A SKU, or Stock Keeping Unit, is a unique number that is used to maintain inventories within a company’s internal systems. Shoppers like you and me use SKUs to keep track of our inventory and sales, and this can generate valuable analytical data that can be used to build connections with our vendors and consumers.

SKU numbers are vital because they ensure that your inventory is effectively tracked and because they assist you in determining when to order new products to ensure that your stuff never runs out of stock in your store.

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What is SKU in Shopee?

The Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) refers to the smallest unit of merchandise that can be sold on Shopee. Short for stock keeping unit, SKU (pronounced “skew”) is a term used by merchants to identify and track their inventory, also known as stock. 

A SKU is a one-of-a-kind code made up of letters and digits that is used to identify specific aspects of a product, such as the manufacturer, the brand, the style, the color, and the size. The Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) refers to the smallest unit of merchandise that can be sold on Shopee.

Businesses develop distinct SKUs for their products and services to differentiate them from one another. Using the example of a shoe business, internal SKUs are created to display product data such as color, size, style, price, manufacturer, and brand. Internal SKUs are also used to track inventory. If you want to buy a pair of purple Ugg boots in the Bailey Bow style in size 6, the SKU for those boots might be “UGG-BB-PUR-06.”

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What is the Importance of Adding a Parent SKU in Shopee?

Here are the importance:

Stock Replenishment 

Because the SKU numbers represent the products that you have on hand, it is simple to keep track of your stock when conducting an inventory check. This manner, you would be aware of which things need to be reordered in order to ensure that you receive the correct supplies on time.

An Increase in Sales Revenue

SKU numbers allow you to quickly identify which products are being sold and which are not. You can keep track of your products by identifying the inventory that needs to be replenished. You can also determine which items are popular and which items remain on the shelves for an extended period of time.

You will be able to order and sell the proper things as a result of this, and you will avoid ordering products that do not sell well.

Gross Margins Will Increase

In order to ensure that your expenses do not exceed your profits, it is critical that you order the appropriate amount of inventory. SKUs assist you in this subject because you are keeping track of your products and would be aware of the items you currently have in your inventory.

As you plan what you buy and what you sell, a well-managed inventory allows you to maximize your gross margins by minimizing waste.

Improvements in Overall Efficiency

As previously stated in the preceding section, SKUs assist you in keeping track of your products and streamlining the way you arrange your business operations. This allows your store to run smoothly because everything has been classified using the SKU numbering system, and the products will be organized in accordance with the numbers assigned to each SKU.

In a nutshell, you may prevent overstocking superfluous commodities and set acceptable stock levels by following these guidelines. 

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How Do I Use Parent SKU on Shopee?

Variations are different alternatives that can be found within a single listing. Buyers can make their pick based on multiple features such as size, color, or other characteristics from the same product on a single detail page by using variations.

Variations for your product can be enabled on the product details page, in the Sales Information section of the product information page. For each variant, enter the name of the variation and the alternative options, followed by the price, the amount of stock available, and the SKU number (if applicable).

It should be noted that you can set the stock to 0 for any variation(s) that are not accessible.

Using the Apply To All option for products with the same price, stock, and SKU numbers across all variations will duplicate the information across all variation options for that product.

Adding an image to each variation option is another option you can select.

  1. In the Variation 2 section, enter the name of the variation type and the alternatives it offers, as well as the price, stock, and SKU number (if applicable) for each option.

If you delete your first tier, your second layer will be promoted to the position of first/main tier immediately. You can create as many alternatives as you want for a single variation type (single tier variation). The number of possible variation combinations cannot exceed 50.

For example, a product has two categories of variations: size (S, M, L) and color (red, blue, green, and yellow) (Black, White). As a result, there are a total of six variation combinations: (Black), S (Black), M (Black), L (Black); (White), S (White), M (White), L (White); S (White), M (White), L (White)

You can include photographs for the first variation type in products that have two types of variants, such as an image for each color. Images can only be added to the first variation type, and no other variations. If you want to include an image for each variant, you must include an image for each variation choice.

While it is not required to include photographs for your first type of variation, doing so will assist purchasers in visualizing and selecting from the various possibilities more simply.

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How to Update SKU Details with Shopee Inventory?

Use the Edit function to independently update each SKU in a single operation. 

Single Upload

  • Make any necessary adjustments to the SKU’s location, stock, minimum stock threshold, and supplier lead time.
  • Click on the ‘tick’ button to confirm the changes, or on the ‘cross’ icon to cancel the modifications.

Mass Upload

In order to update numerous SKUs at the same time, you must use the Mass Update feature.

  • Using the Export All or Export tool, you may download the template. Using the template, you can make bulk changes to the SKU details.
  • Navigate to the page for the mass update.
  • Select the Upload tab from the drop-down menu.
  • To upload the completed template, go to File > Upload Template.

What is a Parent SKU in Shopee Example?

Symbolic product identifiers (SKUs) are alphanumeric and should contain information about the most significant aspects of a product — for example, the price, color, style, brand, gender, kind, and size. This information in the SKUs should also be arranged in descending order from most important to least important — or, to put it another way, from the most needed information to the least necessary information.

Despite the fact that stock keeping units, also known as SKUs, and barcodes are similar, they are not interchangeable. When compared to SKU numbers, barcodes are distinguished by the manner in which they are assigned to products—SKU numbers are unique to a firm or seller, whereas barcodes should be assigned to all similar products, regardless of where they are sold.

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