You might ever use the Lazada platform but do you know who is the CEO of Lazada? If you have known the founder of Shopee, for example, now let’s read this article to get the information about the CEO of Lazada Group and Lazada Philippines. Check this out!

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CEO of Lazada Group

I think most people in Asia countries must know what Lazada is. As one of the most popular and used e-commerce,Lazada has become customers’ favorite because Lazada offers a great shopping experience by offering a lot of product categories, several payment methods, and also the thing that customers can’t refuse, which is discount and promotion.

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But do you know about Lazada history? So, Lazada was founded in 2012 with its headquarter office in Lazada Singapore. Lazada is owned by Alibaba but do you know who Lazada’s CEO is? When you search the internet about Lazada, you might see chun li Lazada or something else that looks alike. And yes, Chun Li is the CEO of Lazada.

Chun Li became a CEO of Lazada in July 2020. Before becoming the CEO of Lazada, Chun Li joined Lazada too with the position of Co-President whose task is to look at the product strategy, technology and also business. In the other word, Chun Li is one important person behind the Lazada technology platform and its organization transformation back then in 2017. 

Besides that, Chun Li has become the Lazada Indonesia CEO in 2019 which role is to grow the Lazada Indonesia business development as well as its strategy to increase more sales, clicks and also leads. 

What is Chun Li basic? And for your information, Chun Li graduated from Peking University with a dual bachelor’s degree in mechanics and economic law. Chun Li also graduated with a master ‘s degree from Ohio State University with a master ‘s degree in mechanical engineering.

Based on Chun Li’s experience for 30 years in the digital industry, it can be said that Chun Li is an internet technology veteran because he is the one person that makes the digital industry work right now. Before becoming part of Lazada, Chun Li worked for Alibaba B2B business as a Chief Technology Officer in 2014 until May 2017. Beside that, he has been positioned at InPro System, eBay and also PayPal.

Mr. Chun Li has a really good understanding of digital industry business and markets like Lazada. This is because of their experience in the digital industry for 30 years. Besides that, he has a great experience in product strategy and technology architecture. His experience really helped to strengthen the Lazada group’s data technology and business strategy and its localization across Lazada six markets.

Mr. Chun Li took over the Lazada chief executive officer from Pierre Poignant, the Lazada current position. Mr.Chun Li is known as the Lazada chief architect. He works behind Lazada’s technology platform. Lazada has a lot of experience as a business leader that has a great vision for the best future.

For your additional information, Pierre Poignant became the Lazada chief executive officer for only one year and seven months then he became the special assistant of Alibaba Group’s chairman and CEO, Daniel Zhang. Lazada has reached healthy growth in two years under his leadership.

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Ray Alimurung

You might use the Lazada platform regularly but do you know about the Lazada origin country? Lazada as one of the most favorite and popular platforms in South East Asia offers several products like fashion, consumer electronics, sport equipment, toys, clothing and many more.

Lazada was founded in 2012 and available in six countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand. Lazada also aims to serve 300 million customers and has been the largest marketplace with the brand and sellers selection.

Lazada headquarters office based on Singapore. Lazada ecommerce is also become the arm of Alibaba group, which is the Chinese e-commerce giant group with its CEO is Mr. Chun Li. The CEO play an important role to increase the company’s growth, sales and also leads in the region. Beside that, the CEO has the responsibility to expand the Lazada group too.

You might search the Lazada Wikipedia about who is the CEO of Lazada Philippines and what is the Lazada CEO Philippines role? Lazada CEO Philippines takes a role to grow and expand the Lazada platform across the region. 

Who is the Lazada Philippines CEO? For your information, Ray Alimurung is a CEO Lazada Philippines. Mr. Ray Alimurung start his duties as a Chief Executive Officer of Lazada Philippines which is a leadership for the Philippine’s ecommerce company. Beside that, Mr. Ray Alimurung has done partnerships with other big brands such as L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, Samsung and Apple.

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Mr.Ray Alimurung takes over the CEO role from Mr. Inanc Balci and now he needs to create a strategy to expand and grow the Lazada platform. Beside that, the Lazada Philippines vision is to shape Lazada group’s strategic direction. For your additional information, Mr. Ray Alimurung has ten years experience on ecommerce and consumer internet. He also had been Amazon product and vendor manager and CEO of ecommerce Philippines.

Ray Alimurung was really grateful to get an opportunity to lead the Lazada Philippines. He is excited to make a big innovation in Lazada Philippines. Ray Alimurung has revealed his thoughts about the digital trends in the future and the evolution of digital payments in Lazada Philippines which is a part of Lazada Philippines growth.

Ray Alimurung will keep offering a great shopping experience in Lazada and will help the small business owner to expand their business in Lazada.

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Mr. Chun Li has a really good understanding of digital industry business and markets like Lazada. This is because of their experience in the digital industry for 30 years. While Mr.Ray Alimurung is a CEO Lazada in Philippines. Mr. Ray Alimurung started his duties as a Chief Executive Officer of Lazada Philippines which is a leadership for the Philippines ecommerce company. 

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