigns later down the road.

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Filipino consumers are expected to spend over $2 billion annually on skincare products by 2027 including creams, facial cleansers, lotions, and more. Data from Google Trends indicates that it’s a category with high demand throughout the year and the best product to sell in Philippines.

When it involves finding things to sell online within the Philippines, skincare products are a strong category that provides a high degree of repeat purchases. If you’re building a brand new brand during this space, however, the challenge is to drive visibility and foster trust.

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Visual platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and even TikTok can help with the primary stage of brand awareness and entice consumers at the highest of the funnel. 

User-generated content is key; this includes video reviews, testimonials, and branded hashtags. Influencers, while expensive, have an engaged social following that you just are also able to leverage to drive traffic to your store.

That recommends an omnichannel marketing strategy that targets prospects at disparate touchpoints. Your customer might discover you on Pinterest or TikTok and click on through to your store. After browsing through your products, they may be enticed to shop for but arrange to leave it on a different day.

The eventual purchase may come some days later after they see a further ad on Instagram. Relying heavily on only 1 acquisition channel, whether it’s Google Adwords or Instagram, might not be the most effective approach.

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Filipino consumers retain interest in shoes all year round, as evidenced by Google Trends data. Interest reaches as high as 100 during the summer months and infrequently drops below 75. Shoes are often an impulse buy, too, which implies a well-designed creative supported by a conversion optimised website can facilitate your stand out.

In total, there are nearly 50,000 monthly searches within the Philippines for shoes. While it’s hard to rank for this keyword organically, a comparatively cheap cost per click of $0.24 gives you the chance to shop for high-intent traffic. That means it is one of the best product in the Philippines.

Euromonitor Research suggests that Filipino consumers had a preference for comfortable footwear products in 2020, as a result of extended lockdowns and longer spent reception. This included sandals, slippers, and lighter shoes. That’s something worth considering as you launch a replacement store and judge on your product inventory.


So there you’ve got it. Listed above are the highest selling products within the Philippines. That recommends that you simply do your research before you opt on what to sell online within the Philippines, but it’s equally important to urge starting by building a store.

Product trends and research is one a part of the equation; a successful ecommerce business also entails a cohesive marketing strategy, customer experience, and after sales service. 

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