Is the Shopify cash on delivery Philippines features available? The answer is yes, now you can make cash on delivery (COD) for your business. Once you accept the cash on delivery payment method, you can see the impact to your business. Are you curious how to set cash on delivery in Shopify? Let’s check these out! 

Why Should You Accept Cash on Delivery for Your Business?

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Shopify in Philippines has grown wider and has been used in more than 170 countries in the world and as in 2019, there are more than a million merchants that using this ecommerce platform. Refer to Shopify review, Shopify is the best solution which has everything that merchants need to set up and manage Shopify store online and offline.

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Now you can do the dropship in Shopify. When you want to be a dropshipper, you don’t have to stock your products and inventory and of course there are no upfront costs. Now you can give a new offer to your customer which is advanced cash on delivery Shopify.

If you are having an online business in Shopify, you need to be up to date to many changes in your customer behaviour and also payment method. You can offer many payment methods for your customer to support them. Although bank transfer is easier but not all of your customer have a bank account and one of the solution is by using the advanced cash on delivery app.

The advanced cash on delivery app will provide your customers with a cash on delivery payment option when buying things in your online store in Shopify. The advanced cash on delivery with fee offer a functionality that is not available when you specify cash on delivery (COD) with the manual payments option in your admin’s payment setting. 

One of the example you can see is advanced cash on delivery for India. They will only accept the Indian Rupees (INR) as their store currency. If you do not activate this kind of payment method in your store, you will see that the app displays a cash on delivery payment method that has been deactivated. By using this advanced cash on delivery you can get many benefits such as:

  • Set a price range for cash on delivery orders.
  • Specify the postal codes where you want to offer cash on delivery. 
  • Create custom shipping rates for all cash on delivery orders.
  • Enter a custom thank you message for cash on delivery orders.
  • Add an availability checker to your store’s theme and let your customers check cash on delivery eligibility for their postal code.

How to Set up Cash on Delivery for Lalamove and Ninja Van

How to set up cash on delivery Shopify? The best way to set up the cash on delivery for your business is through the shipping courier service. That’s why you need to find the right courier to deliver your products to the buyer and don’t forget to find the courier that are accepting the Shopify cash on delivery transaction fee.

You can also search cash on delivery instructions sample in Google to get more information about it.

How to I Set Up Cash on Delivery for Lalamove?

Lalamove is one of the most popular shipping and courier services in the Philippines. Lalamove now supports the cash on delivery. There are three kinds of cash on delivery you can choose in Lalamove such as:

COD via Purchase Service

Try to select the purchase service under additional services when making your order on  the Lalamove application. When you choose COD via purchase service, the Lalamove courier will pay you the fee first then collect the amount they pay when they successfully deliver the package to the buyer.

COD via Multistop and Cash Handling 

If you want to deliver many items to different customers, you can try to choose COD via multistop and cash handling  by setting many different drop off points for your items. Then select cash handling under the additional services when making your order on the Lalamove application.In this feature, the Lalamove courier will then collect the COD payments and then return to you to give you your sales and collect their delivery fee.

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COD via Queueing Service and Cash Handling 

This COD via Queueing service and cash handling is also ideal for multiple deliveries. You can also select Queueing service and cash handling under the additional service when making your order on the Lalamove application.

In this COD via Queueing service and cash handling, the courier will also collect the payments from your customer and directly go to the bank to remit or deposit the sales to your bank account.

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How Do I Set up Cash on Delivery for Ninja Van?

Another best delivery courier service you can find in the Philippines is Ninja Van. Ninja Van is an easy to use order management platform that makes it simple for all partners to set a COD value for each shipment. You can set a COD value in Ninja Van whether it is a single order or multiple order.

If you choose to ship deliveries and collect COD with Ninja Van, you have to know that their setup is a bit different from Lalamove. Ninja Van has set the remittance schedule and they can remit your money via check or bank deposit monthly or bi – monthly and they will charge you a COD collection fee later.


There are so many reason why you have to sell in Shopify such as Retail POS, Buy button, Social selling features including Buyable Pins, Facebook Shop and Facebook Messenger, Shopify also has Amazon integration, Shopify offers many template design for you to so you don’t need to hire a designer or anyone to help you with the store, Shopify scales really well which can help you to grow your business.

Now you have another reason why you need to choose Shopify because you can use the cash on delivery for your payment method. Using a credit card or bank transfer might be easier for the seller but not all of your customers have a bank account and COD is the solution you can take for them.

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