Whatsapp business vs whatsapp is one among the foremost used messaging apps within the world as people like to chat through the app due to its features, security and speed. 

Moreover, WhatsApp has caught over 2 billion users exploiting all areas of life. The quality version of WhatsApp may be a great tool for communicating together with your friends and family. 

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If you own a business, WhatsApp Business could be a great platform to take care of an account between you and your customers. Its user-friendly design, reliability and functionality make WhatsApp Messenger suitable for both personal and official use. 

WhatsApp has completely evolved from a messaging app. With the introduction of payments, location sharing, audio or video calls and attachments, the Messenger app may be a one-stop solution for virtual interactions.

Whatsapp business vs Whatsapp download? WhatsApp doesn’t levy any charges on users to send a message to a WhatsApp Business account. 

Differences Between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business

Whatsapp business vs whatsapp biasa? The popularity and convenience of WhatsApp led to more small businesses using it to speak with customers. Since the platform was originally created for private use, it became evident that a business oriented solution was needed hence the creation of WhatsApp Business.

Can I use whatsapp and whatsapp business on the same number? No, you can not use the identical number for private and business WhatsApp. If you register for a business account using the identical signal, your personal account is going to be converted into a WhatsApp Business account.

1. Design & Platform

WhatsApp is developed using the Erlang programming language and FreeBSD software system. Both the apps share a typical platform for conversational activities. On top of that, they share the identical design guidelines moreover. However, both apps have different logos.

2. App Charges

Is Whatsapp business free? When WhatsApp was launched, after completing the primary year, there was an annual subscription charge of $0.99. However, after Facebook acquired the app, they decided to drop the annual subscription fee. Now, you’ll download both apps free of cost. they’re available on Google play store and Apple store.

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3. Security

There is no concern for security as both apps feature end-to-end encryption for messages. Each message is totally secured by a protocol of layers that’s inaccessible to 3rd party users. This ensures every message shared on both platforms securely reaches the target destination.

The recent policy update states that every one the activities remain private on WhatsApp. WhatsApp can’t read your messages, hear calls, access location details and file attachments. On the opposite hand, Business accounts can however collect customer information to reinforce their shopping experience.

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4. Messaging Capabilities

As long as you abide by WhatsApp’s guidelines, companies and individuals are allowed to send unlimited messages of any format (audio, video or file attachments).

You can broadcast messages to up to 256 contacts in one go. The identical limit is applicable in adding members to a bunch of both apps.

5. Multimedia Shareability

This is probably one of the foremost popular features as many users utilise it. The 2 apps support attaching audio visual files, sharing documents, location and speak to details.

WhatsApp has even launched an in-chat payment feature where you’ll be able to send and receive payments through UPI ID. This feature is out there on both platforms. A strategic move by WhatsApp that facilitates the apps in providing an end to finish shopping solution to users.

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6. Contacts Labels

WhatsApp personal messenger doesn’t support this feature, whereas WhatsApp Business does. WhatsApp Labels are colour coded categorically. Through this feature, you’ll create custom label names to sort contacts accordingly.

You can create up to twenty custom labels and use them to mark individual contacts or groups. This is often a convenient feature where you’ll be able to select labels and organise your data productively.

Being well organised may be a key factor for any business that wishes to reach the future. The labels feature within WhatsApp Business helps you retain your account neat. you’ll be able to assign different labels for every chat, together with allocating them in various colours.

This will facilitate tracking your orders, generate leads and keep your WhatsApp Business account under control.

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7. User Profile

Can I use Whatsapp business for personal use? User profile varies in both apps. On WhatsApp Business, you’ll be able to display business name, logo, business category, website URL, showcase product catalogue, insert company description, update location and define working hours.

Whereas, WhatsApp personal app profile section has only about section, name, display picture and telephcara menggunakan whatsapp business

one number.

8. Message Automation

Whatsapp business features? This feature comes in handy for those that are busy or once you are aloof from the office. When someone interacts along with your WhatsApp number during those pre defined away hours, the user gets custom automated responses supporting the trigger.

You can’t automate messages on personal WhatsApp Messenger. However, within the WhatsApp Business app, there are three varieties of message automation functions:

Greeting Messages

The WhatsApp Business app allows you to line automatic greeting messages. Whenever anyone sends you a text to your WhatsApp Business account for the primary time or after 14 days of no engagement, they’ll receive a greeting text that you just can customise.

Quick Replies

As a business owner, you would possibly receive queries from new customers. you may even have to retort and send messages to unsaved WhatsApp numbers.

Your new customers might ask questions that you just have answered over and over before. To avoid feeling like you’re repeating yourself, WhatsApp Business web offers a feature called Quick replies. To start, you’ll be able to attend Settings then move to Quick replies. Once you’ve got this set up, you may be ready to answer several commonly asked queries.

Away Messages

If you’re unavailable, you’ll also set messages to tell your customers that you just will come back to them once you’re back. To activate this feature, visit the Away message feature on WhatsApp Business and switch it on. Then, set the automated messages that your customers will receive during your unavailability.

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Cara menggunakan Whatsapp business? As your small business grows, you’ll have to manage your customers better. Communication is critical, but you cannot expect to remain on duty for twenty-four hours on a daily basis.

WhatsApp Business offers an answer to assist you quickly reply to commonly asked questions, together with building better relationships.

After gazing at the differences between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business, it’s obvious that WhatsApp Business has added advantages compared to non-public WhatsApp Messenger.

New features lined up for the business app to create it more engaging and a good tool in interacting with your customers. This app favours local business owners who have a little customer database.

If you have already got prior experience using WhatsApp, the version for businesses should not be an excessive amount of a leap. And now you recognize a way to use it, why not get started?

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