What is lazada wallet? When you talk about online shopping, Lazada almost immediately comes to mind. Since launching in 2012, the popular online shopping platform continued to introduce feature after feature in an attempt to encourage more customers. And their best one yet has to be the Lazada Wallet.

What is a wallet account in lazada? Lazada, one of the most popular online shopping websites in the Philippines, is an ever-evolving e-commerce platform. Breaking into the scene as an online store for third-party sellers, it has expanded with the launch of LazMall. And with its introduction of the mobile wallet, they’ve made payment transactions even easier and faster.

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What is Lazada?

Lazada is a leading eCommerce platform in Southeast Asia, basically the Amazon of South-East Asia. This platform is open to international sellers who want to tap into the markets of Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia.

You can set up a Lazada shop for each site, and customize your products, product descriptions, shipping times, and prices for customers in each country.

As the world’s premiere eCommerce gateway to Southeast Asia, Lazada has created a vibrant and unique online shopping mall that connects consumers across Southeast Asia with merchants around the world. It’s one of the easiest ways for eCommerce retailers to push sales in the region.

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How to Shop on Lazada Easily?

Here are the steps on how to shop on Lazada easily :

  1. Search for the item you wish to buy
  2. Choose from the result and click Add to Cart
  3. Once finalized, click the Shopping Cart icon to view items on Cart
  4. Select items you wish to order and click Check Out
  5. Review order details before tapping Place Order
  6. Choose the payment method that you would like to use
  7. Click Confirm Selection
  8. A confirmation should appear once order has been successfully placed and will proceed under To Ship

How to activate lazada wallet? The ability to “top up” a Lazada wallet offline has brought Lazada to people who do not have regular access to the internet. To top up offline, users can go to a participating physical store and use the cash to add money to their virtual wallet.

These are the key features you will benefit from using Lazada E-Wallet :

  • Easy access to cash-in partners
  • One-click payments
  • All transactions with the e-wallet are protected
  • Guaranteed instant refunds
  • Get rebates whenever you shop

What is Lazada Wallet?

What is lazada wallet philippines? Lazada e-wallet is a digital payment option that you can use to buy products and avail of services from the Lazada digital shop. The minimum amount you can place in the wallet is 20, while the maximum amount is 50,000. The said balance includes refunds and promotional rebates.

How to buy using lazada wallet? This one-click checkout process eliminates the worry of having to bear the exact amount during cash-on-delivery transactions. To date, digital wallets have become the most preferred payment method by two million online shoppers on the portal.

The Benefits of Using Lazada Wallet

What is e wallet in lazada? E-wallets have been popular over the years in the online betting market, but more recently E-Commerce platforms have started using them to ensure that people can pay for their goods quickly and easily.

What is the use of lazada wallet? Here are 6 benefits of using Lazada Wallet.

You Can Take Advantage of The New Cut-Off Times

What is caswhat is lazada e wallet? If you’re already a member of our Official Facebook Group (where we post news, updates, and other helpful information), you’ve probably known by now that the Lazada Wallet has a later cut-off time than the BillEase voucher. But if it’s your first time hearing that, well, you heard that right.

The cut-off for requesting a BillEase voucher was 10am. That is, if you request a voucher after 10am, you will have to wait until the late afternoon of the next banking day before your voucher arrives at your BillEase account.

On the other hand, the last call for Wallet top-up requests is 12pm, every day, Mondays to Fridays. And if you happen to miss the last cut-off, don’t worry. The first batch of Lazada Wallet top-ups will arrive by afternoon of the next day, ready to help you get your shopping spree going.

Faster Disbursal Time

Another significant change you’ll experience with the Lazada Wallet Top-Up is a faster disbursal time for your credits.

While you still need an allowance of time to file and process your top-up request, they can guarantee your top-up credits will reflect on your e-wallet faster than your old BillEase voucher.

Various Promos and Rebates Await

If you’re a long-time Lazada shopper, you may have noticed that they give separate promos, discounts, and rebates to customers who opt to use the Lazada Wallet.

And yes, you may partake of these deals as well.

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Your lazada Wallet Top-Up Funds Don’t Expire

One of the biggest downsides (but also an upside on most people) of the BillEase voucher is how it expires if unused after three days. You can request another voucher, sure, but then you’ll have to follow through the cut-off times and contend with the set disbursal time.

Your Lazada Wallet Top-Up funds don’t expire. Now you can withdraw your credit limit to your e-wallet anytime you want and wait for a sale. Or you can combine and save your funds to purchase something of higher value in the future!

You Can Use Your Lazada Wallet Top-Up Funds Any Way You Want

How lazada wallet works? Another downside in using the BillEase voucher for your Lazada orders is you can only use it once per transaction.

And if you weren’t able to spend the entire amount of your requested voucher? You won’t be able to use your remaining credit limit without fully settling your previous installment plan.

But with the Lazada Wallet, you have the power to decide how you want to use your funds. You get to decide how much you want to spend and when you want to spend it. With the Lazada Wallet Top-Up, we give you control over your money.

Easy Refunds

How to pay using lazada wallet? Similarly, order returns are a mess. Not only is it disappointing to receive a wrong or broken package, it is also quite a hassle to have to return the package as well.

The good news is, refunds were made a whole lot easier with the Lazada Wallet feature. You no longer need to wait long because as soon as Lazada receives and confirms your order return/cancellation, they will process your refund and deposit it back to your Lazada Wallet. Easy payments, easy refunds.


What is a Lazada wallet? Lazada Wallets is a redemption option that is available only to users who are part of organizations that have configured this option.  How to use a lazada wallet? Lazada Wallets works like a gift card but instead of receiving a Lazada Gift Card, the value of the points will be transferred to the employee’s linked Lazada Wallet account.

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