As soon as your Shopee purchase is complete and ready for shipping, the product will be delivered to a courier, logistics provider, or postal agency. Additionally, each order will be granted a unique tracking number, allowing the customer to readily track the location of their order as well as the estimated arrival time.

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What is Shopee Standard Express?

Orders will be delivered in the shortest amount of time feasible via Standard Delivery, also known as Shopee Xpress, a Shopee-supported logistics service. Shopee Xpress is open from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday in the National Capital Region and Monday through Friday in the Provincial Areas (excluding selected holidays).

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Depending on the timelines listed below, the delivery time may differ:

Area Delivery Time
Metro Manila 1 to 3 Business Days
Luzon 3 to 8 Business Days
Visayas 3 to 9 Business Days
Mindanao 3 to 9 Business Days
From Overseas 7 to 16 Business Days

You may simply track the progress of your order with the Shopee Xpress tracking page, the Shopee App, or the Shopee website. The Shopee Guarantee is also valid for orders placed through Shopee Xpress. The shipping choice for the Economy Option would be up to 30% less expensive, but the Estimated Delivery Time would be longer (+3 days compared to the normal option).

For Sellers Schedule
Booking cut-off for same-day pick-up 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM from Monday to Sunday
Maximum allowable weight and dimension 144 kg weight and 100 cm per dimension

How to Find Shopee Tracking Number?

Step 1: Go to My Purchases and select “To Ship, To Receive, Completed, or Cancelled” from the drop-down menu. It may be found under the “Me” tab on the navigation bar. More information on how to check the status of your order may be found by clicking here.

To monitor an item, go to My Purchases and tap on the item you wish to track. Step 3: On the Shipping Information page, you will be able to see the current status of your order. 

In other cases, you could say:

  • If an order has not arrived within the expected delivery period or if an item has not arrived in the expected/appropriate condition, tap on the “Extend Shopee Guarantee” or “Request Return/Refund” buttons to request an extension of the Shopee guarantee or a refund.
  • Non-COD orders may be returned or refunded if they have not arrived after being extended by Shopee Guarantee and there has been no response from the vendor

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How Long Does the Shipping Take?

Orders are typically delivered within 4 to 18 calendar days, depending on their origin and destination (local or international), the logistics partner, and when they were picked up by that partner. This computation does not take into account public holidays or the non-working days of the logistics partner.

Area Delivery Timeframe
Within Metro Manila 4 to 6 Calendar Days
Outside Metro Manila 7 to 12 Calendar Days
From Overseas 9 to 18 Calendar Days

For local orders shipped by non-Shopee-supported logistics, check with the seller directly via Shopee Chat on the Shopee App to determine an expected delivery date. In the case of international orders, it will be delivered to you between 9-18 working days after the seller has made arrangements for shipment, depending on the delivery service selected and other external circumstances.

Failed to receive an order What will happen?
First delivery attempt Your order will be redelivered to you again
Second delivery attempt  This will result in order cancellation and will be returned to the Seller(RTS). 

Benefits of Being a Shopee Express Seller

Fast Delivery Delivers items to the buyers in the fastest time possible.
Faster Payout Faster seller payout is the result of Shopee Xpress’ fast delivery commitment.
Cheaper Shipping Fee The shipping fee is cheaper than the average within Metro Manila.
Bulky Items Accepted Can easily manage the packaging of parcels since bulky and irregularly shaped items are accepted.
Ample Time To Prepare More time to prepare parcels since SPX allows pick-up to be scheduled for up to 2 days after an order is confirmed.
Drop-off Points There are selected drop-off points for the convenience of sellers.
Proper Handling Ensures that all orders are handled with care and will reach the buyer in perfect condition.
Accurate Item Returns Ensures that items to be returned to the sellers, due to failure of delivery, are accurate.

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General Guidelines for Shopee Express

  • Sellers are not permitted to allow their buyers to open packages and inspect the contents for damage before paying the couriers. Items that have been damaged or incorrectly shipped should be returned or refunded through Shopee’s Return/Refund Process.
  • RTS packages should not be refused by sellers. Failure to do so will result in the tagging of failed RTS products, and the items will be placed on hold at the courier’s warehouse/hub for a period of seven days. If the items are not claimed by the vendor within this time frame, they will be disposed of (See RTS policy here). You have the right to file a claim if any of your things are damaged, incorrectly sent, or missing upon return.
  • When the courier arrives to pick up the products, sellers should be able to give over the packages as soon as they arrive. Only book orders that are ready to be picked up so that couriers do not have to wait while sellers are putting together their packages to be picked up.
  • Before shipping things and upon receipt of Return-To-Seller shipments, sellers should be able to show proof of the items they are selling in order for claims to be processed. More information about submitting claims can be found in the Shopee Help Center.
  • Before signing and submitting the handover form to the rider, sellers should double-check that all of the information is correct. All pertinent information, such as the reason for partial pick-up, should be included in the form to minimize future complications.

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