In 2020, Facebook had a whopping 2.89 Billion users across 152 different countries in all 7 continents. If you are reading this, chances are you are one of the 2+ Billion users of FB. Facebook is a great social media platform where you can converse with your friends, and family, while also starting your own online selling business.

What is Social Commerce? 

Social commerce definition refers to the sale of items using social media. Social commerce is based on a social media platform, which is used to discover and research, and to pay for purchases. A convergence of social media with online shopping is what social commerce is all about.

One social commerce example is the selling of items or even properties on Facebook profiles with a linked contact number or other things that help the product placement. These listings are seen on what is called the Facebook Marketplace.

Products and services are promoted through networking websites by social commerce. Social commerce initiatives are measured by the number of retweets, likes, and shares. In addition to helping shoppers find products, social commerce aims to encourage online shoppers by providing professional product guidance and support.

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What is Facebook Marketplace? 

Anything that you are willing to sell, you can on Facebook Marketplace! Items for sale on Facebook Marketplace are usually categorized by FB as something that needs to be linked to direct messages of the seller or an outsourced link of the product. Facebook Marketplace chat allows buyers to directly ask sellers about the specific listing that they saw without the hassle or process of locating the seller and screenshotting the product.

Here are some of the things that you can do in Facebook Marketplace for business:

  • Look for items to buy
  • Search listed items depending on category or proximity of location
  • Create product listings. You can list your items with photos using the Facebook Marketplace App camera or your camera roll. 
  • Photos you post as listings will be categorized by FB according to item type. 
  • Manage on-going and past transactions easily by viewing the “My Items” settings
  • Put customized bidding prices for your items, opening them for bargain

It is not hard to understand how to use Facebook marketplace, and understanding it will make it even easier to get how to sell on Facebook marketplace. It is a place filled with different things and listings so surely, you will not run out of it here.

How to Use the Facebook Marketplace?

Wondering how to join the world of Facebook Marketplace? Read below to find out the different ways that you can do it. In this marketplace, you can sell anything and everything from facebook marketplace rentals, and facebook marketplace cars, they have it for you.

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​​If you’re already signed up with Facebook, you have access to Facebook Marketplace. You should see a Marketplace tab on the left side of your Facebook homepage. Alternatively, you may search for “Marketplace” in the search field to find it. 

You must include some personal details to make yourself look like a real person—a move that will make you more credible on the Marketplace. If you don’t have a profile photo and other basic personal information, you’re not going to be able to sell to people.

Selling or Listing Items

You can sell nearly anything, just like Shopee and Lazada, on Facebook Marketplace. The first thing you can do to sell on Facebook is to go home and look in your attic, garage, or basement to see if you have any valuable goods to resell.

Everything from antiques to toys to books and beyond can be given to the thrift store. Search through the Marketplace to see what other sellers in your region are offering.

You might also like to check out the descriptions and photographs of other merchants’ products. Did you see anything that would be of assistance to potential customers, and do you see any room for improvement? What about the seller including a description of the product’s measurements and many images that were nicely lit? Be sure to keep your ideas in mind when you craft your listings.

Before beginning to sell on Facebook Marketplace, you should research your product to ensure you are not wasting time on a product that will not be successful. For merchants interested in creating an e-commerce business via Facebook, this is a critical step.

Earning Money

Unlike physical businesses that include selling fees in their price lists, local Facebook sales don’t have to be taken into account. Nothing, not even listing or referral fees.

To sell your product, Facebook will only charge you a 5 percent selling fee if you set up shipping on your listing. To compensate for the expense incurred by using their payment system, the fee is required.

A high sell-through rate suggests a significant number of listings are selling well, signifying great demand. The absence of consumer interest in a product is apparent if the product doesn’t sell well.

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