What is Shopee live? Shopee live Stream salary sellers Philippines may be a popular mobile platform based in geographic area that originally began as a consumer-to-consumer (C2C) platform before developing into a business-to-business (B2B) marketplace serving customers throughout the region.

Shopee provides merchants with simple, inexpensive payment options to assist them develop their businesses. The app is an e-commerce website and has many fun sections like live broadcasts and games.

Additionally, it rewards users with coins, discounts, payback coupons, and freebies, which can explain why it’s so popular. Shopee could be a mobile-only marketplace that emphasises social selling. It’s an open platform, which makes getting started simple. Here’s there is information about Shopee streamer academy that you have to know.

What is Shopee Live Streaming?

Shopee Live PH is Shopee’s new “shoppertainment” strategy for giving a more personal touch to how sellers can connect with buyers. Many believe that live streaming is the future for the eCommerce industry following the increase of Facebook Live, Insta Live, and Bigo Live. This is often furthered by recent features released by both Shopee and Lazada to push live streaming.

This live streaming feature in Shopee enables sellers to interact with their customers at any time or anywhere.

Live Streaming encompasses several activities broadcasted over the web and should be private (for select watchers) or public (for everyone). Shopee Live Voucher allows you to say as many vouchers as you’ll via Shopee live streaming.

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How Can I Watch Shopee Live?

You may find Shopee Live on PC Philippines at the Shopee home page as per below. Upon clicking on the Shopee Live Streaming square, you’ll be able to view current, past and upcoming live streams during a single page! Interested in an upcoming stream? Just click on the ‘Remind Me’ button to line an auto-reminder in your phone. And you’ll Shopee live on laptop or OBS Shopee live.

Why is Shopee Live Important?

If you’re a seller looking to start Shopee streamer academy live selling, you can utilise the following functions:

  • Feature a product: Add featured or discounted products during the livestream within the sack. Show these featured products by tapping the icon and clicking the Show button.
  • Auction: Also spoken as Mine, it creates a way of urgency to the viewers as they fight to urge a coveted product first.
  • Vouchers: Seller offers vouchers for discounts, free shipping, or other perks that customers can claim after they watch the stream and use it in said seller’s store.
  • Coins: otherwise to increase viewership is to reward coins. Sellers should first purchase Shopee Coins to undertake and do that, then give them out during the stream. Coins are also conversant in purchases on the app.
  • Live polls: Interactive polls mid-stream foster engagement by getting the viewers’ opinion about the livestream or the merchant’s products.
  • Camera: Control which filters to use during the stream or switch between front and back cameras.
  • Stream replays: Sellers can add past livestreams as a separate tab on their shop page so viewers can rewatch them. Recorded streams are kept for 60 days for now.

Introduction to Shopee LIVE

Shopee LIVE chat could be a function that helps you to host livestream sessions to market your shop and products to your shoppers. Shoppers can interact with you via chat in real time to seek out more about your products, and buy them directly while watching the livestream.

Preparing For Your Livestream 

Before you use the Shopee Livestream Feature, you wish to refill this Shopee Livestream Request form. it would take two to 5 business days for the Shopee team to review your request to use the Shopee LiveStream feature. You may receive a notification once you’re approved.

Enter your required Title, Description, and canopy Image. Add The Products that you simply Want To Feature within the Stream.

You select products from your favourite list or from your shop. you’ll form a maximum of 200 items. Once you do, confirm that you simply head to the vendor Centre first and set the discounted price for the products.

Edit the main points Before Clicking Next. you’ll rearrange the products as you see fit. Edit the small print. Click next to work out the preview of your stream.

Make sure that the lens is clean while your phone has a sufficient battery to support the live stream. It’s essential to use a tripod to line up the camera with the rear lens facing towards you. The front camera will provide a reflection when used for Shopee Live.

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Benefits Of Using Shopee Live

Live streaming increases your online and social presence. This ends up in further expansion/awareness of your brand. you’ll give out vouchers and discounts to customers during your live session. This encourages a rise in sales Shopee.

Seller Checklist Before Going Live

Before you go live, make sure that this seller checklist has been ticked off:

  • Everything should be so as. ensure you ready your content flow and host script. Your prepared content should match the expected duration of your stream and make sure your Shopee live resolution.
  • Featured products should get on the merchandise feed. confirm that the costs for the discounted products are updated.
  • Before going live, ensure that you just have a decent internet connection. The camera and props should even be properly found. Put all the featured products on the merchandise feed.

How To Set Up Before A Live Stream?

As a beginner, you want four things to travel live: a camera, a microphone, streaming software, and a decent internet connection. You’ll be able to also add accessories that may drastically improve the standard of your live stream without an excessive amount of effort.

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Functionalities Within The Shopee Live Features

Shopee LIVE may be a function that permits you to host livestream sessions to push your shop and products on to your shoppers. Shoppers can interact with you via chat in real time to search out more about your products, and buy them directly while watching the livestream.

Content Guidelines for Shopee Live Streamers

To maintain its status mutually of the leading eCommerce platforms in geographical area, Shopee is prudent within the quiet content that it allows on the web site. Sellers are highly forbidden from sharing inappropriate content during live streams. Inappropriate content refers to:

  • Deceptive or misleading content.
  • Content containing sexual acts.
  • Drug content.
  • Content that promotes copyright-infringing products.
  • Counterfeit products.
  • Gambling content.
  • Content that encourages racism and violence.
  • Animal abuse content.
  • Arms trade content.
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Shopee live streamers salary is type of high. Shopee Live Streaming might be the largest Shopee feature that was launched on January 7th 2019.

This feature allows sellers to point products directly so that potential buyers feel more confident after seeing the visual appearance of the desired product. Sellers can directly interact with potential buyers without having to depart the streaming page.

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