When you first decide to shop online, of course you will be confused about choosing a marketplace to shop. One of the factors for shopping in a marketplace is the existing promos or discounts. As a new user you can enjoy the Shopee Starter Kit in the Shopee Philippines.

What is a Shopee Starter Kit? Will all new users get the Shopee Starter Kit? Then, how to get it? So, instead of being confused, let’s just read the following explanation about Shopee Starter Kit and also this article has information about Shopee starter kit refresh time.

What Is Shopee Starter Kit?

Shopee starter kit is freebies and exclusive online deals that are given to the new Shopee users. Shopee gives new users vouchers and more to get you started. 

Who can use the Shopee welcome package? If you are a new Shopee user, you can use the Starter Kit! This includes vouchers and welcome gifts for new users. If you’ve downloaded the app before but haven’t bought anything yet, you can also use the Shopee Starter Kit! You can use the Shopee Starter Kit (free gifts and vouchers for new users) before making a purchase.

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How Do I Get a Shopee Welcome Package?

New users will receive a Starter Kit, full of special offers for new users and exclusive Shopee vouchers. Read on to find out how to get your welcome package!

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Sign Up for a Shopee Account

Download the Shopee app via App Store or Google Play first. Then, sign up for a Shopee account and complete the entire registration process.

Find your Shopee Started Kit

After registering for an account, you can find Shopee Starter Kit through three different ways. 

You will find website banners that redirect you to a QR code for easier in-app navigation. 

Open the Shopee app on your device and click the pop-up banner to get the free gift! 

You can also find the New Use Zone on the main page. That is how to claim free gift in Shopee using the Shopee website and Shopee app.

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Choose Your Gift

As a sign of gratitude for joining Shopee, new users can choose between two benefits! It is Shopee New User Vouchers and Welcome Gifts.

All new users can use Shopee New User Vouchers that have previously loaded in their account. You can claim the Shopee voucher first. They are valid for 90 days after registration to give you experience of online shopping in the Philippines! 

  • Free Shipping Voucher – ₱0 minimum spend
  • Voucher discount – ₱80 off with ₱ 400 minimum spend
  • ShopeePay Discount Voucher – ₱100 off with ₱400 minimum spend

ShopeePay is an e-wallet that makes online shopping smoother and makes it more convenient. You need to activate the Shopeepay wallet as soon as possible, you can cash in to various methods! Enjoy the Discount Voucher and pair with your voucher for Free Shipping to save more on your first order.

Click the Special Gift tab to choose one of the free items available that day. Shopee Free Gift for new users: 

  • ₱30 e-load vouchers.
  • ₱50 e-load vouchers upon activation of ShopeePay.
  • ₱100 GrabFood and GrabExpress vouchers.
  • Physical items in electronics, FMCG, fashion and lifestyle. 

Please note that actual items are subject to change without notice depending on stock availability.

Check Out Your First Order

How to redeem Welcome Package Shopee? To redeem the Welcome Package from Shopee, you only need to Place your first order and receive a free gift from Shopee.

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How Do I Redeem My Shopee Voucher?

After receiving your Shopee voucher from Shopee Starter Kit, you must be wondering how to redeem the voucher. Some vouchers are applied automatically, but there are voucher codes that must be entered manually. Conditional vouchers are also available. Some require a minimum amount and some are only available when using certain payments, like ShopeePay. Here are the steps to redeem your Shopee vouchers.

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Click Platform Voucher

Select the product that you want to buy. After that, click the Platform Voucher in the shopping cart prior to checkout. It’s in front of the logout button at the bottom of the screen.

Enter Voucher Code

You can enter the Shopee voucher code that you got before in Shopee Starter Kit or any voucher you have, and click Apply. You can also select a voucher from the list of available vouchers. 

If you ever experience vouchers from Shopee Starter Kit not working, try to wait for Shopee Starter Kit refresh time. Then, try once more after the refresh time.

Click Check Out

If you see the highlighted notification, this means that the voucher has been applied. After entering or selecting the voucher, you can click the Check Out button to proceed with the purchase. 

Click Place Order

You can check if the voucher has been applied before proceeding with the purchase. It must appear in the payment calculation. See if your voucher is only valid for a specific payment method, such as ShopeePay. Select ShopeePay as your payment method and make sure you have enough money to pay for the purchase to apply the voucher to your account. If everything is ok, click “Place Order” to continue. 


Shopee starter kit is freebies and exclusive online deals that are given to the new Shopee users. Shopee gives new users vouchers and more to get you started. you can use the Starter Kit, if you are a new Shopee user and have not bought anything yet. This includes vouchers and welcome gifts for new users. You can use the Shopee Starter Kit (free gifts and vouchers for new users) before making a purchase.

Even if you’re no longer a new user, Shopee is a fun place with regular promotions, discounts and vouchers! Save the most with Shopee Lowest Price Guaranteed feature and Daily Flash Deals! Enjoy shopping that can only be experienced in the Shopee Philippines!

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